Evening Bamboo Insight: 9 Jul 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 9 Jul 2014


1. Swiss banks threaten freeze on US accounts over tax evasion


2. Brazil’s footballing brilliance can also be a curse; Schools and hospitals often seem to have played second fiddle to stadiums


3. Allianz has done well out of Bill Gross’s Pimco but after 15 years should consider spinning it off


4. Short selling drops to lowest level since Lehman


5. Britain’s £200m buy-to-let king: ‘Time to sell’; Fergus and Judith Wilson, the Kent landlords with almost 1,000 properties, are selling up for an estimated £200m


6. What Enabled Bretton Woods?


Asia Pacific

1. (China) – Citic launches lawsuit in Chinese metals probe


2. (Korea/Tech) – Samsung hits smartphone growth plateau


3. (China/Spore) – Temasek dented by China shadow banking woes


4. (Spore) – Singapore Detects Rise in Money Laundering


5. (China) – The world’s largest gambling hub may be the next center for anti-Beijing protests


6. Virtual network operators in China struggle to survive as carriers in the country do not give them the same discounts they give to individual customers


7. (China/Energy) – Private Services Firms at CNPC Oilfield Suffer amid Anti-Graft Campaign


8. (HK) – The Kwok family matriarch apologized to Sun Hung Kai Properties directors and staff in a May 2008 e-mail for the behavior and “hurtful allegations” by her eldest son, former chairman Walter Kwok Ping-sheung


9. (Australia) – From mining boom to dining boom: how Aussie producers are fighting for food sales in Asia


10. (Australia/Tech) – Wot might have been: Graeme Wood reflects as wotif.com to sell for less than half 2010 price


11. (Korea) – Like the phoenix, Dongbu keeps rising from its ashes


12. (Korea) – Korea’s Haitai has moved a step closer to becoming a global player in the premium ice cream market by acquiring Palazzo del Freddo, the world’s oldest gelato company based in Rome


13. (Korea) – Private steelmaker Dongkuk celebrates 60th anniversary


14. (India) – India to seek foreign investors for crumbling railways



1. Shelly Kagan on the Future of Death When We Can Live Decades Longer; The Yale Professor Ponders Living to 160: Will a Second Brain Have the Memories of the First?


2. Clare Hasler-Lewis on the Future of Agriculture; New Technology, Water Recycling and Other Advances Should Reduce Our Farms’ Thirst


3. For Taylor Swift, the Future of Music Is a Love Story; The Singer-Songwriter Says Artists and Fans Will Still Form Deep Bonds, but They Will Do It in New Ways


4. Carter Cleveland Says Art in the Future Will Be for Everyone; The Artsy Founder Writes That the Internet Holds the Promise of a World Where Art Is as Ubiquitous as Music Is Today; Agnes Gund on the Future of Art: Why It Will Reach More People



5. Richard Clarke on the Future of Privacy: Only the Rich Will Have It; The Cybersecurity Expert Sees a Future in Which Data About Every Aspect of Our Lives Is Collected and Analyzed


6. Ajay Banga Says the Future of Money Will Drive Equality; The MasterCard CEO Says Payment Systems Will Open Up Access to the Financial System for Billions of People


7. Tyra Banks Says Beauty in the Future Will Mean Looking Different; Plastic Surgery and Other Aids Will Be Widely Available, Putting a Premium on Distinct Looks


8. Matt Mullenweg on the Future of Managers: Trust.and Verify; The Automattic CEO says Bosses Need to Focus on What Their Employees Do to Drive Value


9. James Dyson on the Future of Cleaning: Robots to the Rescue; Robots Eventually Will Take Over All Household Chores, Including Cleaning, Says the Dyson Ltd. Founder


10. Bert Vogelstein on the Future of Biology: Understanding the Brain; To Unlock the Human Brain’s Secrets, the Efforts of People From Many Fields Will Be Required


11. Gen. Martin Dempsey on the Future of National Security; The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on the Need for Speed in Decision Making


12. ‘Trust me, I am a financial adviser’ is not good enough; The management of conflict of interest is a slippery slope, and one that Madoff would slide off


13. A science lesson that can explain Sir Luke Johnson’s rise; What we learn as children in the classroom can play an unexpected role in adult life


14. A classic way to give public speakers rhythm


15. 4 Ways Leaders Can Create a Candid Culture


16. Writing tips from the CIA’s ruthless style manual


17. From the pits to the top: Loew’s fight to prove he is a winner


18. From New York heroin dealer to Afghanistan’s biggest oil man



1. Illah Nourbakhsh on the Future of Robotics; The Carnegie Mellon Professor Says Robots Will Fuse the Physical and Digital Worlds Into One


2. Mark Zuckerberg on a Future Where the Internet Is Available to All; The Facebook Chief Writes That Connecting Everyone on the Planet to the Web Can Create Opportunity and Reduce Poverty


