Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 23 Jan (Fri) – Take back control of your time in 3 simple steps: Commit to self-mastery; 7 Valuable Leadership Lessons From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder; 10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned


Take back control of your time in 3 simple steps: Commit to self-mastery: BRW

7 Valuable Leadership Lessons From LinkedIn’s Billionaire Founder; 10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned: BI, Casnocha

The Devotion Leap: The ability to move from the self-centeredness of dating to the self-sacrifice of love requires one to lower the boundaries between self and self.: NYT

“Invisibilia” and the Evolving Art of Radio; NPR’s “Invisibilia” combines storytelling with scientific reporting, yielding astonishing stories that can seem too good to be true. NewYorker

Call him ‘chief delegation officer’: how Vend founder Vaughan Rowsell built a $100m business in four years: BRW

Learn for competence, not grades: TODAY

Bill Gates Says We Could Wipe At Least 4 Diseases Off The Face Of The Earth In The Next 15 Years: BI

The Weird Science of Naming New Products: NYT

Meet The Entrepreneur Transforming The Black Hair Care Industry; Vixxenn founder Nicole Sanchez visits her hairstylist regularly as an escape. She’s getting investors excited about hair extensions. FastCo

America’s new aristocracy: As the importance of intellectual capital grows, privilege has become increasingly heritable: Economist

Amazing New Material Is So Water Resistant That Liquid Bounces Right Off: BI

Here Are 2 Common Reasons Talented People Walk Out On Employers: BI

Why Stack Ranking Systems, Like The One Marissa Mayer Instituted At Yahoo, Are Completely Outdated: BI

Teaching Capitalism to Catholics: Why I’m joining Charles Koch and others in funding a program to teach about free markets.: WSJ

Full VII Interview With David Herro: Courage of Convictions: Oakmark


An Empire of Their Own: How the Jews Invented Hollywood: Amazon

Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination : Amazon

Greater China

Chinese banks pile up risks through loans to financial leasing firms; “Lending to a bank-owned leasing company with a guarantee from the parent means a lender only has to set aside capital for 25 percent of the loan, whereas for straight debt, it is 100 percent”: Reuters

‘I Will Not Give Up’ Says Chinese Mother Who Can’t Find Anyone to Bribe for Daughter’s Schooling: Bloomberg

Ratio of Chinese Banks’ Bad Loans Jumps Most in at Least a Decade: Bloomberg

Anxiety Over Government Probes Spreads to Top-Rated Chinese Borrowers: Bloomberg

Hong Kong Falls Out of Top 30 Most-Livable Cities: Bloomberg

Robeco So Afraid of China ‘Miracle’ Is Turning to Russian Bonds; “We are extremely afraid of the whole Chinese miracle” : Bloomberg

China’s “new normal” masks old anxieties: Reuters

China’s Communist Party Sounds Death Knell for Arrest, Conviction Quotas: WSJ

Here’s The Ridiculous Loot That’s Been Found With Corrupt Chinese Officials: BI

Chinese Chairman of Credit Suisse Venture Is Missing: Bloomberg

Wenzhou to speed up bad debt disposal: official: WCT

Chinese bun maker Goubuli runs Australian coffee chain brand Gloria Jean’s Coffees in China: WCT

China’s e-commerce transactions hit US$2tril in 2014: TheStar


Good morning India! Obama, Modi plan radio show to reach out to masses: Reuters

India’s Message to Women: Come Visit, We’ll Become Safer: Bloomberg

Kala Ghoda, Mumbai: India’s Emerging Art District: WSJ

Japan & Korea

South Korean children navigate rocky road to K-pop stardom: Reuters

Dongbu chairman’s grip of insurance unit shaky; Dongbu Insurance is the most profitable affiliate in Dongbu Group, so collapse of the insurance unit will serve a serious blow to the chairman, who dreams of reviving its old glory: KT


Govt Puts Jakarta-Surabaya High-Speed Train Project on Hold; high-speed train ticket would be more expensive than some airline tickets: JG

Perks used by property firms in Singapore to entice buyers of luxury apartments are under scrutiny after a bank sued a developer for allegedly conspiring with borrowers to inflate about $182 million of home loans.: AsiaOne

Philippines Strives for Public-Private Solution to Infrastructure Woes: WSJ

As Thai Ex-Leader Faces Impeachment, Supporters Voice Discontent; Yingluck Shinawatra’s Supporters Grow Bolder in Expressing Frustration; Thaksin Casting Long Shadow Over Sister Yingluck’s Impeachment in Thailand: WSJ, Bloomberg

Thailand Needs to Fight a Different Battle: Bloomberg


A Few Savvy Investors Had Swiss Central Bank Figured Out; Quaesta Capital’s Options Trade Pays Off: WSJ

Flight to Volatility Is What You Get in Flight-to-Safety Trades: Bloomberg

Accentuate the negative: Why investors would opt to lose money: Economist

James Grant: The balance sheet that ate Switzerland: LinkedIn

Private equity in Africa: Unblocking the pipes; Africa needs a lot of capital. Private equity offers lessons on how to get it there: Economist

Simplifying the Pricing Puzzle? A new trading network will make buying and selling of complex structured products easier and more transparent: Barron’s

Regulators need to crack down earlier, harder to head off market malpractices: SCMP

The Struggle to Simplify Accounting: Companies just don’t want to give up the flexibility to manage financial reporting that’s provided by the complexity of accounting standards.: CFO

Investors Wanting to Stay Anonymous Hide in Asian ‘Dark Pools’: Bloomberg


How to get a $1 billion valuation in just eight months; How can Slack, a business software company that makes a product that’s less than a year old, be worth more than $1 billion?: Fortune

The Age of Unicorns: The billion-dollar tech startup was supposed to be the stuff of myth. Now they seem to be … everywhere.: Fortune

How to catch the overfishermen: Big data allow fish to be protected as never before. Governments should take advantage of this: Economist

Financial technology: Connect 450; A tech startup helps rejig America’s capital markets: Economist

Materials science: A simple treatment using a laser makes for surfaces that clean themselves: Economist

The Truth About How A 12-Month Old Company Gets A $1 Billion Valuation: BI

Automated Copywriting Startup Persado Raises $21M: Techcrunch

Robots will never take over the world, says Google’s Eric Schmidt; Google boss rubbishes idea that technology only benefits the rich and will leave everyone else “rioting”: Telegraph

Haunted by historical images in digital form: Two online archivists have made businesses from forgotten photos: FT

Microsoft takes lead in battle for artificial reality; The stakes are much higher as tech group shows off HoloLens device: FT

Pinterest’s Problem: Getting Men to Commit: Social Site Adds ‘Geek’ Content, Tweaks Search Results but 71% of Visitors Are Still Women: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

King Abdullah, Saudi Monarch Who Modernized Economy, Dies: Bloomberg

How high break-even costs are challenging new oilsands projects: FP

‘Sexy’ No Longer, Solar May See More Consolidation, Hanwha Says: Bloomberg


A little market medicine to prevent the next pandemic; ‘Pandemic bonds’ could inject private-sector rigour into global medical bureaucracies: FT

Consumer & Others

Businessweek Used A 80-Year-Old, Shirtless Male Model On Its Cover To Represent How Abercrombie & Fitch Has Aged: BI

McDonald’s fixes its marketing, Chipotle fixes its product: Fortune

Beef Jerky Reborn? KRAVE Seeks To Update An Old Snack: Forbes

Haagen-Dazs Upgrades Ice Cream Shops to Keep Mom and Kids Longer: Bloomberg

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