Morning Bamboo Insight: 18 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 18 Jul 2014


1. Putin Cornered as Malaysia Jet Crash Shows Isolation on Ukraine

Asia Pacific

1. (China/Tech) – China’s takes aim at Alibaba with Paipai relaunch

2. (India/Healthcare) – Innovation and the Three “P’s”: A 360-degree View of Indian Health Care

3. (China) – China’s anti-graft chief vowed on Wednesday to maintain a “high-voltage” crack down on corruption and resolutely contain the spread of corruption

4. (China) – Undermining China, One Knockout at a Time

5. (China) – Note to Cadres: Hands Off the Black Audi and Chauffeur

6. (Thai/China) – In Thailand, baby gender selection loophole draws China, HK women to IVF clinics


1. Leadership Lessons From A War Zone; U.S. Air Force Brigadier General John Michel knows about leadership in challenging environments

2. Bill George: Authentic Leadership and Letting Your Strengths ‘Bloom’


1. (China/Tech) – China’s takes aim at Alibaba with Paipai relaunch

2. