Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 29 Apr (Wed) – Why you need to commit to something to find your calling


  • Why you need to commit to something to find your calling: BI
  • Charlie Munger’s 2015 Daily Journal Annual Meeting: Forbes1, Forbes2, Forbes3, Forbes4
  • Don’t Force Decisions; Just Back Off and Adjust. Or Go for a Walk. NYT
  • How You Make Decisions Is as Important as What You Decide: HBR
  • The Art of Evangelism: HBR
  • Old Management Systems Stifle New Business Models: HBR
  • Charlatans exist, in finance (and medicine), because we crave certainty: ReformedBroker
  • Why this CEO believes an MBA is worthless: Fortune
  • Are You OK? Xiaomi CEO’s Awkward English Goes Viral, Sparks Debate: WSJ
  • Manny Pacquiao: Where It All Began; In General Santos, there are signs of the local hero’s success everywhere across the city: WSJ
  • Why Buffett’s Capitalist Woodstock Won’t Endure Like Garcia Jams: bloomberg
  • Ten things I learned studying ten of the world’s fastest growing startups: Quartz
  • How ‘doing the kind thing’ is changing the way we snack and give back one bite at a time: FP
  • The ship of fools and the country of fools; The ship of fools is an allegory ascribed to Plato that describes a captainless ship drifting at sea, carrying deranged and disoriented passengers entirely oblivious to their course: KH
  • LKY: Singapore’s anti-corruption visionary: BT
  • New Spore: Hwa Chong boy boasts loudly on bus about getting teacher fired: AsiaOne

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