Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 14 Jan (Wed) – Marrisa Mayer: “I’ve got to tell you the dirty little secret of Google’s 20% time. It’s really 120% time.”


What Self-Made Billionaires Do Best: They don’t just generate results. They produce breakthroughs.: Strategy@

Marrisa Mayer: “I’ve got to tell you the dirty little secret of Google’s 20% time. It’s really 120% time.”: BI

The Productivity Hacks I Used To Write A 93,000-Word Book In Six Weeks: BI

Lessons for politicians from the Sage of Omaha: FT

Why storytelling is important for entrepreneurial success: FP

Charles Darwin Had A Fascinating Outlook On Daily Exercise: BI

The Secret Scam of Cheap Earbuds; Why You Can’t Get Decent Earphones for Less Than $100: Gizmodo

How I try to catch out liars and bores in job interviews; I have used specialist background checking firms but never polygraph testing: FT

Nasty Gal’s 30-Year-Old CEO Explains Why She Suddenly Stepped Down: BI

Just how huge the biggest sea creatures are—in one amazing chart; why do some animals grow so large—and what’s keeping the rest of their species from doing so? But size isn’t always an advantage. Quartz

‘Passion pay’; Young job seekers have coined the term “passion pay,” which satirically refers to the reality that interns and apprentices are supposed to be passionate enough to put up with poor treatment: KH

Kudos for the Korean language: KT

Ruben Vardanian, former Troika Dialog CEO: a grumbling optimist: FT

How to share the world with true believers behind global terror; First, accept that we are playing the long game of containment: FT

The 14 Principles Of The Future Organization: Forbes

Why English, Not Mandarin, Is the Language of Innovation: HBR

The roots of rebels: SCMP

Family Business Woes – Professionalize to optimize: U.S. Family firms are no longer winging it: Barron’s

How to Look Smarter: The Tactics People Use to Look Intelligent Often Backfire; Fancy Words Don’t Work: WSJ

The Investor’s Manifesto: Safal

Investing Process

Phosphagenics CEO vows to rebuild company’s reputation after it was embroiled in a $6 million fraud conducted by former CEO Esra Ogru to fund her lifestyle and support her sick daughter: TheAge1, TheAge2

Warren Buffett’s investing successors blew it in 2014; Stock picks like General Motors and Viacom didn’t pan out for Berkshire Hathaway’s Ted Weschler and Todd Combs: Fortune

Greater China

Here’s The Who’s Who In China’s Offshore Tax Havens: BI, ICIJ

Troubles at China’s Kaisa mark watershed for offshore investors: Reuters

Baby milk manufacturer Yashili International shares slide 6 pct on profit warning; “The sector is booming so it is ridiculous to say the sector is not doing well” : SCMP

Musk looks around corner of China slowdown: FT

Wanda challenges Disney with shift from property to theme parks: FT

Enforcing with a smile: Enforcers of China’s one-child policy are trying a new, gentler approach: Economist

46 percent of honey on the market in Taiwan does not meet industry food safety standards: ChinaPost

France is struggling with monitoring a long list of radicals: ChinaPost

Poor Chinese provinces are being forced to send their water to wealthier regions: Quartz

Alibaba’s UC Browser Is World’s No.1 Third Party Mobile Browser: Forbes

Death of Asia Television a showcase of meddling and politics, irresponsible shareholders: SCMP

China train firms CNR and CSR reject claims of insider trading: SCMP

Lessons in “sustainable” finance from local Chinese governments; There is a common misperception that land revenue has already dropped sharply in 2014. : FT

Overcapacity Drags on China Aluminum Prices: JG

Censored Chinese report links mystery coal tycoon Zhang Xinming to political elite: SCMP


Indian luxury cars: JLR takes on the Germans: Forbes

How Domino’s Reinvented Itself to Win in India: FastCo

Japan & Korea

80% of S. Koreans in 20s say they can get rich at expense of others; Over half of South Korean youngsters in their 20s disagreed that working hard guarantees a better life: Maeil

Lotte chief says his brother’s dismissal follows his father’s decision: Maeil

Disentangling Chaebol Isn’t Easy: Hyundai Glovis Block Sale Fails; Hyundai Motor succession plan suffers setback: Barron’sKT

