Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 9 Jan (Fri) – The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions; Mahatma Gandhi and the Art of Travel


The Power of Asking Pivotal Questions: MIT Sloan

Mahatma Gandhi and the Art of Travel: Bloomberg

Can’t get satisfaction? Be entrepreneurial: FT

Why Our Brains Don’t Respond To Our Attempts At Habit Change; We often try to change our behavior by reinforcing negative actions. Here’s how to reframe your motivation and finally follow through: FastCo

How Lego Became The Apple Of Toys; After a decade-long slump, Lego has rebuilt itself into a global juggernaut. An exclusive look inside the company’s top-secret Future Lab: FastCo

In divvying up assets in bankruptcies, Hong Kong liquidators need sensitive touch; Mat Ng is the liquidator currently handling fallen chief secretary Hui’s bankruptcy, selling his music record collection and other assets to repay his creditors. SCMP

Liquidator runs after mistress of bankrupt former HK chief secretary: “I have the duty to chase all assets of Mr. Hui to return to his creditors”: SCMP

The Type of Innovation That Builds Nations: HBR

Family-run jeweller K.M. Oli Mohamed stands the test of a century: TheStar

Grandson’s quest to revive faded Tibor brand’ Sam Reich’s challenge is to restore the famous designer textile name: FT

The lessons learnt by early high flyers: What is it like to achieve extraordinary success at a tender age?Life – The lessons learnt by early high flyers: FT

Integrity Is Free: Strategy&

The Impact of Anand Mahindra’s Nanhi Kali project; These schools focus on skill development of students out of colleges and polytechnic institutes and prepare them for jobs; Forbes

Santander chairman casts aside late father’s strategy: FT

Yuan-dynasty landscapes: Even better than the real thing: Economist

From $1000 to $10 million in a decade; Bashiry’s company, Broadband Solutions, was a one-man start-up in 2005; a broadband voice and data company catering specifically for small businesses: TheAge

17 Tips For Writing An Excellent Email Subject Line: BI

What you need to know about success: Success is messy. DWS

Marking the New Year through history: KoreaTimes

Bill Gates says ‘poop water’ is safe: KoreaTimes

Top Ranked Leaders Know This Secret: Ask For Feedback: Forbes

The frustrating hunt for Genghis Khan’s long-lost tomb just got a whole lot easier: WaPo

Mastering the ‘Name Your Product Category’ Game: MIT

Press Enter for Ecstasy: Chemists all over the planet send their recipes to Chinese factories that make the drugs and ship them by airfreight to avoid detection.: WSJ

Colleges Turn to Personality Assessments to Find Successful Students; Some School Are Looking Past SAT or ACT Admission Tests: WSJ

Why Digital-Movie Effects Still Can’t Do a Human Face; Even today, computer animation can’t begin to reproduce the subtle facial expressions that are the key to human communication: WSJ

The Type of Innovation That Builds Nations: HBR


Understanding Context: Environment, Language, and Information Architecture: Amazon

Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently: Amazon

Five Of The Best Books On Communication: ValueWalk

Investing Process

Tocqueville’s François Sicart: A Devoted Contrarian Needs Patience: Tocqueville

Greater China

Chinese Property Developer Kaisa Group Appears to Default on offshore bonds, in a development that is raising concerns among global investors; Chinese Developer Kaisa On Verge Of $5Bn Default; Who’s Next?: WSJ, ZeroHedge

Li Ka-shing Is Hong Kong’s Richest Man For 17th Consecutive Year: Forbes1, Forbes2

China’s Anticorruption Campaign Drives Out M.B.A. Students: WSJ

China’s courtship of Latin America tested; China’s decelerating economy and crumbling commodity prices are testing its courtship of Latin America and underscores Beijing’s reluctance to commit cash blindly : FT

Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT, 遠東航空) refuted a Chinese-language magazine’s claim that the airline’s president hollowed out about NT$500 million of company assets: ChinaPost

