Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 24 Jan (Sat) – Here’s How Studying Physics Made Elon Musk A Better Leader


Here’s How Studying Physics Made Elon Musk A Better Leader: BI

A Vivid Vision breeds success; It’s helpful to imagine that you’re filming every aspect of your business: Your employees, customers, supplier relationships and so on: Forbes

Alibaba’s Jack Ma says we should learn from “Forrest Gump”: Quartz

The Pros and Cons of Doing One Thing at a Time: HBR

Capital One Fraud Researchers May Also Have Done Some Fraud: Bloomberg

Why my grandfather Winston Churchill deserves a European legacy; In these difficult times, Britain now needs a European vision to promote its values and inspire its people: Independent

Churchill’s Death 50 Years Later: Saying Goodbye to Grandpapa; The former prime minister was given a state funeral, the first for a commoner since the Duke of Wellington.: WSJ

Negotiation Strategies That Will Help You Get To ‘Yes’: BI

What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality: BI

Scientists Have Figured Out Why Rain Has A Smell: BI

Why You Should Never Buy Stuff When You’re Sad: Time

How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation: NYT

Privilege Is a Privilege, and a Responsibility: NYT

What Netflix and Starbucks Know About Cash Flow; Converting consumer certainty into consumer cash flow is a key part of making money from digital business models, many of which use subscription models: HBR

The brainy communicator: Christopher Graves, chairman of Ogilvy Public Relations, is turning to subjects such as neuroscience and behavioural economics to craft a better narrative. BT

New Singtel tagline sparks grammar apocalypse: BT

What a Child Can Teach a Smart Computer; Children are remarkably good at coming up with creative concepts in a way that computers can’t even begin to match: WSJ

Harvard Business School Dean Fights to Keep M.B.A. Relevant: WSJ

The “Impact” Illusion in Science: PS

Investing Process

Warren Buffett on Dempster Mill Manufacturing Company [Case Study]: VW

Greater China

Founder Securities Chairman Out of Contact; Lei Jie, Also Chairman of Credit Suisse’s Joint Venture With Firm in China, Out of Contact Since Jan. 19: WSJ

A mainland-born businessman, Sun Tiangang, is suing several companies and individuals in Hong Kong’s High Court for allegedly stealing his firm, Sino Oil and Gas, while he was imprisoned on the mainland. SCMP

Old way no longer works for doing business in China: SCMP

China Said to Plan Punishment of 4 Fund Firms for Front Running: Bloomberg

China’s malls take advantage of online-to-offline e-commerce: SCMP

China Soy Sauce Maker’s Stock Surge Creates A Second Billionaire: Forbes

Li Ning’s rise and fall marks a cautionary tale: FT

Jack Ma aims for 2bn Alibaba customers: FT

Shenzhen and the art of balance sheet maintenance: FT

Is China Coming Down to Earth?: BW

The Fury of the Chinese Cabbie; Paying monthly car rental fees of 5,000 yuan, China’s cabbies are lucky to take home 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan a month.: BW

Hong Kong Dollar Peg Doesn’t Fit in Swiss Hole: WSJ

Independent directors’ role stirs debate in Hong Kong: SCMP


‘We the People’–India’s Republic Day on Jan 26: Forbes

The Five Things This Female Indian eCommerce Entrepreneur Has To Say: Forbes

In the Asian Arms Race, the Prize Is India: BW

Amazon, e-commerce rivals fuel commercial property boom in India: Reuters

Japan & Korea

Buying Warren Buffett, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs at a Discount with Japan’s SoftBank: II


‘Democracy has died in Thailand today’: Thai ex-PM Yingluck: AsiaOne

Yingluck’s Troubles May Be Overshadowed by Thai Economy; Ruling Junta’s Role as Keeper of Stability Could Be Threatened: WSJ

The Plunder of Myanmar; China’s desire for everything from tiger parts to copper is threatening the environment and political stability.: NYT

Editorial: Gecko vs Crocodile Needs Decisive Ref; Gecko and Crocodile Are Best of Friends, Coos Deputy Police Chief; Geckos vs. lots of crocodiles; We cannot help recounting the one-sided clash between the National Police and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) back in 2009 — later dubbed Cicak lawan Buaya (Gecko versus Crocodile); Member of Indonesian Anticorruption Panel Detained; Joko Widodo Urges Both Sides to Avoid Friction: JG, JG2, JG3, WSJ

In Myanmar, Rocket’s Shop.Com Raises The Online Retail Stakes: Forbes


Prepare for New Revenue Recognition Standard, Even if It’s Delayed: AccountingToday

On the origins of the hamburger standard: Economist

Concern grows over banks exiting riskier emerging markets: FT

What a $7.54 Swiss Big Mac tells us about global currencies: Guardian

The Accidental Debt That Wouldn’t Die: WSJ

Researchers Clamor for More Data on Investor Behavior; Securities Firms Aren’t Sharing as Much Information as Professors Want: WSJ

How The Swiss National Bank Almost Crushed George Soros: ZeroHedge


Technology Leaders Define Digital Fault Lines: NYT

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff on where big tech is headed: Fortune

Speech recognition: Watch what you say; Better automated acquisition of speech may be more about seeing than hearing: Economist

When It Comes to Digital Innovation, Less Action, More Thought: HBR

If a Car Is Going to Self-Drive, It Might as Well Self-Park, Too: NYT

Ford Opens Lab in Silicon Valley: NYT

People Are Talking About Michael Bloomberg Buying the New York Times, Including Michael Bloomberg: NYMag


The Revolution at the Corner Drugstore; The CVS chief executive on upending the debate about costly specialty drugs and how he’s going to make sure you take your medicine. WSJ

S’pore scientists develop kit that detects viruses within two hours: TODAY

Energy & Commodities

Mexico looks the other way as contractors fleece oil giant Pemex: Reuters

Oil Prices: The Perils of Bottom Feeding: BW

Dueling Oil Benchmarks Converge in Their Price, but Diverge in Their Stories; Crude Measures Reflect Different Market Forces Playing Out in U.S. (as Told by WTI) and Globally (by Brent): WSJ

Consumer & Others

Brewing goliaths struggle to fit in at craft beer party: Reuters

US diners lose their taste for Big Macs: FT

Why Target Is Raking Up Its Maple Leaves; Target grew huge by building 130,000-square-foot stores in suburbs. Now it’s seeking growth with smaller stores in cities.: BW

Diaper wars: Kimberly to take on P&G through innovation, higher ad spend: Reuters

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