Chaebol scions, SM chief and actress in W130 bil. illegal FX deals: KT

Twist in large retailer saga in Korea: KH

More foreign students launching businesses in Japan: JT

Japan’s Return-on-Equity Revolution: Shinzo Abe’s reforms are empowering shareholders and spurring profits.: WSJ

Daihatsu dismantling ‘Toyota Way’ as market changes: Reuters

Why Isn’t Japan Inc. Helping Japan?: Bloomberg


Jokowi’s Next Hurdle: What Indonesia Can Tackle Post Fuel Revamp: JG

Nat Rothschild is fighting former Asia Resource Minerals chairman Samin Tan’s move to grab control as the Indonesian coal miner struggles to avoid defaulting on $450 million of debt: JG

After 100 days, the performance of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s administration can be judged by examining whether most of his policies have been government- or incident-driven: JP

Stalled Merger Puts the Brakes on Malaysia’s Islamic Megabank Dream: Bloomberg


FASB Rids Income Statements of ‘Extraordinary Items’: CFO

Tighter credit rules hit aspiring homeowners around the world: FT

Can subprime auto loans crash the financial system?: Fortune

Withering regulations will make for shrivelled banks; Europe has no Frederica Mac to finance mortgages: FT

Bid to Lower Corporate Tax Rate Stirs Backlash From Business: Bloomberg

‘Hide Not Slide’ Orders Were Slippery and Hidden: Bloomberg

Heat Death: Venture Capital in the 1980s: RW

Investors may wait longer for higher dividends from U.S. banks: Reuters

US$3 trillion inheritance expected in Asia over next 30 years: report: BT

Companies Tiptoe Back Toward ‘Made in the U.S.A.’; For years, the U.S. has ceded more and more of its manufacturing to low-cost corners of the global economy. Some firms now want to come home.: WSJ

Global Economic Perspectives from a Pragmatic Capitalist: AA

Asia’s Political Cartoonists at Risk: Threats of prosecution silence satirists in India, Malaysia and Singapore.: WSJ

Don’t Buck the Dollar Trend: Overseas Borrowers Could Send Greenback Higher Still: WSJ


The Clever Way Amazon Gets Away With Not Always Offering The Lowest Prices: BI

We Just Learned A Whole Lot About How The Apple Watch Works: BI

If The Apple Patent Is The Real Reason GoPro Is Crashing, Then Investors Are Being Dumb; GoPro shares drop as Apple granted patent for wearable camera: BI, TheAge

The little engine that could: Why turbocharged four-cylinder engines now rule the road: Economist

Streaming hasn’t killed the radio star: Quartz

TV Makers Set a New Strategy: ‘Quantum Dot’ Technology Offers Vibrant Colors, Leaving Crisp OLED Images on Hold: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

Buffett Trapped by Oil Plunge After BNSF Commits to Rail Upgrade: Bloomberg

What cheap gas? Some automakers still determined to sell electric cars: ChinaPost

US energy: Off the grid; Utilities threatened as more businesses and homes produce own power: FT

Was the 2008 oil price an anomaly?: FT

Back to the Future? Oil Replays 1980s Bust; Rise of Shale Extraction Speeds Output and Changes Equation for OPEC, U.S. Producers: WSJ

Oil at $40, and Below, Gaining Traction on Wall Street; Oil Collapse of 1986 Shows Rebound Could Be Years Away; Oil Spread Shows Saudi Shale Strategy Working; WTI Crude Oil Surpasses Brent for First Time Since 2013; Demand for Protection Against Oil at $40 a Barrel Reaches Record: Bloomberg1, Bloomberg2, Bloomberg3, Bloomberg4, Bloomberg5


Fluidic Analytics develops tools to warn of diseases: FT

After Roiling Hepatitis Market, Express Scripts Turns to Cholesterol: Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

The arrival of Sephora in Australia is more likely to disrupt the likes of Soul Pattinson and Priceline than David Jones and Myer: BRW

Investors haven’t been this spooked by Tiffany since 9/11: Quartz

Why Online Retailers Are Starting to Care About Your Feelings: HBR

Refrigerators now include sound systems, televisions and sparkling water dispensers. GE is launching one this fall that makes coffee: WSJ

Tesla Won’t Turn Profitable Until 2020; Luxury Electric Car Maker Sees GAAP Earnings When Mass-Market Car In Full Production: WSJ

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