Taiwan prosecutors conducted a search on the residence of Lin Rong-jin (林榮錦), the former chairman of pharmaceutical company TTY Biopharm (東洋製藥), on suspicion of hollowing out company assets. ChinaPost

Taiwan’s high speed train company is reportedly set to go bankrupt in March 2015, but Taiwan’s government is likely to take over the company’s management in January,: ChinaPost

Li Ning issued a profit warning, saying it expects to suffer a net loss of up to 820 million yuan (HK$1.04 billion) in 2014, more than double its net loss of 391.54 million yuan in 2013.: SCMP

Casino Bad Bets Hit Hong Kong Rich Hard: Forbes

Occupy Central Bodes Well For Hong Kong’s Future, Billionaire Lui Che Woo Says: Forbes

For One Hong Kong Billionaire Optimist, Occupy Central Signaled “Buy”: Forbes

Vast Wealth and a So-so Business; Heiress Pansy Ho Weighs In, Again. MGM Macau made Pansy Ho a billionaire many times over, thanks to a deal she capitalized on more than ten years ago when U.S. casino operators were maneuvering for a foothold : Forbes

Will Taiwan Gain From Embracing China Traders? Making it easier for Chinese retail investors to access local shares is a boon for an already buoyant market.: Barron’s


The Gujarat model: How Modi-nomics was forged in one of India’s most business-friendly states: Economist

India’s Stagnant Courts Resist Reform: BW

Modi throws open doors to people of Indian origin around the globe: Reuters

Modi’s Chauvinism Problem: ProjectSyndicate

Modi Struggles to Unlock $200 Billion in Stalled Projects: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

Korean Air ‘Nut-Rage’ Executive Could Be Headed To Prison For 15 Years: BI

Line, a Korea-Japanese messaging app with more than 500 million registered users, is launching a service called Line Taxi, TechInAsia reports.: BI

Korean investors shifting investments from stocks to bonds en masses: Maeil

Lotte’s endangered dream: If Lotte wants to build the world’s most fun building, there’s no reason it can’t make it the safest as well. JA

SK Innovation, Korea’s largest oil refiner, will most likely post an operating loss in 2014, hit by plunging oil prices.: KoreaTimes

GungHo, Nintendo to combine ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Puzzle and Dragons’: JapanTimes

Japan’s Fight to Change Suicide Culture Hurt by Latest Recession: Bloomberg


Universal Robina wants to satisfy ASEAN tastes: Nikkei

Widodo Plans Land Bank to Quicken Indonesia Infrastructure: Bloomberg

Indonesia may yet steal a march on India in reforming its economy: SCMP

Marina Bay Sands sues chairman of China Packaging Group for S$3.9 million over debts in Hong Kong; The company’s share price plunged 27.4%: SCMP

Fighting dirty: Muhammad Yusuf, the chief of Indonesia’s financial intelligence unit Financial Transaction Report and Analysis Centre (PPATK), is understandably frustrated because law enforcement agencies have not properly followed up: JPost

The movement of the Siamese capital to the area in the late 18th century led to an increase in population and investment in building canals for irrigation and transport. This led to the first great transformation of Bangkok: Nation

SGX panned as a place to raise funds in 2015; Association which says it represents nearly 30 listed firms urges Singapore businesses to consider markets abroad: BT1, BT2


Move to liquidate student property fund; The offshore fund is one of a string of student property vehicles marketed to retail investors that have fallen foul of liquidity problems over the past two years.: FT

Pivotal Insider Ruling Is Put to Test: At Issue Is Gesture of Friendship Cited by SEC: WSJ

Missing From Most Pimco Stock Funds: Individual Stocks: WSJ

Scammers Target Brokerage Accounts; The Morgan Stanley Data Breach Is a Reminder of the Big Dollars at Risk: WSJ

Capitalism begins at home: Providing better and more affordable housing could be the next “capitalist achievement”: Economist

The magic of mining: Minting the digital currency has become a big, ruthlessly competitive business: Economist

A crack in the vault: Chatter about breaking up large banks goes public: Economist

