Evening Bamboo Insight: 24 Jul 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 24 Jul 2014


1. How Dashboards Can Help CFOs Manage Risk; Dashboards, listening posts and other risk-sensing tools can help finance chiefs grasp how stakeholders perceive the strategic risks their companies assume

2. Why the Wolf of Wall Street’s ‘Sucker List’ Won’t Be Released to ‘Inside Edition’; Financial criminals go to great lengths to hunt down and size up their prey, but to the con man, nothing can top the “sucker list” of people

3. Calpers Pulls Back From Hedge Funds; California Pension Fund to Cut Investments by 40%

4. The Lingering, Hidden Costs of the Bank Bailout; Why is growth so anemic? New economic activity has been discouraged. Here are some ways to change that

5. The U.S. airline industry’s newfound health is breeding something not seen in years: a flock of startups. All share an optimism that they can defy the odds in an industry that has seen 77 bankruptcies in the 20 years

6. North Korea’s business guides; Pyongyang is enlisting tutors in the techniques of modern management

7. The spin-offs that followed Air Canada’s bankruptcy; Strategy created value but stripped airline of an economic engine

8. Bricks come loose from StanChart tower amid whispering campaign; Investors and insiders point to bank struggling to adapt

9. Pepsi to Nescafe Boycotted by Mumbai Muslims for Being ‘Israeli’; “For us, Coke and Pepsi is human blood. They are financing the war against Palestine.”

Asia Pacific

1. (China) – Young workers dying in their sleep in ‘world’s factory’ in Dongguan, China

2. (China) – ‘Family corruption a new trend in Guangzhou’

3. (China) – As credit dries up, troubled Chinese steel makers lose lifeline

4. (China) – McDonald’s CEO: ‘deceived’ by audit of China meat plant

5. (China) – Homeowners abandon properties as prices plunge in Wenzhou

6. Long-derided Docklands acknowledged as economic powerhouse; For more than a decade Melbourne has derided Docklands as a failed planning experiment

7. (Australia) – Aussie supermarket giant Woolworths has been forced to stop using the word ”banking” in the marketing of its financial services after it fell foul of regulators

8. (China) – China Seals Off Yumen City After Outbreak Of Bubonic Plague

9. (Myanmar) – Has the ‘Frontier’ Economy’s Time Finally Arrived?

10. (Vietnam) – Starbucks seeks to expand in cafe-clogged Vietnam

11. (China) – Beijing’s Real Anticorruption Goal; Xi Jinping can’t eradicate graft, but he can try to avoid an uproar over SOE reform

12. (India) – India to Use ETFs to Sell State Shares Again

13. (India/Macro) – Revealed: The India-Israel Axis; A burgeoning strategic partnership with Israel matters more to India than reflexive solidarity with the Palestinian cause

14. (India) – Western anti-capitalists take too much for granted: India’s ‘untouchables’ are being emancipated by economic growth

15. (China) – Why China’s hunt for tigers and flies is bound to fail

16. (Isia) – Teatime with an Indonesian sultan: After decades of slumber, local sultanates and kingdoms are being kissed back to life by political decentralization

17. China’s second-half rally becomes an annual event

18. (HK) – Swatch warns over uncertain Hong Kong outlook

19. (Isia) – Prabowo Calls on World Leaders to ‘Withhold Congratulatory Statements’ to Jokowi

20. (Isia) – Jokowi Promises to Make Life Easier for Investors; Jokowi’s humble “I’m just like the rest of you” style has made him the country’s most popular politician and it is an image he is careful not to lose


1. Tips on Crafting a Popular Newsletter, from Top Newsletter Authors

2. No One Should Have to Choose Between Caregiving and Work

3. How Google’s Larry Page became a responsible entrepreneur; Four early influences helped shape the Google CEO’s world view and turn him into a change agent

4. Dogs do experience jealousy, according to a new study. And their motivations might teach us about our own

5. PBS Interview with Peter Lynch; Lynch ran Fidelity’s Magellan Fund for thirteen years (1977-1990). In that period, Magellan was up over 2700%. He retired in 1990 at the age of 46

6. MagicJack Founder Dies Of Sudden Heart Attack

7. Zoo makes wild fashion statement with lion-ripped jeans

8. Behind every great entrepreneur is an even greater PA

9. The Most Powerful F Word In Leadership


1. It’s not TV that Rupert Murdoch wants: It’s HBO

2. It’s Time to Split Up Microsoft

3. It’s Worth What!? Pressure-testing Companies with Sky-high Valuations

4. Will Consumers Be Sold on an eBay-Sotheby’s Collaboration?

5. (Tech/China) – Qualcomm struggles to collect royalties in China

6. (Asia/Tech) – Apple iPhone Rollout Boosts Asia’s Component Makers; Apple Suppliers in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea Raise Forecasts Ahead of Expected New iPhone Launch

7. (Healthcare/Tech) – Surgical Robot Fails to Show Advantages in Treating Bladder Cancer; Study Compares Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Device to Traditional Surgery