3. Christopher Nolan: Films of the Future Will Still Draw People to Theaters; When Movies Can Look or Sound Like Anything, Says the ‘Dark Knight’ Director, Extraordinary Work Will Emerge


4. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai on the Future of Email: It Gets Better; Email’s Inventor Says Future Systems Will Have Artificial Intelligence to Help You Manage the Flood; Tony Fadell on the Home of the Future


5. From Paris’s Left Bank, tiny Qwant tries to take on Google


6. As Britons embrace digital banking, more branches face the chop



1. Mark McClellan Says Drugs of the Future Will Be Targeted Treatments; The Former FDA Head Sees More Pharmaceuticals That Really Work-and Higher Prices Initially


2. Francis Collins Says Medicine in the Future Will Be Tailored to Your Genes; The Director of the National Institutes of Health Says Cheaper DNA Sequencing Will Make Personalized Care Routine


3. Simple test for Alzheimer’s draws closer



1. Carrefour’s India exit has little to do with the government’s reservations on retail


2. Retailers swallow online food cost to lock in shoppers


Investing Process

1. Wealth Wizards: Top 20 Indian Investors Share Their Philosophy



Human evolution: Shaped by water; A new theory that is convincing

Human evolution: Shaped by water; A new theory that is convincing

Jul 5th 2014 | From the print edition

The Improbable Primate: How Water Shaped Human Evolution. By Clive Finlayson.Oxford University Press; 202 pages; $27.95 and £16.99. Buy from Amazon.com,Amazon.co.uk

ACCORDING to the standard treatment in evolutionary biology, about 1.8m years ago man’s brain became larger, his gut became smaller and he started walking upright. No ape had done that before. It was an important milestone in the story of human evolution.

The ancestor in question, Homo erectus, could use simple tools and hunt. His diet was more meat-based than plant-based. Meat has more calories than food derived from plants. Humans had transformed themselves from tree-climbing apes that needed to spend a lot of time searching for food to upright, meat-consuming hunters that could roam large distances. So successful was this transformation, evolutionarily speaking, that in due course the descendants ofHomo erectus, modern-day Homo sapiens, had no problems colonising the far reaches of the globe.

Read more at http://www.economist.com.libproxy.smu.edu.sg/news/books-and-arts/21606253-new-theory-convincing-shaped-water

Morning Bamboo Insight: 09 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 09 Jul 2014


1. Banks Face Added Capital Requirements; Basel Committee May Reduce Lenders’ Latitude on Weighing Risk, including potentially ending the long-standing treatment of all government bonds as automatically risk-free


2. From 1889 to 2014, Political Parallels Abound; Hope in History? Past Is Prologue in Problems and Progress


3. Ambition, investor greed fuel rise and fall of Dubai’s Arabtec


4. Investors Are Buying Troubled Golf Courses and Giving Them Makeovers


5. Welcome to the Everything Boom, or Maybe the Everything Bubble; Around the world, nearly every asset class is expensive by historical standards


6. 125 Years of Change in the U.S. Economy-and the Dow; How the Business World Has Been Transformed, From the Democratization of Capital to the Rise and Fall of Labor


7. Banks’ Judgment Leaves Investors with Alternative Risk; Newfangled capital is being used most by banks that rely more on making judgments about the riskiness of their assets. That leaves equity investors expos


Asia Pacific

1. (China) – Crony Capitalism Comes To China – Ex Central Bank Chief’s Son-In-Law In Insider-Trading Scandal


2. (China) – “This Could Be The Last Straw” 90% Of China Loan Guarantors Bankrupt


3. (Isia) – As Indonesia Vote Nears, a Trip to Mecca; In Race’s 11th Hour, Candidate Shores Up Muslim Credentials After Rival Gets Hard-Liner Backing


4. (China/Tech) – Alibaba Founder’s Recent Deals Raise Flags; Some Investments by Jack Ma, Partners Were Made on Behalf of Alibaba or Funded by Loan From the Company


5. (Korea/Tech) – Foreign Investors Put Pressure on Samsung; As Tech Giant’s Cash Pile Grows, Company Executives Are Urged to Raise in Dividends, Restart Buybacks


6. (HK) – Flying Wolves and Rejected Bills: Hong Kong’s Most Hostile Legislature Ever


7. (China) – ‘Transformers’ Soon to Become China’s Highest-Grossing Film of All Time


8. (Isia) -Indonesia: The Governor vs. the General; The candidates’ nearly equal polls suggest voters want both a less elitist and more assertive Indonesia


9. (Isia) – Indonesia’s Choice on Democracy; Will the next president be a defender of liberal values or an aspiring strongman?


