Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 31 Jan (Sat) – Winston Churchill and his ‘black dog’ of greatness


  • Winston Churchill and his ‘black dog’ of greatness: Conversation
  • Mammon’s Manichean turn: The business world is divided between optimists and pessimists: Economist
  • Here’s how Jonah Peretti came up with the idea for HuffPo: BI
  • Legends Of Indexing: Rob Arnott: ETF
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Advice: HBR
  • Police forensics: the inside story; From footwear identification prints to the digital analysis of cyber crime, the world of police forensics is rapidly evolving: FT
  • Here’s why networking meetings should never last more than 45 minutes: BI
  • Marissa Mayer made $500 million before turning 40 — here are 5 lessons from her incredible career: BI
  • Science says doing these 3 simple things will make you more charismatic: BI
  • 8 Tips for an Awesome Powerpoint Presentation: SS
  • Explanations to 13 jokes only smart people understand: BI
  • Maria das Graças Foster, Petrobras chief; Brazil oil major head’s career looks likely to end with corruption scandal: FT
  • The Dance of the Disrupted: Observations from the front lines: AD
  • Indonesia taxi firm Blue Bird sued for up to $527 mln by founder’s daughter: Reuters
  • Can Students Have Too Much Tech? The wired classroom may actually widen the learning gap. : NYT


  • A Beautiful Constraint: How To Transform Your Limitations Into Advantages, and Why It’s Everyone’s Business: Amazon

Investing Process

  • What Long Term Investors Can and SHOULD LEARN From Short Sellers: Mere accounting irregularity is not enough, focus on the fundamentals of the business; Reading notes to account much more important now: CI
  • Dr. Henry Singleton – Part One: The Master Of Capital Allocation: VW
  • Be Careful Of This Time Tested And Popular Value Ratio: Quant
  • Charles Brandes – Independent Value Investing: Reflections on an Enduring Strategy: VW

Greater China

  • Chinese mutual fund houses punished over insider dealing cases; Mainland securities regulator suspends five companies from product launches after poor internal controls let staff commit offence: SCMP
  • China’s new tech rules play to local firms’ strengths: Reuters
  • The Risks to China From Rapid Credit Growth: Barron’s
  • If we hit that bullseye, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards, China’s implicit state guarantee edition: FT
  •  China Vs the so-called “art” industry: FT
  • Can law firms merge when their legal systems differ? A test case from China: Economist
  • Chinese students explain why their country’s billion dollar education push is failing: BI
  • Here’s why the boss can’t rid
  •  America’s oldest news agency wrote 10X more articles by having robots do what reporters used to do; purpose is to allow the reporters to spend more time on high-quality journalism.e a bike to work in China: BI
  • China Vows No ‘Western values’ in Universities: JG
  • China Opposes Plan for McDonald’s on Famed West Lake: JG


  • Banking in India: Downwardly mobile; Banks have signed up 120m customers in five months. That was the easy part: Economist
  •  “Falling angels” could hit $260 billion of emerging market deb:
  • Manufacturing in India: Symphony solo; How a maker of air-coolers survived a disastrous diversification: Economist
  • A new twist to India’s publishing boom; A rising generation of local mass-market authors is just one sign of an industry in the grip of rapid change: FT

Japan & Korea

  • Activist Investors in Japan Find Some Doors Cracking Open; Friendly Approach Finds More Takers as Companies Seek to Heed Shareholders; ‘Aha’ Moments: WSJ
  • Young Korean professional seek self-help books to battle hierarchy: KT
  • Korea’s Steel Stocks are No Steal; Posco’s shock profit warning highlights the pressure on margins from weak demand and intense competition.: Barron;;


  • Isn’t it be time that the Securities Commission start trawling the Internet forums for breaches of insider trading or promotion of false information to create a false market and a pump-and-dump scheme?: Star
  • Thaksin times: Thailand’s coup-makers punish two former prime ministers: Economist
  • Tardy Jakarta Officials to Have Pay Docked $40 for Every Minute Late: JG
  • Who’s the Boss? First 100 Days as Much a Referendum on Jokowi as on Megawati: JG
  • Turning the Tide for Indonesia’s Unsettled Education Sector; Paradigm Shift: Frustrated with the stagnant chalkboard approach to education, teachers and students are craving for a drastic methodological change in the archipelago’s classs: JG
  • After years of stagnation, Myanmar’s biggest city is developing at last: Economist
  • Korean banks are seeking to close accounts that are being used for financial fraud: KT
  • Can Miky Lee save troubled CJ Group?: KT


  • Negative yields are everywhere; Paying to own something in the hope that its value rises is nothing new: FT
  • “Falling angels” could hit $260 billion of emerging market debt: Reuters
  • Democratising finance: How passive funds changed investing: FT
  • Discretionary managers urged to reveal charges: FT
  • US profitability: the rich list; Sixty years of corporate history show longevity of some sectors such as oil while others have been more transient: FT
  • Canada’s slumping GDP reveals troubles in just about every sector: FP
  • Companies urged to do more to encourage business ethics: SCMP
  • Wealthy Asians Seek Refuge in U.S. Dollar During Currency Turmoil: Bloomberg
  • Pressure on currency war: TheStar
  • Fed Up: Do Rising Rates Matter to Stocks?: WSJ
  • Brazil’s Economy Is On The Verge Of Total Collapse: ZeroHedge
  • IRS Lists Fraudulent Tax Preparers among ‘Dirty Dozen’ Scams: AT


  • iThrone: Apple reigns supreme when it comes to making money, but now faces even greater expectations: Economist
  • Android is suddenly surrounded by enemies: BI
  • America’s oldest news agency wrote 10X more articles by having robots do what reporters used to do; purpose is to allow the reporters to spend more time on high-quality journalism. BI
  • Demis Hassabis: The DeepMind founder’s aim is to make ‘machines smart’. Over seafood dim sum, he talks about computers acting like humans, joining forces with Google, and why eating is time wasted: FT
  • Email is the latest tool to be hijacked by fraudsters: SCMP
  • Feels like dot-com days again: Fidelity: BT

Energy & Commodities

  • Reports of fisticuffs and blood after alleged spat at TD mining conference turns ugly: FP
  • How one company plans to store energy in giant balloons under Lake Ontario: FP


  • In the Way Cancer Cells Work Together, a Possible Tool for Their Demise: NYT

Consumer & Others

  • How an obscure beef jerky company was acquired by Hershey: BI
  • Tesco cuts range by 30% to simplify shopping; By reducing number of products from 90,000, supermarket will be able to cut prices and improve availability on its shelves: Guardian
  • Are Vitamin Drinks a Bad Idea? NYT
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