Morning Bamboo Insight: 05/07/2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 05/07/2014


1. How Memphis Firm Decoded Bond Secrets Mystifying Wall Street

2. General Electric: A hard act to follow; It has taken GE’s boss, Jeffrey Immelt, 13 years to escape the legacy of his predecessor, Jack Welch, and to steer the industrial colossus in a new direction

3. Finding bargains will be tough after QE; The approach to asset management will have to change

4. Byron Wien on “New Industrial Revolution”; The Wall St. pro shares the latest views of a mentor who sees a new breed of innovators emerging.

5. France has signalled it is ready to sell some of the state’s €100bn corporate shareholdings in companies to help pay down debt and invest in areas such as energy and housing

6. Dodging bullets while investing in Africa; Investors chasing high returns are ready to overlook real danger, weak governance and poor infrastructure

7. Inside Monsanto, America’s Third-Most-Hated Company

8. Beware Investment’s Theory of Relativity

9. It’s time to bring GAAP into the 21st century

Asia Pacific

1. (Korea) – Campaign against ‘Gwanfia’ hits snag; President Park Geun-hye is showing firm resolve to root out the “Gwanfia,” or the practice of former high ranking officials taking top posts in the private sector

2. (Japan) – Squeaking By on Abenomics; Japan may survive-barely-the consumption-tax hike, but it won’t thrive without a bolder reform package

3. (HK) – Hong Kong financiers join in fight for democracy

4. Indonesia’s elite are rallying around former general and self-styled strongman Prabowo Subianto as he makes a final push to defeat Joko Widodo, the reformist Jakarta governor, in Wednesday’s presidential election

5. Indonesia’s Election Has Investors on Edge; Investors pumped $6 billion into Indonesia this year, hoping a maverick will become president

6. (Spore/Isia) – Singapore to Stop Issuing Bill Used in Indonesia Graft

7. (Thai) – Thai Central Bank Chief Says Independence Key to its Credibility; speculation over whether Thai junta would enlist the country’s central bank into their campaign to boost the economy quickly spread

8. Asian malls are kings of retail

9. (China) – China Trust ‘Timebomb’ Ticks as Credit Suisse Sees Rejig

10. (China) – China’s version of PayPal is mounting one of the biggest challenges to Chinese banks

11. (China) – Lady boss who runs the largest import and export company in Yongkang in eastern China’s Zhejiang province has been arrested in Uganda and escorted back to China

12. (China) – Look Elsewhere for Chinese Shoppers; Political Tensions Are Bad News for Hong Kong Retailers

13. (China) – Meet Decheng Mining: The Chinese Firm Which Rehypothecated Its Metal (At Least) Three Times

14. (China) – Piketty with Chinese Characteristics

15. (China) – Chinese Developers Offer Home-Buyback Guarantees As Komatsu Warns Construction Is Slumping

16. (China) – Tale of abuse and revenge behind fall of China “tiger”

17. Japan Tax Revenue at 6-Year High; Weaker Yen, Higher Shares Buoy Corporate Earnings, Capital Gains


1. 11 Characteristics Of Authentically Happy People; Happy people earn enough money to absorb unforeseen financial setbacks

2. A lesson from history – do not cling on to the past; Leaders must confront the world as it is, not as they know it

3. 7 Hard Lessons Everyone Needs To Learn About Success

4. Book Review: ‘Liberty’s Torch’ by Elizabeth Mitchell; It is a shame that a book about the Statue of Liberty tells you next to nothing about how it became the world’s most potent symbol of freedom

5. Book Review: ‘Elihu Yale’ by Diana Scarisbrick and Benjamin Zucker; Yale University bears the name of one of the world’s first super-managers, a child of the East India Co

6. How To Become A Visionary Leader (Without Really Trying)

7. Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO’s Quest for Meaning and Authenticity

8. New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell’s Famous ‘10,000 Hour Rule’

9. The Darkest Song From ‘The Lion King’ Was Based On A 1935 Nazi Propaganda Film

10. Lou Gehrig’s Famous Farewell Speech on July 4, 1939; “Iron Horse” Gehrig’s image endures, 75 years after ‘luckiest man’

11. What Made a Great Leader in 1776


1. (China/Tech) – After Rising to Dominance at Home, Alibaba Eyes E-Commerce Opportunities Abroad; E-commerce giant sees emerging markets like Russia and Southeast Asia as its next battleground

2. Xiaomi shakes off its emulators who have tried to copy the business model

3. Kroger’s E-Commerce Buy Puts Grocery Chain Up Against Google

4. Maker of ‘Moshi Monsters’ Tries Social Network for Children; Mind Candy Founder Michael Acton Smith Believes PopJam Can Capture Untapped Subscriber Base


1. (China/Healthcare) – A growing trend of coronary-stenting overuse has emerged in China, with an ever-growing number of stents implanted with a lack of regulations to control the abuse


1. Doritos Launches Bizarre ‘Roulette’ Edition Where Some Chips Are Insanely Hot

Investing Process

1. When To Sell A Stock? Lessons From The Greats



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