Evening Bamboo Insight: 16 Jul 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 16 Jul 2014


1. A world without water: the cost to companies

2. Janet Yellen on the Everything Bubble

Asia Pacific

1. (China) – China Picks COFCO, SDIC for State Asset Investment Reform Trials

2. (China) – Free of graft and technically skilled: the qualities Xi seeks in new PLA generals

3. (China) – China and the cost of stimulus

4. (China) – The Implications of China’s Anti-Corruption Drive; The West should worry about a campaign that makes an autocratic regime with revisionist intent more effective

5. (China) – Beijing is ramping up its efforts to identify “naked officials” – those whose relatives have moved abroad

6. (China) – Fast, Cheap and In the Red: Beijing’s Subway System Bled $558 Million Last Year

7. (China) – China’s fight for cleaner air

8. (China) – In China, Beijing Fights Losing Battle to Rein In Factory Production; Some Chinese Localities Stymie Efforts to Curb Industrial Overcapacity and Pollution

9. (India) – Satyam Founder Ordered to Pay Back Alleged Accounting-Fraud Gains; Satyam Founder Ramalinga Raju, Former Executives Ordered to Pay More Than $300 Million From 2009 Scandal

10. (Isia) – Indonesians Question Election Quick Counts

11. (China) – China announces plan for reform of state-owned enterprises

12. (Msia) – Malaysian corporate credibility hangs in balance with bank merger; Strong disclosure and governance key to avoiding hypocrisy

13. (China) – China’s debt-to-GDP level: 200% and counting

14. (China) – Chinese property developers at risk as trust funds dry up

15. (Viet) – Rising bad debts may undermine Vietnam’s banks, says S&P

16. (China) – The biggest challenge for BRICS success? Big brother China

17. (Isia) – Postcolonialism and the Need for a ‘Mental Revolution’ in Indonesia

18. (Isia) – Indonesia’s Democracy Test

19. (India/Healthcare) – Medanta-The Medicity: World class health care, with a soul; Dr Naresh Trehan’s vision for his latest venture is to emulate the best-in-class health care facilities in the world

20. (India) – Sansera Engineering: Staying afloat in a volatile industry

21. (Japan/Tech) – Employing all-purpose robots endowed with artificial intelligence as a workforce in the manufacturing industry is the solution to staving off any impending labor shortage in Japan, SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son

22. (Australia/Consumer) – If physical retail is dying, someone forgot to tell Dick Smith CEO Nick Abboud


1. Confidence is shaped by failure

2. Failure is fine if entrepreneurs do not sweeten the truth

3. Great product design? It’s about empathy and delight

4. The Importance of Doing Nothing; By giving the brain ‘downtime’ we can improve mental health and allow ideas to incubate

5. Shedding Hierarchy: Could Zappos Be Setting An Innovative Trend?

6. Indonesia, Etc.: Exploring the Improbable Nation Hardcover

7. Bamboo flute musician Tosha borrows from the modern to teach traditional tranquility

8. Withnail & I actor Richard E Grant builds perfume empire; Richard E Grant, actor turned entrepreneur, talks trademark battles, marijuana high notes, being a ‘deluded amateur’ perfumier, and why he would never create a celebrity fragrance


1. Microsoft surpass Yahoo Inc for the first time in the $140.2 billion worldwide digital advertising market; Google Inc will remain No. 1 with a 31.54 percent share, trailed by Facebook Inc with 7.79%

2. (Tech) – Apple, IBM in Deal to Create Apps, Sell Phones; Tech Firms Plan to Create Business Apps and Sell iPhones, iPads to IBM’s Corporate Customers

3. (Tech) – Novartis and Google to Work on Smart Contact Lenses; Eyewear Will Monitor Blood-Sugar Levels for Diabetics

4. (Tech/Healthcare) – Big pharma teams up with big data; Google’s link with Novartis has beneficial implications for health

5. Rocket Internet’s Oliver Samwer responds to critics ahead of IPO

6. (Tech) – Google Glass creator sees future at Amazon

7. Yahoo’s long goodbye with Alibaba takes heat off Mayer

8. Controlling the Home, Google Style

9. (Korea/Tech/Consumer) – Samsung to join forces with Under Armour for wearables


1. Teva faces fresh shareholder showdown over management structure and corporate governance


1. America’s Smokers: Still 40 Million Strong; Who’s the Real Cigarette Monopolist? Lorillard and Reynolds American are pikers next to Uncle Sam

2. E-Cigarette Makers Are in an Arms Race for Exotic Vapor Flavors

Investing Process

1. Research – Pick Your Poison – Fragmentation or Market Power? An Analysis of Regnms, High Frequency Trading, and Securities Market Structure

2. Research – Attracting Long‐Term Investors Through Integrated Thinking and Reporting: A Clinical Study of a Biopharmaceutical Company


1. (Energy) – Energy: The indispensable country; The US shale revolution has averted the threat of a global oil crisis caused by growing levels of conflict and instability




Morning Bamboo Insight: 16 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 16 Jul 2014


1. Alarm bells went off as the Federal Reserve warned of a bubble in social media and biotech stocks

2. The Failure of Stock Buybacks

3. Do Buybacks Destroy Shareholder Value?

Asia Pacific

1. (Isia) – Indonesian Economy in Wait-and-See Mode

2. (Korea) – Samsung, Hyundai Motor’s clout in economy causes concern

3. (Korea) – South Korea recently enacted new disclosure rules for individual compensation of registered directors. Companies must now disclose individual compensation for registered directors when it exceeds 500 million won

4. (Korea) – Debt on river project snowballing; The former Lee Myung-bak administration pushed ahead with a controversial four-river refurbishment project costing a total of 22 trillion won without a national consensus

5. (China) – Zoomlion’s Old Excesses Still Leave Investor Indigestion

6. (Taiwan/Tech) – ChipMOS’s odd corporate structure: Under its two listings, the entity on the Nasdaq acts like a holding company that owns about 60% of the Taiwan entity’s shares


1. Yahoo Seeks to Bring the Concert to Your Couch

2. Hardware Is The New Software

3. BlackBerry Ltd tapping into ‘Internet of Things’ for more than just buzz

4. (Taiwan/Tech) – ChipMOS’s odd corporate structure: Under its two listings, the entity on the Nasdaq acts like a holding company that owns about 60% of the Taiwan entity’s shares

Investing Process

1. Introduction of Innovations during the 2007-8 Financial Crisis: The Role of Innovator Type


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