Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 10 Jan (Sat) – The Daily Routines Of 26 Famous Creative People; How Li Ka-shing killed three birds with one restructuring


The Daily Routines Of 26 Famous Creative People: BI

Why are some people so good at persisting?: SVN

Trapped in a Polar Vortex: Ernest Shackleton and his crew were marooned for months on Antarctic ice. All of the men survived. WSJ

Dartmouth Gives Students a Lesson — Don’t Cheat in Ethics Class: Bloomberg

Sir Terence Matthews, who has started more than 100 companies in his career, is helping the next generation build businesses and a future.: BT

Losing Faith in JPMorgan, Two Churches Claim Self-Dealing: Bloomberg

Wayne Gretzky Would Have Been a Great Investor As Well; “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it has been” : Pender

Novelist Haruki Murakami resurfaces: After decades shunning publicity, the surrealist writer is taking to the web — as an agony uncle: FT

What a Great Place to Work Ought to Look Like: Define and pursue a higher purpose that makes employees proud: NYT

Forex Trader Alex Hope With a Taste for Bubbly Convicted in $7.5 Million Investment Scam in Britain: NYT

Japanese Tourists Find Fraud a Risk in Visits to Kolkata: WSJ

Why Asia’s Rich Need A Family Constitution: A succession document can help families maintain their wealth over many generations Barron’s

How our brain determines if the product is worth the price: Forbes

Why decisive leadership matters: Forbes

Sometimes Cutting R&D Spending Can Yield More Innovation: HBR

To Make Money with Digital, Be an Innovator – Not a Strategist: HBR

Politics and survival in the jungle: TheStar

The Real Kings of Chess Are Computers? WSJ

When I Questioned the History of Muhammad: British scholar Tom Holland found himself in a firestorm—and under threat—when he raised doubts about the traditional account of the origins of Islam. WSJ

Investing Process

Riddle of the Pyramids: What Is Herbalife? Is Herbalife a successful marketer of protein shakes or something more terrible than a Ponzi scheme? NYT

When the CEO Is a Big Investor, Should You Buy Too? Stocks With High Executive Ownership Perform Better, a Study Suggests: WSJ

Greater China

Kaisa ‘Hidden Hands’ Means 10% Threshold for Junk-Rated Builders; Kaisa Bondholders Dream of White Knight as Default Becomes Real: Bloomberg1, Bloomberg2

Cheung Kong to Buy Out Hutchison in $24 Billion Restructure; How Li Ka-shing killed three birds with one restructuring; Li Ka-shing business empire shifts base from Hong Kong to Cayman Islands: Bloomberg, SCMP1, SCMP2, FT

Asia’s Richest Builds Fortress for Future: Li Ka-shing’s business empire reorganization simplifies the ownership structure. It also provides him a bulwark against rising rates and a war chest for new acquisitions; Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing , is reorganizing his empire into two companies, separating his Hong Kong property assets from his internationally focused ports-to-telecom conglomerate: WSJ, WSJ2

Tycoon Li Ka-shing to revamp empire to address valuation discount: Reuters

Local debt accounting made messy by unclear numbers in China: WCT

Rail firm execs in China accused of insider trading before merger: WCT

Slowdown Spurs China Property Industry to Embrace the Internet: Caixin

Shortage of Organ Donors in China? Blame Confucianism: Bloomberg

Jack Ma Calls Tencent Move ‘Stupid,’ Apologizes for JD Insults: Bloomberg

China’s “big four” banks lose out as savers gain sophistication: FT

Xi’s 2015 mission: Fighting graft, tightening grip on China: TODAY


Pharma Tycoon Dilip Shanghvi Has Powered India’s Second-Biggest Fortune: Forbes

India in 140 characters: Twitter’s rise in the country: Forbes

Japan & Korea

How ‘Nut-Gate’ Can Improve South Korea’s Economy: Bloomberg

Samsung Returns to Roots in Components as Phones Stall: Bloomberg

Lotte heir ousted from all posts of Japanese operations: Maeil

A string of Korean luxury goods firms file for receivership on floundering economy: Maeil

