Morning Bamboo Insight: 06/07/2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 06/07/2014


1. Largest Austrian Bank Crashes After “Revealing” 40% Surge In Bad Debt Provisions, Record Loss

2. Workers are cutting back on the stock of their own companies; Berkshire Hathaway and other firms are limiting workers from putting all their eggs in one basket

3. Do hedge funds deserve the fees? Mostly not, according to Bernard Sabrier, chairman of Unigestion, a Geneva-based fund management firm with US$15.5 billion of AUM

4. David Winters on Asia, the Consumer, and Coca-Cola

5. How this Michigan landfill is turning Canada’s nasty trash into treasure

Asia Pacific

1. (HK/China) – China’s Communist Party mouthpiece dismisses fears of erosion of HK autonomy

2. (Thai) – Thai junta compares its intervention to Myanmar’s 1988 crackdown

3. (China) – The “Miracle” Of China’s PMI Resurrection In 1 Uncomfortable Chart

4. (Isia) – Indonesia’s President Endorses Subianto as Next Leader; Yudhoyono Made Unusual Joint Appearance on Live TV to Deliver Endorsement

5. (Isia) – Indonesian presidential hopeful Joko Widodo plans to allow foreign investment in apartments to boost tax revenue, a move that could spur demand for property in the country’s luxury market

6. (Msia) – Datuk Lim Kuang Sia, who founded Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd some 35 years ago, isn’t a fan of how “glut” has been used to describe the rubber glove sector

7. Tan Sri Robert Tan Hua Choon, once dubbed the “the Casio King” for being the only distributor of the brand’s watches and calculators, just keeps unlocking the value of his companies

8. (Isia) – Ministry to crack down on nepotism in Indonesian state companies

9. (Asia) – Asia at ‘critical point’ due to splintering ties: Tommy Koh

10. (Philippines) – 90-Year-Old Senator Juan Ponce Enrile, one of the Philippines’ most powerful politicians, was arrested on Friday over a massive corruption scandal that has shocked the country

11. (China) – Admiral Zheng He is everywhere in China these days, even though he died almost 600 years ago. The government is promoting him to remind its people – and Asia – that China’s destiny is to be a great naval power.

12. (Isia) – As Indonesians Prepare to Vote, Analysts Consider Post-Election Conflicts

13. (Australia) – Aussie aquaculture industry hopes to cash in on world demand for fish

14. (HK) – Hong Kong: Change in the air; As Beijing seeks to ‘clarify’ the level of autonomy in the former British colony, a mood of rebellion is growing


1. Today’s Titans Can Learn From Fall of U.S. Steel; A once-powerful corporation has been dropped from the S&P 500-stock index, but the fact that it’s down may not mean that it’s out

2. Best Of Carol Loomis: 1966-2012

3. 5 Startup Lessons From America’s First Cofounders; The United States was built on an entrepreneurial spirit. Here’s how the country’s first leaders paved the way for modern-day entrepreneurs

4. ‘Yanks’: The Journey of a Word to Disrespect the Dutch

5. Imelda Marcos, the flamboyant wife of deposed Philippines dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, celebrated her 85th birthday with diamonds and ‘shoe’ cake

6. Nine HR Policies That Drive Good People Away


1. Smartphones allow do-it-yourself stress hormone tests

2. The Government Once Built Silicon Valley

3. Design locally, print globally: 3-D printing market set to skyrocket


1. A malfunction that spawns Frankenstein bugs; Overused drugs do not work, but unused drugs do not pay

Investing Process

1. What Philip Fisher avoided


1. U.S. overtakes Saudi Arabia, Russia to become world’s biggest oil producer: report


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