Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 15 Jan (Thurs) – Managing fast and slow in a world that keeps accelerating; Varying the pace of work in an accelerating world


Managing fast and slow in a world that keeps accelerating; Varying the pace of work in an accelerating world: FT

Deutsche Bank Sued by TPV Founder by Stanley Pan Fang-Jen Over $32 Million Trading Losses in FX Derivatives and Accumulators: Bloomberg

Mutual Fund Billionaire Accused of Fraud in Suit; lawsuit claims that Charles B. Johnson concealed $146 million in Franklin Resources shares that were intended to go to the heir of an early investor: NYT

Singapore accountant Ewe Pang Kooi, managing partner of certified public accounting firm Ewe, Loke & Partners, ‘pocketed’ $40m from clients: AsiaOne

Accountants Play Critical Role in Establishing Global Transparency; If CPAs are like the Swiss-Army knife, then transparency is the Master Key that unlocks good business practices; transparency holds decision-makers accountable: AICPA

Family Firms Face ‘Sticky Baton’ Syndrome: Most family-owned businesses don’t plan for a successor, and the top executives stay longer than they should.: CFO

Deloitte ranks 100 ‘most exceptional’ companies: Google’s not one, nor is Amazon: Fortune

Why We’re Losing to Radical Islam: Fourteen years after 9/11, we still lack a strategy. Congress should lead with hearings on the enemy and how to prevail: WSJ

A Second Mona Lisa? Science Offers Few Clues: WSJ

Why Brands Need to Practice ‘Nimbleocity’: K@W

How Teaching Online Courses Helped One Entrepreneur Put A Down Payment On A House: BI

Here’s How The Most Prolific Art Forger In US History Gets Away With It: BI

Investing Process & Research

Why you should buy the most despised company in America; Hated companies carry an Unpopular Discount, making it easier for them to confound expectations: Marketwatch

Michael Mauboussin: Capital Allocation Outside the U.S.: VW

Flexible Business Models and Firms’ Financial Reporting Practices: SSRN

Greater China

The prudent mogul breaks up his empire; Investors tolerate the foibles of a founder who displays talent, but are suspicious of his successors: FT

Jiangsu SOHO Units Miss $32.3 Million Letter of Credit Payments: Bloomberg

BAML: Dr. Copper Is Shouting ‘Sell’ Chinese Stocks: BI

China Adds 3.5 Million Investors as Funds Exit: Chart of the Day: Bloomberg

Founder Securities denies related company embezzled 2.8 billion yuan: SCMP

Kaisa an object lesson in the perils of China: Reuters

China Regulators Watching Online Loans as Risks Multiply: Bloomberg

Li Ka-shing’s new CK Property group seen focusing outside HK, China: SCMP

A review of Hong Kong’s aerospace financing rules could see the city leapfrog Singapore to become the first choice financial centre for Asia’s rapidly expanding aviation industry.: SCMP

Premium Price for Li Ka-shing Reshuffle: WSJ

Gene sequencing controversial but lucrative in China: WCT

What Does 2015 Have In Store For China’s Healthcare Economy?: Forbes

Could China Become The OPEC Of Solar Manufacturing?: Forbes

Innovative Chinese Drone Maker Gets $10M Boost To Go Mainstream: Forbes

Hong Kong Chief Executive Warns: Don’t Challenge Beijing; “The root of many social and economic problems in Hong Kong lies in the shortage of land for development. We cannot have our cake and eat it.”: WSJ

Beijing’s Concern Grows Over Anti-Corruption Critics: WSJ

Pension Fund to Lose Out as Chinese Brokerages Raise Cash; Private Placements Allow Firms’ Parents to Avoid Payments: WSJ


Jet Air Falls Most in a Month After Goyal Pledges Stake; Jet Air Founder Agreed to Refrain From Reducing Stake: Bloomberg

