Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 17 Apr (Fri) – A doctor who swallowed a petri dish of bacteria and won a Nobel Prize can teach you a valuable lesson about success. We’re All Terrible at Understanding Each Other


  • A doctor who swallowed a petri dish of bacteria and won a Nobel Prize can teach you a valuable lesson about success: BI
  • Most of the world’s billionaires didn’t inherit their wealth – they earned it: BI
  • Saying No: How Successful People Stay Productive: Farnam
  • Seymour Schulich on Deals, Business, Decisions and Life: Farnam
  • We’re All Terrible at Understanding Each Other: HBR
  • Motivating staff with values, not red tape: BT
  • Only 3% of family businesses make the fourth generation: here are 4 essentials to getting there: BRW
  • Why We Need “Game of Thrones”; Series like “Game of Thrones” and “Downton Abbey,” like Balzac and Dickens before them, serve as a source of entertainment and fodder for debate. PS
  • The Look of Love Is in the Dog’s Eyes; Dogs who trained a long gaze on their owners had elevated levels of oxytocin, a hormone produced in the brain that is associated with nurturing and : NYT
  • Beyond Beanbags: A guide to what makes Google a great workplace: Forbes
  • The power of making people ‘feel felt’; Mark Goulston, the psychiatrist and difficult conversations expert explains the power of making people ‘feel felt’: Forbes
  • Workin’ 9 to 5 to make a livin. and every other minute on your startup; Many don’t have the luxury of quitting their day job to focus on their new business. Here three entrepreneurs explain how to juggle both: Guardian
  • CEOs Don’t Care Enough About Capital Allocation: HBR
  • The power of families: Dynasties; The enduring power of families in business and politics should trouble believers in meritocracy: Economist
  • One Way to Get Unstuck and Move Up? All You Have to Do Is Ask; At software firm Salesforce, Leyla Seka found the confidence to ask for more responsibility: WSJ
  • Happy birthday to Johnson’s dictionary: Economist
  • Reforming Islam: A controversial new book says Islam must change in five important areas: Economist
  • The music industry: Super fantasy; “What about relying on super fans to fund you more regularly?” : Economist
  • A very British business: Some lessons from the success of Britain’s elite private schools: Economist

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