10. (Thai) – Thai junta pushing renovation unseen for decades


11. (Msia) – Malaysia’s Penang MLM company of 26-year-old Chinese ‘millionaire’ under investigation since February



12. (Isia) – Indonesian presidential hopeful prays Mecca trip will win votes; Megawati works backstage as Jokowi takes the spotlight



13. (Japan) – Hope for Abe’s ‘virtuous cycle’ as Japan Inc spends on technology


14. (China) – Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei, said the United States doesn’t want to see a stronger China during his first ever interview with Chinese media in June


15. (China) – China’s State Media Goes Into Overdrive Over the Marco Polo Incident


16. (China) – China Local Funding Unit Got Funds Illegally, Beijing News Says


17. (China) – Behind the Propaganda Wars-4 / China wages $8.7 billion global media campaign


18. (China/Tech) – County-level E-commerce: Next Driver of China’s Online Shopping


19. (India) – Investors Budgeting for India Blockbuster; Modi’s first budget as prime minister is a signal event for India investors. There’s ample room for disappointment


20. (Korea/Tech) – Samsung Sings Smartphone Blues; The cash returns are likely to come as buybacks rather than dividends, as that would help the Lee family keep hold over the company ahead of a massive restructuring of the broad Samsung conglomerate



1. Scientists Identify Largest Flying Bird; The Sea Bird Likely Flew 25 Million Years Ago and Was Twice the Size of a Modern Albatross


2. Build a family empire; How do you take a family business and turn it into something special?


3. The Creative Climate: Creative tension between people and within individuals is fundamental to social evolution; Albert Einstein put it, “You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.”


4. A new Quinnipiac poll finds that a plurality rated Barack Obama the worst president in the past 70 years — worse even than Richard Nixon, who resigned in scandal


5. Starting a Corporate Information Business? Consider These Six Tips


6. Free People, Free Markets: The lessons from 125 years show how to revive American prosperity


7. The Case for Crony Capitalism?


8. Billy Beane on the Future of Sports: A Tech-Driven Revolution; The A’s General Manager Says New Systems Will Transform How We Play-and Watch-Sports


9. Rosabeth Moss Kanter on How Corporations of the Future Will Behave; The Harvard Business School Professor Says Companies Will Converge on a Few Universal Standards and Norms


10. John Bogle on the Future of Investing: The Rise of the Shareholders; Vanguard’s Founder Sees Investors Demanding a Smaller, Simpler Financial System


11. G. Scott Hubbard on the Future of Space Exploration; The Former NASA Official Says to Get Ready for Bioengineering, Teleportation and a New Home on Mars


12. Kasim Reed on the Future of Cities as Global Leaders; As National Governments Struggle, the Atlanta Mayor Says, Cities Will Increasingly Be the Place Where Problems Get Solved


13. Bill Ford on the Future of Transportation: We Can’t Simply Sell More Cars; Ford’s Chairman Says We Must Rethink How We Make Vehicles-and How We Use Them


14. Margaret Spellings on the Future of Education; The Former Education Secretary Predicts Schools Will Evolve Into a Student-Driven System With No Grade Levels



1. Uber Launches War Against Yellow Cabs, Cuts New York Fares By 20% As Ali-Baba Launches Chinese Uber Competitor


2. Fireside chat with Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin


3. Tim Cook’s Recasting of Apple Is in Full Bloom; CEO Pushes Executives to Be More Collaborative, Broaden Its Legendary Laser Focus


4. Critics Fault Court’s Grip on Appeals for Patents; More than 30 years ago, Congress granted a single court the power to hear nearly all the nation’s patent appeals


5. JPMorgan, Danske among Funds Exposed to Gowex Accounting Fraud


6. 3D printing confronts the everyday world: Fixing broken appliances is no longer a case of forking out for expensive labour and parts, if you have a 3D printer


7. How An E-Commerce Startup Is Reinventing the Wedding Registry


8. Sarah Susanka Says the Home of the Future Will Be a Portal; The ‘Not So Big’ Author Says Tomorrow’s House Will Be a Place for Accessing the World Around Us


9. Roy Price on the Future of Television: How TV Networks Will Evolve; The Director of Amazon Studios Says the Flow of Network Content May Be Customized for Individuals



1. Wal-Mart Looks to Grow by Embracing Smaller Stores; Retailer Tries New Business Models as Its Superstores Fall Out of Favor


2. Crumbs Bake Shop Closing Its Doors; Cupcake Chain Throws in the Towel, a Week After Nasdaq Suspension, Which Triggered Default



1. North Dakota Fracking: Behind the Oil-Train Explosions; Volatile Gases Aren’t Removed From Bakken Shale Crude; ‘The Regulations Are Silent’


2. Daniel Yergin on the Future of Energy: Big Gains for Coal and Natural Gas; The Energy Expert Says Change Comes Slowly to the Industry


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