Bamboo Innovator Daily: 18 May (Mon) – Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg says this is the key to success: Trusting Yourself


  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Urges GWU Graduates To Develop Moral Compass; ““The sidelines are not where you want to live your life. The world needs you in the arena.”: VIMEO
  • Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg says this is the key to success: Trusting Yourself: BI
  • Listening well in a chorus of data: Markit’s focus on quality sets it apart from its competitors, says co-founder and president Kevin Gould.: BT
  • Mozart-loving chickens may answer quest for healthier nugget: Reuters
  • 5 Challenges When Startups Move Into the Big Leagues: WSJ
  • Does body language help a TED Talk go viral? 5 nonverbal patterns from blockbuster talks: TED

AsianExtractor: Unearthing Accounting Fraud in Asia

  • Detecting Accounting Fraud in Asia (Part 4): Introducing Six New Measures: AsianExtractor
  • Sihuan (460 HK) Updates on Audit Delay: Improper accounting treatment in consolidation trick of using MRAs (Market Research Agents) to exclude hidden sales and distribution expenses to artificially boost profits: AsianExtractor
  • China Environment FY2014: Significant Deterioration in Receivables Collectability And No Provision for Impairment: AsianExtractor
  • China Environment (SES: 50U, Bloomberg: CENV SP): Auditor Emphasis of Matter raises more questions on potential accounting tunneling risk: AsianExtractor
  • Open Letter to SGX/MAS: Reply to CFO of SGX-Listed China Environment (CENV SP) on report “Potential Accounting Tunneling Fraud at China Environment?” – Address the accounting and governance concerns in an SGX/MAS announcement: AsianExtractor
  • Does Auditor Explanatory Language in Unqualified Audit Reports Indicate Increased Financial Misstatement Risk? “Emphasis of matter” language predicts restatements + China Environment’s Auditor Emphasis of Matter: AsianExtractor

Greater China

  • Amid China slowdown, foreign creditors face bankruptcy riddle: Reuters
  • Called to account: The banks in China who defraud their clients: WCT
  • Wish, a Direct-From-China Shopping App, Lures Bargain Hunters; Online bazaar is popular with consumers willing to sacrifice delivery speed for low prices: WSJ
  • Cosmetic surgery app Gengmei stands out in mobile medical service: WCT
  • Property developers hit by Taiwan’s new capital gains tax scheme: WCT
  • China corruption purge snares 115 SOE ‘tigers’: FT
  • Help us fight fakes, Alibaba’s security chief tells global brands: Reuters
  • Chinese shares to ‘become 20% of portfolios’: FT
  • Ready for the World Stage? As China Opens Up, Its Central Bank Remains a Mystery: Bloomberg
  • Small change in China’s mobile data services shows big power struggle in reform: SCMP
  • Shorting China’s Priciest Stocks Is Now Easier With CSOP ETF: Bloomberg
  • Why Xinjiang’s Economy Is Sputtering; The central government’s plan for SOEs to bring prosperity to the region troubled by unrest has failed. New options involving smaller businesses should be tried: Caixin
  • Beggars leaving Beijing subway after fare rise and panhandling crackdown: SCMP


  • Narendra Modi: One direction; A year after he became prime minister the economy is growing, yet business is restless: FT
  • India Bad Loans Seen Hitting 14-Year-High Amid Considerable Pain: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

  • A Plan of Attack for Asia’s Defense Stocks; Why Kawasaki Heavy, Mitsubishi Electric and Fuji Heavy will gain from Abe’s muscular military stance. Barron’s
  • With Jet, Honda Enters New Realm; Japanese car maker prepares to deliver ultrafast business jet with engines above wings: WSJ
  • Fanuc president keen to expand shareholder returns: Nikkei
  • Toyota City — the symbol of the rise of Japan’s auto sector: ChinaPost


  • Chill sweeps over Malaysia IPOs as market turns hostile: Reuters
  • Burmese social network MySQUAR eyes Aim flotation: FT


  • Asian currencies tripped up by global bond rout: FT
  • How Much Should a Currency Be Worth? No One Really Knows: WSJ
  • ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft warns on Sydney, Melbourne property bubbles: TheAge
  • Hedge Funds Close Doors, Facing Low Returns and Investor Scrutiny: NYT
  • Nobel Winner’s Math Is Showing S&P 500 Unhinged From Reality: Bloomberg

Energy & Commodities

  • Jim Rogers On The Coming Water Wars; “There are great opportunities in water. I haven’t found one that is publicly listed as of yet. I would love to find water plays that are substantial and serious.”: Zerohedge
  • Berkshire Fights Rooftop Solar as Buffett Champions Green Energy: Bloomberg


  • The Botox initiation of Brent Saunders, Actavis chief executive: FT
  • Big Pharma must lose its resistance to antibiotic research; Profit cannot be sole motive of an industry founded on making people better: FT
  • Universal flu vaccine closer to reality after Chinese-Australian scientific breakthrough;Scientists in Australia and China have discovered how the body’s “assassin” immunity cells memorise viruses, raising hopes for a life-long flu: Telegraph


  • “Inside Out,” the Pixar movie making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival, is an opportunity for Walt Disney’s animation studio to reassert its creative leadership and wow fans after a two-year absence from theaters: Bloomberg
  • Kijiji, a Flop in the U.S., Rules Online Classifieds in Canada: NYT
  • Why DeNA Need Nintendo And What It Means For The Future Of Gaming: Forbes

Consumer & Others

  • At Chobani, Rocky Road From Startup Status; Chobani, which helped spawn the craze for Greek yogurt, is naming a new CEO in coming months: WSJ
  • Old Navy Thrives After a Style-Conscious Rebirth: NYT
  • Delphi Sees China’s Demand for Connected Cars Driving Growth: Bloomberg

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