L.A. Breaks Driving Addiction as Bike-Train Commutes Grow

L.A. Breaks Driving Addiction as Bike-Train Commutes Grow

Los Angeles embodied America’s love affair with the automobile in the last century. In this one it’s trying to kick the car to the curb.

The city that put drive-thru restaurants on the map has doubled its network of bike lanes to 292 miles (470 kilometers) and expanded light rail by 26 percent in the past eight years, with another 18 miles of track coming by 2015. Bus and train ridership is on the rise, while the total number of passenger cars registered has declined in Los Angeles County — evidence more commuters are breaking their dependence. Read more of this post

Student Debt Relief Industry Profits From Desperation

Student Debt Relief Industry Profits From Desperation

Polly Williams, a single mother who had recently lost her job, was desperate to lower the payments on her $23,000 in student loans. So, last June, she called one of the many companies advertising debt relief online.

For a $250 fee, the University of One, now known as Student Consulting Group Inc., offered to help. To come up with the money, Williams skipped an electric bill and lost power, forcing her to throw out $150 of food in her refrigerator, she said. Read more of this post

Jumping off the REIT bandwagon; Bond Investors Head for the Hills; As interest rates rise, banks face new stress tests

Jumping off the REIT bandwagon

Garry Marr | 13/06/18 | Last Updated: 13/06/18 6:32 PM ET


That pop you heard might have been the bubble finally bursting — at least for real estate investment trusts if not housing.

Reader wonders if his $100,000 should be invested in a private REIT. ‘That’s like going to the roulette table and putting all your money on red,’ says Jason Heath

Rising bond yields have brought down the publicly traded real estate sector since it hit an all-time high at the end of April. The iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund dropped about 12% before recovering about two percentage points off that fall in the past week or so. Read more of this post

To succeed in India, a company must meet these three criteria

To succeed in India, a company must meet these three criteria

By Ravi Venkatesan 5 hours ago

Ravi Venkatesan is the former chairman of Microsoft India and Cummins India.

Many multinational companies are quite pleased with their performance in India. That’s because they have set quite a low bar for success. To most, the fact that their business in India is meeting budget or growing at double-digit rates is significant. But that isn’t success. Companies can be growing at double-digit rates and meeting budgets, and still be irrelevant to their parent and in India. McKinsey & Company analysis shows that the 25 largest, publicly listed multinational companies in India contributed just 2% of their parent’s global revenues and profits in 2011. That’s telling, especially since many of them have been operating in India for a long time. The Indian operations of companies that have set up shop since 1991 as wholly owned subsidiaries contribute an even more anemic 1% of their parent’s revenues and profits. If all these operations grow at roughly the same pace as their industry, even after a decade their contribution will still be extremely modest. Real success in India, I would argue, means meeting three criteria:

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SEC Says It Will Seek Admission of Wrongdoing More Often

SEC Says It Will Seek Admission of Wrongdoing More Often

By Dave Michaels  Jun 19, 2013

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will seek more admissions of wrongdoing from defendants as a condition of settling enforcement cases, the agency’s chairman said.

SEC Chairman Mary Jo White said the change in policy would probably apply to cases in which investors were significantly harmed and the alleged fraud was egregious. The former federal prosecutor said last month she was reviewing the practice of settling cases without requiring defendants to admit misconduct. Read more of this post

Global fish prices leap to all-time high

June 18, 2013 4:18 pm

Global fish prices leap to all-time high

By Emiko Terazono in London

Global fish prices have leapt to all-time highs as China’s growing appetite for high-end species – from tuna to oysters – runs up against lower catches.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation’s global fish price index, an industry benchmark that tracks the cost of wild and farmed seafood, hit a record high in May, up 15 per cent from a year ago and above the peak set in mid 2011. Read more of this post

Gems says it is the world’s largest private education provider with 130,000 students at 100 schools in 19 countries and $500m revenue this year

June 18, 2013 3:55 pm

School rooms for everyone

By Simeon Kerr

images (15)

Desk work: Sunny Varkey keeps in touch with the ‘front line’ by regularly dropping into schools unannounced and talking to parents

In the library of Wellington International School, Sunny Varkey is chatting with a group of 20 or so five-year-old pupils about the books they read. The parents of these boys and girls in white and navy uniforms rifling the low shelves pay about $12,000 a year for them to attend one of the academically best performing schools inDubai. Read more of this post

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