Morning Bamboo Insight: 13 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 13 Jul 2014


1. The UK and 50 years of public sector over-reach

2. African family businesses have significantly outperformed those in the Middle East and Asia when it comes to good corporate governance

3. Despite Exposure of Madoff Fraud, New Ponzi Schemes Emerge

Asia Pacific

1. (India) – Discovering India’s Hidden Gems

2. (China) – Three ways ordinary Chinese companies are driving innovation

3. (Spore) – What Makes An Asian Tiger? Singapore’s Unlikely Economic Success Lies In Its History

4. (China/Tech) – Youdao Bets Its 400M Free Dictionary Users Ready to Pay for Online Educational Products

5. (China/Tech) – 3 Types of Chinese Internet Companies May Find Opportunities in Overseas Market: Tools, Virtual Products and M-commerce companies

6. (China) – China ventures into SOE mixed-ownership reform; China relaxes asset restructuring rule for listed firms

7. (China) – Tesla entangled in familiar trademark troll problem in China

8. (China) – Red Nobility: Liu Xiaoxiao, youngest daughter of Liu Shaoqi

9. (China) – Mysterious Shanghai private firms makes Fortune Global 500; CEFC China Energy came in at No.349 with an operating income of US$33.6 billion

10. (China) – How wealthy Chinese smuggle their money overseas

11. (China) – Top Chinese Economists Debate Role of Gov’t in Economy

12. (China/Tech) – Is UnionPay Really Trying to Handle Payments with QR Codes? The central bank banned paying via quick-response codes, so why is a company closely linked to the PBOC getting involved?

13. (Asean) – Lavish Phnom Penh procession to enshrine former Cambodian king Sihanouk

14. (Japan) – Outside directors alone won’t help Japan’s corporate governance

15. (Japan/Tech) – RareJob Inc. hopes to attract as many as 10 million Japanese to its English classes; “We aim to become like a driving school, a place where every person becomes able to drive”

16. (China/Tech) – China’s hottest app inspired by devotion to Japanese manga

17. (Taiwan) – Taiwan is a bad place for entrepreneurs: NDC

18. (Korea/Tech) – Hyundai Heavy Industries, the nation’s largest shipbuilder, said it has developed a new welding method using robots to build offshore facilities|home|newslist2

19. (Korea) – Words of advice for the beleaguered financial industry in Korea

20. (China) – Trademark Headaches for Tesla in China

21. (Spore) – Bond fever grips Singapore’s rich


1. 6 Ways To Thrive In Chaos

2. Rooted In Recession: The Richest Families Whose Businesses Started During the Great Depression

3. The Forbes Quote Bible: Inspiring, Eye-Opening And Motivational Words For Success

4. Preparing to make big-ticket investment decisions; When the stakes couldn’t be higher, the quality of the decision making can make all the difference. Process improvements can help

5. How Simon Sinek’s TEDx success made him think deeply about trust; leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people

6. Happy 8th anniversary,! A throwback look at the early days

7. The Iron Auntie: Peng Gang was one of the first women to become a People’s Liberation Army general and was widely recognized as driving force in fighting corruption

8. Buyer of brandsExclusive, Cudo shares his 5 rules for a good acquisition

9. Treat ‘crisis manual’ like the Bible

10. If only the U.S. had stayed out of WWI; Did U.S. intervention in the latter stage of World War I end up in just prolonging the European slaughter?

11. Is the present FPA, which now has $30 billion under management, of the same vintage as it was in its uncompromising leader’s heyday?

12. How ‘Practical Pessimism’ Can Make You More Successful

13. 10 Scientific Breakthroughs That Could Help Us Cheat Death And Live Forever

14. What To Do If You Forget Someone’s Name Immediately After Meeting Them

15. Kicking Back With Rakuten’s Shin Hasegawa


1. Can A 50-Person Startup Threaten Oracle, IBM, And Microsoft? NuoDB sells a distributed database management system (DBMS) to companies that use SQL databases, operate their data centers in the cloud and want guarantees of great service

2. CYNK Technology shares suspended by SEC after 25,000% gain in recent days

3. Bill Gurley schools NYU professor: Uber will be 25x bigger than you think; Uber driver kidnaps rider, takes him on high speed case.

4. How did CYNK, a seemingly fake social network from Belize, become worth billions?

5. (China/Tech) – Youdao Bets Its 400M Free Dictionary Users Ready to Pay for Online Educational Products

6. (China/Tech) – 3 Types of Chinese Internet Companies May Find Opportunities in Overseas Market: Tools, Virtual Products and M-commerce companies

7. Satya Nadella’s Vision For A New Microsoft; “All strategy gets eaten by culture.”

8. Here’s Even More Evidence That Apple Plans To Use A Nearly Indestructible Sapphire Screen In The iPhone 6; The iPhone 6′s display could be durable enough to resist scratches even from a knife

9. Microsoft CEO Is Betting On A New Product You’ve Probably Never Heard Of: Delve


1. Meet The Fitness Band That Shocks You And Publicly Shames You Into Breaking Your Bad Habits


1. Italy’s home-appliance maker Indesit has reached an agreement to sell shares equal to 60.4 percent of its capital to American giant Whirlpool for $1.03bn


1. Geologists seek work – any work – as mining boom goes bust–any-work–as-mining-boom-goes-bust-20140711-zt3rn.html


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