8. (Media/Tech) – Murdoch’s bid for Time Warner threatens the golden age of television; The fact that once-dominant cable companies face new online and digital competition is good

9. (Japan/Tech) – Sega vs Nintendo: a review of Console Wars by Blake J Harris; A 1990s battle that could offer lessons for today’s smartphone makers

10. Content marketing: turn website visits into sales through the medium of video


1. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett’s favorite book: Business Adventures 12 Tales from the World of Wall St (Full Book)


1. Volatile Brew: Price-Matching and Social Media; A Dollar General Discount Spurs Backlash at Wal-Mart and Target


1. (Healthcare/Tech) – Surgical Robot Fails to Show Advantages in Treating Bladder Cancer; Study Compares Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci Device to Traditional Surgery

2. Hepatitis C Pill Rockets Gilead Into Big Leagues; Biotech’s Promising Treatment Continues Its Historic Drug Launch

Investing Process

1. Importance of ROIC: Compounders and Cheap Stocks

2. How Companies in Emerging Markets Are Winning at Home

3. Long-term returns boosted by illiquidity: The less liquid a stock, the better it will perform over time

4. The Evolution of Value Investing: Past, Present and Beyond


1. Oil traders hearing contango music again. Not loud yet


Morning Bamboo Insight: 24 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 24 Jul 2014


1. Countries can thrive without creating tech billionaires

2. Middle age catches up with StanChart

3. Seeking to ease threats, SEC is poised to end $1 a share for some riskier money-market funds

Asia Pacific

1. (Korea) – Depressed Koreans, encouraged by the increasingly stifling atmosphere of Korean society, in which competition is intensifying, the crime rate is rising and the traditional family structure is collapsing

2. (Isia) – Jokowi: From bamboo shack to the presidential palace

3. (Korea) – Samsung’s First Family Struggles to Keep Grip on Company; “It was the cross shareholding structure that made it all possible for Chairman Lee and his family to control Samsung with a tiny stake,”

4. (Korea) – South Korea Invites Foreigners to “Imagine Your Korea”, the spearhead for the country’s attempts to bring in 20 million tourists to the country – almost double the 12 million foreign visitors came in 2013

5. (China) – Luxury-Car Makers Attract Scrutiny in China; Economic-Planning Agency Speaks With Manufacturers About Consumer Complaints

6. (Isia) – Living Dangerously in Indonesia; An election dispute risks becoming an assault on democracy

7. (Msia) – Vun, 6 others charged with rigging in Malaysia’s DVM Tech shares

8. (Japan) – Japan’s convenience store giants leave smaller rivals in dust

9. (India/Healthcare) – Strand Life Sciences: Bringing Genetic Tests To The Average Customer

10. (India/Tech/Healthcare) – CitiusTech: Pioneers Of Health care Analytics

11. Hong Kong-Shanghai equities ‘through-train’ on track

12. (Japan/Tech) – Wacom Launches Bamboo Paper On Android, Windows 8 And Kindle Fire

13. (Isia) – A Child of the Slum Rises as President of Indonesia

14. (Japan) – Japan readies fuel cell subsidies in bet on Toyota’s next big thing

15. (Isia) – Prabowo’s intransigence leads to self-humiliation

16. (Korea) – High-income earners with post-secondary education degrees in South Korea feel less obligated to support their parents, a study conducted by Yonsei University found

17. (Thai) – Thailand mulls end of free medical services for most 49 million Thais


1. “Authenticity Is As Rare As A Unicorn In Today’s Politically-Motivated Markets”

2. The Top 100 Financial History Books As Voted By The Museum Of Finance

3. Tuning In: Improving Your Listening Skills; How to Get the Most Out of a Conversation

4. Expressing Your Vulnerability Makes You Stronger

5. No-Excuse Leadership Lessons from a Marines Captain

6. Intent is important to bring about change

7. When the time comes to fire the founder; As a company grows, its very success often exposes the founder’s lack of managerial skills

8. SEEK’s Andrew Bassat takes aim at ‘gutless’ CEOs

9. Why Chasing ‘Extrinsic Goals’ Can Wreck Your Happiness





1. As Cereal Slips, a New Battle Over Breakfast Dollars; Kellogg Gets Squeezed by McDonald’s, Taco Bell as Tastes Shift to High-Protein Foods

2. Craving fresh over fake: How the growing trend is making waves in packaged foods


  1. (India/Healthcare) – Strand Life Sciences: Bringing Genetic Tests To The Average Customer

2. (India/Tech/Healthcare) – CitiusTech: Pioneers Of Health care Analytics

3. A Dearth in Innovation for Key Drugs

4. Apps have wide role in disease management

5. Mojang: smash-hit ‘Minecraft’ maker; The Swedish start-up behind the low-tech graphics game

6. Amazon is building the retail world’s most unbreachable “moat”-and it’s called Prime

Investing Process

1. The Fine Art Of Picking Hidden Gems in India

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