Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 17 Jan (Sat) – When Stress Rises, Empathy Suffers


When Stress Rises, Empathy Suffers: WSJ

Split in Fortunes Stalks U.S. Schoolchildren; Kids born to middle and lower-income families could find it harder to catch up in later life as wealthier children enjoy ever larger advantages. Bloomberg

How to go from start-up to global phenomenon: Q&A with DocuSign’s Tom Gonser: Hire crazy people: Fortune

Prime time for Woody: An Amazon TV series is the latest project for the 79-year-old comic with a relentless work ethic: FT

Van Gogh failed as an art dealer, dropped out of divinity school and was deemed too zealous to be a missionary. At 27, he took his brother’s advice and became a painter: WSJ

What to Ask the Person in the Mirror: HBR

Why Hitler Wished He Was Muslim: The Führer admired Atatürk’s subordination of religion to the state—and his ruthless treatment of minorities. WSJ

Investing Process

Can investors judge chief executives’ performance? How to assess company leadership: FT

Greater China

Hong Kong still competitive despite Li Ka-shing’s departure for Cayman Islands: SCMP

Cartoons Spoofing Corrupt Politicians in China Anger City: NYT

Xi’s advice to youngsters on dealing with stress draws debate: People

Good Times Are Over for Local Gov’ts; Debt has piled up and the property market is middling, meaning it is time for officials to return to the basics of budgeting: Caixin

In China’s Antigraft Campaign, Small Victories and Bigger Doubts: NYT

Chinese Mourn Leader, Ousted After Tiananmen, on 10th Death Anniversary: JG

Shenyang’s Oddball Architecture: Critics Call Buildings Like Pearl of the North Tower a Symptom of China’s ‘Edifice Complex’: WSJ

‘Little Emperors’ Wage War on China’s Deadliest Killers: Bloomberg


One of the highest accounting fraud in India since Satyam with Delhi-based Lilliput Kidswear put under liquidation; Bain brought action against EY for “fraud, aiding and abetting fraud, negligent misrepresentation”: VCC

How Kalanithi Maran lost SpiceJet; Ajay Singh and yet another set of investors try their luck at turning around an airline with an amazing history: Forbes

Gilead’s India Patent Snag May Spur Low-Cost Sovaldi Copies: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

Japan Mints First Robot Billionaire: Forbes

Chaebols: King of the Conglomerates: Campden


Rupiah Drop to ’98 Low Puts Fund Managers on Alert; Lippo Karawaci, the nation’s second-largest listed developer by market value, has Rp10.1tr ($800m) of dollar-denominated bonds and reported Rp181.8bn of forex losses in 3Q: Bloomberg

Malaysia Is Asia’s ‘Undisputed Loser’ From Oil and Fiscal Cuts Are Looming: Bloomberg


Short Sellers Now Taking Aim at Emerging-Market Bonds: Bloomberg

Demise of Swiss currency cap predicted by lone forecaster in Texas: SCMP

Swiss franc shock triggers mortgage panic for wealthy homeowners; Here’s Why Losses Triggered by Franc-Cap Removal Were So Painful: Telegraph, Bloomberg

How to corner markets, Bitcoin style: FT

Swiss Franc Bets Turned on a Dime; Small Investors Who Juiced Bets With Borrowed Cash Got a Rude Awakening (Literally): WSJ

Surge of Swiss Franc Triggers Hundreds of Millions in Losses; Brokerage FXCM Gets Rescue Package; Deutsche Bank and Citigroup Suffer Big Hits: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

ASIC to crack down on miners’ dodgy overseas assets; failure of auditors to meet generally accepted auditing standards with respect to collecting evidence regarding overseas operations. AFR

Welcome to ‘Normal’ Crude Oil Price, Trading at 100-Year Average: Bloomberg

The Cruel Oil-Market Math Conspiring Against ETF Bulls: Bloomberg

Oil Export Myths: Lifting the ban will increase U.S. supply and energy security. WSJ


The Seed Bubble Has Popped: Techcrunch

E-commerce entrepreneurs tap growing S-E Asia demand: TheStar

Hedge fund founder Chanos says shorting Intel shares: CNBC: Reuters


Tokyo scientists aim to make body parts with 3-D printer: JT

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