Evening Bamboo Insight: 08/07/2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 08/07/2014


1. Inside One of the U.S.’s Biggest-Ever Investment-Fraud Stings; FBI’s Operation Pennypincher Targets Murky World of Penny Stocks, a Haven ‘Rife With Fraud’

2. Bond Anxiety in $1.6 Trillion Repo Market as Failures Soar

3. Blackrock: The $4.3 trillion force; Larry Fink has spent 26 years building BlackRock into the manager of the most assets on the planet. Now he’s finding that size (and power) can be a mixed blessing

4. Looking for short seller abuse

5. (Macro) – In Home Loans, Subprime Fades as a Dirty Word

Asia Pacific

1. (Japan/Consumer) – Calbee jumps on breakfast boom

2. (Japan) – Japan Pins Hopes on Floating Trains; Government Sees Magnetic-Levitation Rail System Spurring Country’s Technological Rebirth

3. (Korea) – Ex bureaucrats take up half of Dongbu’s outside board directors

4. (Korea) – 6 lessons Korea can teach the world

5. (Korea/Tech) – After beating Google in Korea, Naver’s billionaire Lee Hae-jin tries to take on Google abroad

6. (Korea) – Koreans slim down weddings amid economic woes, but social norms bite

7. More rice missing from storage or in poor condition in Thailand

8. (China/Tech) – China’s Alibaba And Tencent Gobbling Up Everything In Sight

9. (China/Tech) – Alibaba-Backed Kuaidi Challenges Uber in China With BMWs

10. (Korea/Tech) – Samsung Electronics faces falling profits as succession looms

11. (China) – U.S. companies feel a chill in China, even as many still rake in profits

12. (China) – Xi’s Anti-Corruption Campaign Signals Power Play for 2017

13. (China) – New Offices Reflect Growth of China’s Busy Anticorruption Agency

14. (China) – Chinese Tycoon Guo Copying Buffett Rises From Bread to Club Med

15. (China) – China’s top graft-buster says no off limits in probes

16. (China) – China takes on ‘rat traders’ in stock market insider trading probe


1. Fine Perfumes of the Animal World; We are by no means the only species trying to smell like anything but ourselves

2. Build on Your Strengths Instead of Focusing on Flaws

3. A nose for crime: counterfeit wines

4. How To Be Resilient: 8 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

5. To Lead, You Must Focus

6. The holes in holacracy: The latest big idea in management deserves some scepticism

7. Make Your Marketing Content Useful

8. In an inspiring rags to riches story, a Malaysian-born street vendor who once lived a life of poverty is now set to open a 15,000 square foot restaurant in Twitter’s headquarters at San Francisco’s Bay Area

9. How To Start In Value Investing (Children’s Edition)

10. Christopher Nassetta: The man who turned around Hilton; How the CEO saved one of private equity’s most expensive deals

11. How Resilient People Stand Back Up When Life Knocks Them Down

12. Look East For Management Innovation

13. Jay Gould: Flush with success as America’s toilet CEO

14. The secretive billionaire who built Silicon Valley


1. (Australia/Tech) – Wotif hits its use by date as big players dominate

2. The long tail weapon of your e-commerce store

3. G.M. OnStar Data Has Potential as Safety Tool

4. Google Co-Founders Talk Regulation, Innovation, And More In Fireside Chat With Vinod Khosla

5. How the music streaming battle is now pitting tech giants Apple, Google against upstarts

6. Is Silicon Valley Funding the Wrong Stuff?

7. (China/Tech) – China’s Alibaba And Tencent Gobbling Up Everything In Sight

8. BlaBlaCar: Sharing à la française; A French startup is the sharing economy’s newest star

9. A New Media Landscape in Sun Valley; Sun Valley Gathering Brings Together Cable, Content and Tech Bigwigs

10. Steve Jobs to Larry Page: ‘You guys are doing too much’; Larry Page to Apple: “It sounds stupid if you have this big company and you can only do, like, five things.”


1. How to fix a broken market in antibiotics


1. The dedicated followers of fast fashion: Spain’s most successful fashion retailer, Inditex/Zara, has two ambitious local rivals snapping at its heels

2. Japanese drink up RTD cocktails; Diageo Korea ramps up Icheon production for low-alcohol exports

3. In discounter war, will Aldi’s Coke rush fall flat?

4. Tupperware’s Party Goes World-Wide; Food-Storage Container Maker Derives 60% of Revenue From Emerging Markets; Indonesia leads the way



Chairman of everything: Xi Jinping consolidates his power, and officials are quaking in their boots

Chairman of everything: Xi Jinping consolidates his power, and officials are quaking in their boots

Jul 5th 2014 | BEIJING | From the print edition

CHINA’S president appears to have killed two eagles with one arrow in bringing down one of the nation’s highest-ranking military men. On June 30th General Xu Caihou was stripped of his Communist-Party membership and handed over to prosecutors on corruption charges. State media said he took money and other loot in exchange for arranging promotions. Until last year, General Xu was one of the two dozen most powerful men in the country.