Rural India slowdown threatens Modi’s promise of ‘better days’: Reuters

India in 2015: Optimism Returns as Modi Finds His Footing: K@W

Delhi’s tortoise limbers up to challenge Beijing’s hare: FT

Japan & Korea

Lotte succession war far from over; even though Dong-joo lost his official titles, he still holds considerable stakes in Lotte Confectionary and other key units of the group here. Has Shin Dong-bin won Lotte succession race?: KH

Korean students think English lessons ‘useless’: KTKH


Anonymous letter sparks off Malaysian-listed mTouche discovery of RM6.3m accounting fraud: TheStar

Thai Housewife’s Small-Cap Fever Masks Valuation Risk: JGlobe

More non-Asean firms prepared for AEC: TheStar

Proposed Johor multi-billion-ringgit Forest City Project scaled down: TheStar

Myanmar set to open first stock exchange: AsiaOne

Singapore 2014 Home Sales Drop to Lowest in Six Years on Curbs: Bloomberg


Spoofers Tricked High-Speed Traders by Hitting Keys Fast: Bloomberg

Golden parachutes are lead balloon for investors: Chiefs’ merger-related windfalls face increasing scrutiny: FT

The bitcoin crash is worse than both crude oil and the ruble: Quartz

In Vanguard’s Shadow, Small Firm Scores Tweaking Indexes: Bloomberg

Bitcoin’s Plunge Bites ‘Miners’; As Value Falls, Some Pull Plug on Computers Supporting System: WSJ

Investment firms face FRC crackdown over stewardship code: FT


Samsung Tries to Shake Google Reliance With $92 India Phone: Bloomberg

A swarm of incredibly cheap camera drones is buzzing your way: Quartz

‘I’ll believe it when I see it’: BlackBerry Ltd reportedly gets US$7.5B takeover offer from Samsung: FP

Study Highlights Silicon Valley’s Powerful Economic Mix: NYT

To Keep BlackBerry Alive, CEO Leans on the Internet of Things: JGlobe

Carlos Slim becomes top New York Times shareholder: Reuters, Bloomberg

Sellers Need Amazon, but at What Cost?; Aware That E-Commerce Platform Is Also a Rival, Firms Aim to Lessen Dependence; ‘In a Way, It’s a Deal With the Devil’: WSJ

Google Translate App Now Converts Spoken Conversations, Text From Photos: WSJ

The things Amazon chooses to charge you more for (and why): WaPo

Google partners with auto suppliers on self-driving car: Reuters

Google Apps Exec: ‘The Whole Industry Looked At Us Like We Were Crazy’: BI

Energy & Commodities

Commodity Traders Exploit Crude Crash to Make Oil Storage King: Bloomberg

Copper prices collapsed to a 5½ year low as investors in China and Asia sold heavily: WSJ

Inglorious writedowns: Gold sector’s bad bets wiping out lifetime earnings — and investor confidence: FP

How once-booming Calgary is now becoming the drag on national home prices: FP

America’s Going to Lose the Oil Price War: Bloomberg

Banks withdrawal opens doors for niche financiers in gold sector: Reuters

Copper’s plunge: bad omen for world economy or just an interesting sideshow?: Reuters

Brazil’s Petrobras Is Hit by Oil-Price Drop, Corruption Probe; State-Run Oil Company’s Aggressive Offshore Expansion Is Threatened: WSJ

4 Reasons Warren Buffett Should Fear Oil’s Plunge (and a Few Reasons He’ll Like It): Bloomberg

Here Are The Countries Feeling The Pain Of The Copper Crash: BI


FBI raids Florida firm Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies with ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ link; firm allegedly engaged in Medicare fraud by using aggressive and misleading telemarketers to sell unneeded medical equipment to patients: Reuters

FDA Clears ‘Pacemaker for the Stomach’: WSJ

Consumer & Others

Historic chocolatier Ernest Hillier for sale after collapse; Australia’s oldest chocolate maker, Ernest Hillier, goes bust: BRW, TheAge

How family business Coopers is growing despite punters switching from beer to wine and cider: BRW

Elon Musk’s Next Plan: Millions of Tesla Electric Cars and Factories On Three Continents: Forbes

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