Morning Bamboo Insight: 17 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 17 Jul 2014


1. Insiders don’t break the law if they trade on a hunch, securities watchdog says

2. (Macro) – The declining quality of equity research

Asia Pacific

1. (Australia/Tech) – Webjet pivots to B2B to fight online travel disruption

2. (China) – Secret path for Chinese on property buying spree

3. (Australia/Consumer) – Discount grocer Aldi may soon be facing competition from cut-price European rivals if trends in the $88 billion Australian grocery market mirror those in the UK

4. (China) – Chris Patten: From Beethoven to Beijing–fidelio–has-to-tell-us-about-china-today

5. (China) – China knows it has a problem, but it just can’t kick the investment habit

6. (India) – India’s 75 million dairy farms now produce more milk than all of the European Union

7. (China/Tech) – Alibaba now wants to be the Netflix of China

8. (China/Tech) – Fridges in Villages as E-Commerce Goes Rural; The shopping websites run by and Alibaba are reaching out to rural China with special campaigns

9. (China) – With New Rules for PE Investing, CSRC Focuses on Transparency; Securities regulator wants private equity funds to provide more details about their investments, but secrecy allows them to make better deals

10. (China) – China machinery maker Zoomlion tightens customer credit as property market sags

11. (Korea/Tech) – Samsung In Talks To Scoop Up SmartThings For Around $200 Million

12. (Taiwan) – Taiwan Education Minister resigns amid fraud scandal

13. (Isia) – More irregularities reported in Indonesia’s vote counting where vote counts were inflated in favour of the Gerindra Party’s presidential candidate, Prabowo Subianto

14. (Taiwan) – Taipei City’s double-standard hospitality

15. (Japan) – Convenience stores in Japan turn to creative collaborations

16. (Korea) – S Korea’s tallest skyscraper opens in Songdo International Business District, Incheon


1. How to turn a small business into a bigger one

2. 10 tips for better slide decks

3. 10 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Failing Startups

4. Here’s How To Create A Life With The Perfect Amount Of Stress To Keep You Motivated But Not Kill You

5. 22 Lessons From Stephen King On How To Be A Great Writer

6. The 25 Best Universities In Europe

7. Master Distillers At Wild Turkey On The Recipe For Mixing Business With Family; It involves one part patience, two parts hard work, and a dash of love


1. Yahoo’s dependence on Alibaba is starting to get silly

2. (China/Tech) – 10 Startups You Can’t Miss in China’s Burgeoning Women-Focused Service Industry (Part I)

3. How to Miss By a Mile: An Alternative Look at Uber’s Potential Market Size Vs Uber Isn’t Worth $17 Billion

4. Investor At Google Ventures Thinks Uber Will Be A $200 Billion Company

5. Scientists Have Made A Material Darker Than Black

6. Here’s A Great Explanation Of The ‘Big Data’ Phenom In 8 Words: “big data” can capture things as they are happening and “can affect events as the events are unfolding.”

7. Silicon Valley is one step closer to being its own state. No, really


1. (Consumer) – Discount fashion chain Primark has made its mark in Europe by offering fast-changing fashion at rock-bottom prices. The secret of its success: placing huge orders for top-selling items like tops and jeans and passing on savings

2. 3 Reasons Dollar Stores Are A Huge Threat To Supermarkets

3. Lay’s Is About To Start Selling A Cappuccino-Flavored Potato Chip



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