Will Abe’s growth strategy make Japan’s cups flow over?: AsiaOne


1MDB Woes Exacerbate Bank Cash Squeeze in Malaysia: Bloomberg

Governance: giant steps ahead for South East Asia: MYT

Will Thai voters support an ‘outsider’ PM?: AsiaOne

Impeachment of Ousted Thai PM Shinawatra Could Test Fragile Calm: JGlobe

The Jakarta administration says it will compel operators of minimarts throughout the capital to sell items produced by small and medium enterprises, as part of efforts to empower the latter: JGlobe

Jakarta Governor Says Out With Old Cars; Sputtering Start for the Dream Car for Millions of Indonesians; Bumpy Ride: President Jokowi faces conflicting calls on ending or maintaining the cheap-car program introduced by Yudhoyono: JGlobe1, JGlobe2

Preventing graft in procurement: the Indonesian government of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla has taken up corruption eradication as one of their main programs : JPost

Word of caution on M’sian property from SCCI-BT forum: BT


Petrobras Contagion Ignites Brazil Company Bond Plummet: Bloomberg

Peltz Says DuPont Spinoff Has ‘1970s-Style’ Governance: Bloomberg

Britain’s biggest export: wealth; The current-account deficit might explain Britain’s joyless recovery: Economist

Uncertain economic fortunes in a world of cheap oil; Investors in debt issued by riskier companies face losing out: FT

Sri Lanka’s Strongman President Voted Out After Decade in Power; “We expect a life without fear. I voted for him because he said he will create equal opportunities for all” : JGlobe

Aussie landlords swallow losses to bet on price gains: SMH

DuPont Fight About More Than Just Returns; Nelson Peltz’s Trian’s Push Shows Market Outperformance Won’t Ward Off Activists: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

OPEC Finds Everyone Else Guilty in Oil-Glut Blame Game: Bloomberg

Cheap Sofas Offer Port as Oil’s Crash Slams Canada Stocks: Bloomberg

Oil Export Plunge Signals Canada Economy Running on Empty: Bloomberg

Don’t Bank on Oil Rebound Says Fund That Foresaw Collapse: Bloomberg

Berkshire plays a vital role in the world chocolate industry: Economist

Denmark produces 40% of its power from wind-more than any other country on earth: Quartz

Saudi Arabia’s Cure for Shale Could Entail Shock Therapy: WSJ

U.S. Dairies Get Crash Course in Exporting: Cooling Chinese Demand Points Up Unpredictability of Global Prices: WSJ


Nordic countries point the way to cashless societies: Reuters

TSMC’s IoT platform to be mass produced this year: WCT

‘Belty’ Offers Tech Solution to Weighty Problem: JGlobe

New Transportation Options Aim to Be ‘Un-Segway’: JGlobe

Why we should welcome the hype of another dotcom bubble?: Telegraph

Fit for Motivation, If Not Precision: Wearable Gadgets to Count Steps and Calories Fall Short on Accuracy, But They’re Good Cheerleaders: WSJ

Q&A: on why wearables are so ugly, and why Hollywood and Silicon Valley don’t get along: WaPo


Can You Really Reverse Hearing Loss? Drugmakers Try Gene Therapy: Bloomberg

Biotech’s Price Wars Are Just Beginning: Bloomberg

From Vertigo to Tinnitus, Ear Ailments Are New Focus for Drugs: NYT

The Future of Medicine Is in Your Smartphone: New tools are tilting health-care control from doctors to patients: WSJ

Consumer & Others

Lego is partnering with Ferrari, McLaren, and Porsche to make these seriously awesome toy cars: Quartz

Why Fashion Insiders Are Buzzing About Patagonia: WSJ

GM Readies Electric Rival to Tesla: WSJ

Samsonite vs. Prada: Travelling Different Paths: Barron’s

Investors Bet Australian Beachwear Tide Will Rise; Saban Brands Deal for Mambo Is Latest in Wave of Deals: WSJ

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