His fall helps consolidate Xi Jinping’s control over the army and at the same time burnishes his credentials as an anti-corruption crusader. The party announced the expulsion of six more figures this week, including a former vice-minister, a former senior manager at a state-owned oil firm and a former head of a government watchdog. All of them were connected to Zhou Yongkang, until 2012 the head of state security and formerly one of China’s nine most powerful men. In a separate announcement, the party dismissed Wan Qingliang, a rising star who was party boss of Guangzhou, one of China’s largest cities.



Morning Bamboo Insight: 08/07/2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 08/07/2014


1. The tragedy of the Arabs: A civilisation that used to lead the world is in ruins-and only the locals can rebuild it

2. FT Investor roundtable: cautious outlook for second half of 2014

3. Best Sites for Quants; Online resources like Quantopian and Quantpedia let you share ideas and sharpen you trading skills.

4. Central banks ending era of clear promises, return to ‘artful’ policy

5. Heathrow makes money out of misery; London’s main airport is abusing its dominant position

6. IEX Pricing Aims to Drain ‘Dark Pools’

7. July 1914 crisis shows economic rebirth can be long and painful process; Without tackling underlying problems, the near collapse of the global economy can breed conditions for the next disaster

8. Israel’s conglomerates: Prosecutors and lawmakers get to grips with unpopular “tycoons”

9. Superfoods or superfrauds? Scientists are unimpressed

10. UK body seeks to improve standards in company culture; internal auditors need to go beyond a focus on controls and to undertake a “root-cause” analysis to identify cultural weaknesses in their company

Asia Pacific

1. (Isia) – Prabowo at loss, Jokowi in command; As rumors of Prabowo reunion with ex-wife and Soeharto’s daughter swirl, Jokowi rocks stadium

2. (China/Tech) – How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis

3. (China) – China’s steel plants grapple with excess inventory, debt

4. (China) – Tesla gears get the wrench in risky China market; China mulling open gate for new electric car industry investors

5. (China) – China’s underground e-waste processing outmatches legal plants

6. (China) – Property developers in China suffer disruption of funding

7. (Korea/Healthcare) – Drugmakers warn on South Korea pricing policy

8. Johor to tax developers for sea reclamation

9. (Msia) – Bigger, stronger community of entrepreneurs key for M’sia to become developed country

10. (Isia) – Indonesia’s tight, dirty presidential race may be decided in West Java

11. (Isia) – Behind Prabowo’s campaign to become Indonesia’s president, a questionable crew

12. (Spore) – Time for a stewardship code for Singapore; It is a useful instrument to help build a critical mass of institutional shareholders as responsible members of the corporate governance ecosystem

13. (Philippines) – The diversification, which dipped San Miguel’s hand into toll ways, petrochemicals and airline businesses, bolstered the company’s equity value 10 times to $30 billion from $3 billion seven years ago.

14. (Msia) – Malaysia eyes first rate hike in 3 years as consumer debt risk grows

15. (HK) – Hong Kong Law Under Threat; Arrests show the danger to independent police and judiciary.

16. (HK/China) – Mainland tourists less willing to spend in HK

17. (HK/China) – Beijing is threatening the future of its golden goose; If troops go to deal with Hong Kong protests it could get out of control, says Jonathan Fenby

18. (Japan) – In Japan, Idled Electronics Factories Find New Life in Farming; “Plants don’t complain. They’re so obedient and good.”


1. Tibetan genetics: The secret of Tibetans’ success lies with ancestors who were not quite human

2. Genetics and music: Practice may not make perfect; Musical ability is in the DNA

3. Inside Forbes: Investment Guide 2014 – Top 20 All Time Gurus  

4. The Science of Mental Time Travel: Memory and How Our Ability to Imagine the Future Made Us Human

5. How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Unblock the “Spiritual Electricity” of Creative Flow

6. In Search of Time: The History, Physics, and Philosophy of Time

7. The Declaration of Independence: The Words Heard Around the World; No American document has had a bigger global impact than the Declaration of Independence

8. 12 Steps To Turn Your Kids Into Tech Billionaires

9. FT interview with T. Boone Pickens, BP Capital; The former corporate raider has become a champion of natural gas


1. Spanish Wifi firm Gowex says results fake, heads to bankruptcy

2. (China/Tech) – How IBM is using big data to fix Beijing’s pollution crisis

3. U.S. Military Turns to Hollywood to Outfit the Soldier of the Future; Designer of ‘Iron Man’ Suit Among Those Working on High-Tech Gear for Elite Troops

4. Epic Presentation On The Future Of TV


1. (Korea/Healthcare) – Drugmakers warn on South Korea pricing policy


1. Death of the supermarket: Discounters, specialists and online options eat into market share across the developed world


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