Lost a fortune, seeking a role; The seven German Landesbanken that survived the financial crisis are still a mess: Economist

Return of the hired gun: How private armies will remake modern warfare: Economist

US still the dominant superpower in derivatives trade: FT

Risks lurk in failure to simplify finance: FT

Deutsche Bank reveals 7 reasons why ‘Canada is in serious trouble,’ starting with a 63% overvalued housing market: FP

DuPont Finds Itself a Target of an Activist: NYT

Beware the Currency Wars of 2015; More aggressive currency devaluations in Asia and Europe could create great systemic risks world-wide.: WSJ

Europe’s Largest Bank Stock Suspended, Admits Need For $8.9 Billion Capital Raise: ZeroHedge

The BRICs Will Be Cut to the ICs if Brazil and Russia Don’t Shape Up, Warns Phrasemaker O’Neill : Bloomberg


In China, Shirtmaker TAL Uses Data Analysis for Efficiency Boost: BW

Samsung Gets Mugged in Androidland: Bloomberg

Five Rules for Strategic Partnerships in a Digital World: Strategy&

Advanced Micro Devices CEO Lisa Su, Fortune 500’s newest woman CEO, talks about her first 90 days on the job and details her plans for the tech giant. Fortune

Xero Wants All Small Businesses To Do Accounting In The Cloud: Forbes

Meet the market shapers: A new breed of high-tech economist is helping firms crack new markets: Economist

Hidden in the long tail: Consumers reap the benefits of e-commerce in surprising ways: Economist

A Chinese Company Is Already Making Fake Apple Watches And Proudly Displaying Them In Las Vegas; Apple Watch faces attack of the clones at CES: BI, FT

Google Is Losing Its Grip On Search: BI

GoPro expansion to focus on China; GoPro’s Need for Speed; Camera Maker’s Stock Valuation May Be Too Pricey: FT, WSJ

Tech world feels its way through the dark in internet of things: FT

Memo to activist investors: Unless you understand tech, you’ll do more harm than good: Pando

How Flipboard Is The Epitome Of Web 3.0; Every year, Flipboard looks more and more like the future of magazines.: Medium

Online retail share crash heralds bursting of tech bubble: Telegraph

What is Xiaomi?: Stratechery

Amazon Bought This Man’s Company. Now He’s Coming for Them: BW

12 million driverless cars to be on the road by 2035: Reuters

If Mark Zuckerberg is the next Oprah, Facebook is in trouble: WaPo

The Dark Side of Information Technology: MIT

Energy & Commodities

Energy bondholders could lose out in refinance deals; Risk heightened by weaker investor protection written into bonds: FT

Barrick Gold Corp comes under fire, cut to underperform in extensive analyst report: FP

‘No white knight coming’: Distressed natural gas producers hunker down amid new energy reality: FP

Wall Street isn’t feeling so ‘super’ about the oil trade: Fortune

Oil-Price Drop Takes Shine Off Steel Town; Ohio Workers Who Benefited From Energy Boom Now Face Layoffs: WSJ

Cargill Energy-Trading Earnings Rise While Crude Plunges: Bloomberg

Oil Plunge Leaves $27 Billion of Energy Bonds Junk Priced: Bloomberg

Why OPEC Is Talking Oil Down, Not Up, After 48% Selloff: Bloomberg

Oil Slump Giving Asian M&A Predators One-Year Window for Deals: Bloomberg


The Drugs That Companies Promote to Doctors Are Rarely Breakthroughs: NYT

The $3 billion startup that wants to help you to make medicines in your own body: Fortune

Consumer & Others

McDonald’s: When the chips are down; After a long run of success, the world’s largest fast-food chain is floundering-and activist investors are circling; Why slightly more upmarket outlets are eating fast food’s lunch: Economist (Part 1, Part 2)

