Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 4 Apr (Sat) – Here’s the letter Bill Gates sent Microsoft employees for its 40th anniversary; Generation to Generation: How to Save the Family Business; Leadership Lessons from Great Family Businesses


  • Here’s the letter Bill Gates sent Microsoft employees for its 40th anniversary: BI
  • Generation to Generation: How to Save the Family Business: HBR
  • Leadership Lessons from Great Family Businesses: HBR
  • Conflicts That Plague Family Businesses: HBR
  • The author behind the new Steve Jobs book talks about what surprised him the most, how to gain Jobs’ trust, and more: BI
  • The Easter story, the resurrection and the gospel truth; Why Christians can believe that Jesus rose from the dead: FT
  • The Miracle of the Heavens; Within two short years of the telescope’s invention, Galileo had forever altered our place in the cosmos. WSJ
  • 3 life lessons Neil deGrasse Tyson swears by: BI
  • Captivating graphic shows why viruses can spread so quickly: BI
  • The real Steve Jobs: Jobs 2.0; A new book attempts to reconstruct one of the world’s most celebrated inventors: Economist
  • An Introvert’s Advice for Getting Ahead: WSJ
  • Blackstone’s Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Steve Schwarzman: What I’ve Learned: Blackstone
  • Why shades of Asperger’s Syndrome are the secret to building a great tech company: WaPo
  • Beyond Meerkat: What’s next for Israel’s entrepreneurs: FastCo
  • Ultra-short fiction: Short, short stories are becoming more and more popular: Economist
  • Review – ‘Daredevil’ Is One Of Marvels Greatest Achievements: Forbes
  • How the Slave Trade Built America: NYT
  • A Slippery Course of Study: Economics is a science that’s vulnerable to preconceptions.: Barron’s
  • How Ron Kaplan Rescued Trex; Kaplan overhauled nearly every aspect of the deck-materials company, from finance to the factory floor. Barron’s
  • Why did Napoleon lose Waterloo? ‘Because of wine,’ connoisseur says in his book: KT
  • Michael Lewis: ‘I knew Flash Boys would be a bombshell’; Author of an exposé of the murky world of high-frequency trading on how his explosive book brought Wall Street to a standstill: Guardian
  • From Bananarama to pharma: How Future Shop’s founder built an empire outside the spotlight: FP

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