Morning Bamboo Insight: 31 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 31 Jul 2014

Asia Pacific

  1. (China) – China Probe of Ex-Security Chief Cracks Immunity for Elite Families; Takedown of Zhou Yongkang Sets Potential Precedent as It Goes After His Relatives

  1. (India/Japan) – Could India Be Japan Inc.’s Next Big Investment Target?

  1. (Japan) – Saving Abenomics; Abe has rolled out a tranche of corporate-governance reforms that give institutional investors greater sway over management. This marks a new transmission mechanism for spreading corporate earnings through the economy

  1. (China) – China’s Campaign Against Leftovers; To Beijing, declining marriages is not just a demographic concern -it’s a national crisis.

5. (Korea) – S. Korean ‘Choco Pie’ balloons launched into North

  1. (Msia) – Norwegian fund Norges allots RM800mil to invest in Malaysian small, mid-cap stocks

  1. (Philippines) – Who Believes Philippines Are Worth Fighting For?

  1. (Spore) – No-commission life insurance up ahead in Singapore

  1. (China) – Microsoft Aspirations in China Meets Perilous Climate prone to protectionism, unpredictable laws and unreliable suppliers.

10. (Spore) – S’pore’s savvy tax strategy keeps economy vibrant; This sets it apart from other jurisdictions regularly identified as tax havens


  1. Tony Fernandes on driving ASEAN entrepreneurship

  1. The best performers do orders of magnitude better than the average, but how do you get them to work for your company?

  1. Entrepreneurs are misunderstood; Unless we appreciate the value they create we can’t appreciate their contribution to society

  1. The secret to Warren Buffett’s success: Charlie Munger; Munger is known for running a tight ship and training his executives on the “why” principle. This why-led strategy is responsible for the famous resurgence of Apple

  1. Dilmah’s founder Merrill Fernando’s idea to produce and sell single-origin pure Ceylon tea helped to stop the trend towards the commoditisation of tea


  1. Amazon Ups the Ante in India With $2 Billion Investment; Amazon Ups the Ante in India With $2 Billion Investment

2. (China/Tech) – Alibaba in Talks to Invest in Snapchat; New Round of Financing Could Value the Messaging App at $10 Billion

  1. (China/Tech) – Alibaba Entertains Chinese Willingness to Pay; Chinese Consumers Aren’t Accustomed to Paying for Home Entertainment

  1. (China/Korea/Tech) – Is Huawei Eating Samsung’s Lunch?

  1. Tech Companies’ Secret Weapon: Animal Logos


  1. In New Zealand, All Eyes on Milk Prices; Dairy forms the backbone of the New Zealand economy, representing around 25% of exports

  1. As Sales Flag Abroad, Coke Refocuses on Home Turf; Old Playbook May Not Work When Americans Are Rethinking Soda Consumption


  1. World Ebola fears grow, with Europe and Asia on alert

  1. Drug-resistant malaria spreading fast in Southeast Asia

Investing Process

  1. East Coast Asset Management Q2 Letter – Horse in Motion

  1. Research – Opting Out of Good Governance

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