Soylent’s Magical Milkshake Is Now Worth $100 Million: BI

GameStop Has A Brilliant Plan To Avoid Becoming The Next Blockbuster: BI

LVMH head Ravi Thakran looking to invest in Australia’s ‘hidden gems’: BRW

Fiat has already benefited from spinning off its most valuable brand Ferrari, but can the legendary Italian sports car company find a new gear on its own?: Forbes

Under Armour Overtakes Adidas in U.S. Sportswear Market; Baltimore-Based Company Boosts Sales in Apparel and Footwear at German Rival’s Expense: WSJ

Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 8 Jan (Thurs) – Billionaire Mark Cuban Used To Stay Up All Night Reading About Stamps; This habit served him well over the years when the transactions started to get larger and more serious


Billionaire Mark Cuban Used To Stay Up All Night Reading About Stamps; This habit served him well over the years when the transactions started to get larger and more serious. BI

This Trait Helped Carl Icahn Become A Billionaire: BI

Bill Gates Is Revolutionizing How History Is Taught, And We Went To A Poor NYC High School To See It In Action: BI

Gates Foundation Uses Art to Encourage Vaccination: NYT

What I Learned About Life After Interviewing 80 Highly Successful People: LinkedIn

BILL ACKMAN: We’re Doing ‘God’s Work’ On Herbalife: BI

Reforming Islam: Where change comes from: Economist

How Stores Manipulate Prices So You’ll Spend More: BI

EU Banned Pesticides to Help Bees, But Now Other Bugs Are Invading: Bloomberg

So Many Earth-Like Planets, So Few Telescopes: NYT

Top educator calls for abolition of college entrance tests: KoreaTimes

Making homework count: BT

Negotiating deals from a position of powerlessness: Forbes

What Unilever shares with Google and Apple: Fortune

Can a Philosophical Position be Considered Securities Fraud? An Unusual Boardroom Battle, in Academia: MediumNYT

The Curious Science of When Multitasking Works: HBR

Architecture Continues To Implode: More Insiders Admit The Profession Is Failing: Forbes

Morgan Stanley Insider Data Theft Spotlights ‘Profiling Analytics’: WSJ

To ‘Think Like a Freak,’ Start with These Three Words: K@W

The Art and Science of Sound: How Music Influences Consumers: K@W

Investing Process

Tailored Accounting at IPOs Raises Flags; Critics Say Companies’ Increased Use of Customized Earnings Measures Could Confuse Investors: WSJ

CSC to Pay $190 Million to Settle SEC Accounting Probe: Bloomberg

Vltava Fund Q4 Letter: Eight Important Lessons: ValueWalk

Greater China

Short sellers feel the heat from Chinese solar group Hanergy: FT

Zenith says ‘stalling’ by Founder behind dispute over 3b yuan; Founder says current, future profits harmed by legal brawl with Zenith: SCMP

Taiwan Shares Rise Most in Two Months on Chinese Investor Report: Bloomberg, SCMP

Speculation on China’s local debt as reporting deadline passes: Want ChinaTimes

What could happen in China in 2015? What do you get when you add slower economic growth, greater volatility, and rising competition to more international flights and genuine Chinese innovation? : McKinsey

China’s ‘new normal’ is more Alibabas, fewer smokestacks: The trick for policy makers will be to shift resources from the public to the private sector: FT

China Cities Crack Down on Illegal Cabs Using Car-Hailing Apps: Bloomberg

China Wants Taxes Paid by Citizens Living Afar: NYT

Yantai Penghui Copper halts production as it runs out of cash: SCMP

Revamping China’s Fiscal System; A major overhaul promises to make government spending more responsible—and accountable. WSJ

China Amps Up an Old Dream of Green Belts: WSJ


Modi Passes Thatcher Test as Indian Coal Union Strike Ends: Bloomberg

Billionaire Investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Picks IIndian ome Lenders to Ride Modi Rally: Bloomberg

BlackRock Is Optimistic About India’s Road Building Efforts: Bloomberg

On Diaspora Day Jan 9, Marking the Centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s Return to India: JGlobe

Japan & Korea

‘Nut Rage’ Reignites Backlash Against South Korea’s Family-Run Conglomerates; Outburst by Daughter of Korean Air Chairman Puts Focus on Chaebol’s Nepotism Problems: WSJ

Hyundai-Kia: two become one?: EIU

Chaebol scions promoted to executives at young age: KoreaHerald

CJ chairman’s sister given lesser role; the 57-year-old Miky Lee wielded powerful influence on the country’s 14th-largest conglomerate, which centers on entertainment, retail and food. JA

Panasonic ponders moving production back to Japan from China: WantChinaTimes

Gyeonggi to start ‘Dream school’ to help students discover their potential. KoreaTimes


Standard Chartered Plans to Cut 11% of Malaysia Jobs: Bloomberg

Daunting Myanmar mining risks keeps investors to a brave handful; For now, Myanmar is the domain of small, wildcat companies specialising in high-risk frontier investment: SCMP

Made in Indonesia, but Does It Work? JGlobe

Thriller in Manila In Aquino’s Final Round; Philippines favored among investors but President faces challenges in lifting economy before leaving office.: Barron’s

Singapore’s tax system toughens up: BT


Standard Chartered to close equities business globally nad dismantle its stock broking, equity research, and equity listing desks: Reuters

Currency swings pose challenges for Asian groups: FT

The American manufacturing renaissance that never was: Fortune

Aussie financial services industry can’t afford any more scandals: TheAge

Energy & Commodities

Safest Banks’ Advantage Disappears as Oil Slumps: Canada Credit: Bloomberg

The First Shale Casualty: WBH Energy Files For Bankruptcy; Many More Coming: ZeroHedge

U.A.E. Energy Minister Says Oil Glut Could Run for Years: Bloomberg

How $50 Oil Changes Almost Everything: Bloomberg

Four-fifths of global coal reserves ‘must stay in ground’ to tackle climate change: Telegraph

Oil Firms’ New Dilemma: Save, or Borrow More? Drop in Oil Prices Will Force Producers to Cut Dividends and Investments or Get More in Debt: WSJ

Billions of dollars worth of projects face an uncertain future amid write-downs and job losses across Australia’s battered oil and gas sectors as the global oil crash deepens.: TheAge


Ford CEO Fields Predicts Driverless Cars on Roads in 5 Years: Bloomberg

Video-ripping website earns its creator almost $30,000 every month with no op costs; A healthcare website for scheduling medical visits; A spam-busting, self-destructing email service; Selling “libraries” for app prototyping. BI

Is YouTube The Yahoo Of 2015? Techcrunch

On the road with information technology: Leading carmakers are driven to strut their stuff at the International CES in Las Vegas: JA

MediaTek to power Google’s audio streaming technology: WantChinaTimes

An Online Jeweler Creates Links With Brick-and-Mortar Shops: NYT

With apps able to act as cameras, media players and so much more, the world of consumer electronics is in turmoil as smartphones supersede all other devices. NYT

The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos’ Fire Phone Debacle and What It Means for Amazon’s Future: FastCo

Digital Business Models Should Have to Follow the Law, Too: HBR

The 2015 “Sleeper Ideas” List: Trends, Stocks, And Private Companies To Watch: Forbes


‘Ingenious’ Antibiotic Discovery ‘Challenges Long-Held Scientific Beliefs’; “The new research is based on the premise that everything on earth is teeming with microbes that compete fiercely to survive”: BI

For First Time, F.D.A. Panel Approves Generic Copy of Costly Biologic Drug: NYT

Antibiotic Pulled From Dirt Ends 25-Year Drug Drought: Bloomberg

Scientists Discover New Antibiotic; A Potential Weapon Against a Range of Diseases; Discovery Is a Much-Needed Breakthrough in Quest to Overcome Growing Resistance to Existing Drugs: WSJ

Consumer & Others

Keurig is using its successful coffee playbook to bring you homemade Dr. Pepper: Quartz

Human Tooth Found in McDonald’s Japan Fries: WSJ

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26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I’d Known at 20


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