Moats: The Competitive Advantages of Buffett and Munger Businesses

Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 2 Apr (Thurs) – Be kind to live long, world’s oldest woman says from Arkansas; Someone to hold your hand: Having a companion can get a stroke victim faster treatment; Billionaire Yoshiyuki Sankai’s Cyborgs Serve Japan’s Elderly


  • Super dad ignores own ailments to care 24/7 for sick wife and children: AsiaOne
  • Be kind to live long, world’s oldest woman says from Arkansas: Reuters
  • The ultimate sign you’re working for a great company: Fortune
  • How humble first jobs motivated these inspirational speakers: Reuters
  • Advice for Becoming an ‘Engaged Leader’: K@W
  • Making the Pie Bigger’: The Power of Good Relationships: K@W
  • 12 Things Truly Confident People Do Differently: They Get Their Happiness From Within. They Aren’t Afraid to be Wrong. They Stick Their Neck Out. They Celebrate Other People: Forbes
  • The One Lie Deceptive Leaders Tell; In most situations, telling someone to relax is not just annoying, it’s deceptive and hurtful. It’s not going to help resolve their anxiety, but it will make them feel embarrassed for feeling it. LinkedIn
  • Study Reveals 4 Leadership Trends In Dealing With Complexity: Forbes
  • Connect Inventors with the Right Problems: HBR
  • Leaders Win Trust When They Show a Bit of Humanity: HBR
  • 15 must-read books by tech CEOs that will give you a peek inside their brilliant minds: BI
  • Review: Confronting Capitalism, by Philip Kotler; The marketing expert known to generations of students turns his gaze to capitalism’s flaws: FT
  • Checkbook Buddhism Offers Thais Stairway to Heaven: JG
  • Renegades of Junk: The Rise and Fall of the Drexel Empire; The people who lived through Michael Milken’s Wall Street saga tell it in their own words, 25 years later: Bloomberg

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