Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 29 Jan (Thurs) – 15 Successful Entrepreneurs Share The Most Important Lesson They Learned In Their 20


  • 15 Successful Entrepreneurs Share The Most Important Lesson They Learned In Their 20s: BI
  • Such a Stoic: How Seneca became Ancient Rome’s philosopher-fixer. NewYorker
  • This Is Bill Gates’ Biggest Regret In Life: BI
  • This Mental Bias Explains Why Investing Is So Scary: BI
  • Six Essential Productivity Tips For Introverts: Forbes
  • Storytellers find versatile medium in podcasting; The extraordinary success of the program “Serial” has commentators tipping a big year ahead for podcasting. TheAge
  • Laser’s co-inventor, Nobel laureate Charles Townes, dead at 99: Reuters
  • Review: Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader by Herminia Ibarra: FT
  • Flight Centre’s Graham Turner and Cofounders Are Flying High: Forbes
  • “The key to financial success isn’t saving, but investing in your own future production.” Cullen Roche: Link
  • What sort of face do you need to have to become a FTSE 100 chief executive?: Telegraph
  • Billionaire Ananda Krishnan in foundation to promote study of Mandarin and English: TheStar
  • Guanxi in China ‘can be a double-edged sword’; a relationship of trust could lead one to overlook fraud or other undeclared issues: BT

Investing Process

  • Why factor investing is flavour of the month; But four-decade run of outperformance may not last: FT
  • A Revelation For Small-Cap Investing Strategies; Yes, Virginia, there is a small-cap premium, but to harvest it in a meaningful way we’ll have to rethink how we invest in these companies. CS
  • A Dozen Things I’ve Learned from Joel Greenblatt about Value Investing: 25iq

Greater China

  • Debt That Once Boosted Its Cities Now Burdens China; Behind Nation’s Debt Load: Rampant Local Borrowing for Roads, Housing, Airports: WSJ
  • Regulator releases damning report on Alibaba over fake, substandard goods on Taobao: SCMP
  • Democratising finance: China’s P2P industry attracts scammers: FT
  • 1001 Fights: Wuxia chivalry took Alibaba’s Jack Ma to the top: WCT
  • Kaisa saga puts focus on investor Sino Life Insurance: SCMP
  • New Rules in China Upset Western Tech Companies: NYT
  • China regulator to inspect stock margin trading at 46 firms: Reuters


  • Modi’s Reform Push; India’s leader takes some risks to clear obstacles to growth. WSJ
  • With India Bulls Everywhere, a Rare Look at the Risks: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

  • 26 Korean firms caught having disguised themselves as SMBs to clinch deals: Maeil
  • The creative economy dilemma in Korea: JA
  • 90 industrial complexes nationwide in Korea house just 1 company: Maeil


  • ‘Zombies’ haunt Vietnam’s trade bonanza bid: Reuters
  • Editorial: First, We Must Teach Indonesia’s Teachers: JG
  • Leaders Say Graduates in Indonesia Don’t Make the Grade: JG
  • Storm Warning For Keppel, Sembcorp Marine; Weak oil prices and tighter spending budgets means investors should be wary of Singapore’s rig builders. Barron’s
  • Singapore bourse hopes Southeast Asia will copy HK-Shanghai stock link: Reuters
  • Philippine Growth Rises for Best Three Years Since Mid-1950s: Bloomberg


  • Sweden’s Wallenberg family shake up Investor: FT
  • Bonds: Caught in a debt trap; The markets’ verdict on central bank policies is that they are failing on inflation and growth: FT
  • Currencies Hit as Monetary Policies Shift; Central Banks’ Moves Are in Response to Stronger U.S. Dollar, Threat of Deflation: WSJ
  • ‘Fake margin calls’: Forex traders furious after losses: TheAge


  • Lesson Learned: How An Apple Contractor, Taiwan’s second-largest touch panel manufacturer, Went Bankrupt: Forbes
  • Apple’s massive market cap still trails these historical giants: Quartz
  • Samsung’s $100 Million Internet of Things Bet Is Even Crazier Than You Think: FastCo
  • Alibaba given little advance warning of Yahoo split decision: FT
  • The Next Front Of Wearables: Techcrunch
  • How Tim Cook’s Apple conquered the world: Telegraph
  • The Technology that Unmasks Your Hidden Emotions; Using Psychology and Data Mining to Discern Emotions as People Shop, Watch Ads; Breeding Privacy Concerns: WSJ
  • Apple’s World Domination Shows No Sign of Stopping: Bloomberg
  • Samsung’s $100 Million Internet of Things Bet Is Even Crazier Than You Think: FastCo
  • To Buy or Not to Buy: How Increased TV Watching Impacts E-commerce: K@W

Energy & Commodities

  • Big Oil Faces Time of Reckoning; Shell, BP and Others to Report Earnings, Reveal What Role Lower Crude Prices Played On Results: WSJ
  • Consumer-goods firms and advertising: The dangers of cut-price soap; Why the likes of Unilever should think twice before discounting their wares: Economist
  • ‘We have all seen this before’: In Calgary, end of the oil boom has yet to sink in: FP
  • Cocoa, Once Hot, Is Facing a Chill; Weaker Economic Prospects in Many Markets, Higher Candy Prices Hit Demand: WSJ

Consumer & Others

  • McDonald’s CEO Steps Down; Move Comes Amid Declining Sales, Menu Changes: WSJ
  • Who’s Driving World Wine Consumption? A new industry report has revealed how much wine is being produced each year—and who’s drinking it. The findings may surprise you. WSJ
  • Why Target’s Big Canadian Expansion Went South: K@W
  • Why It’s So Hard for McDonald’s to Change; “The system” McDonald’s holds dear is what’s holding it back: Bloomberg
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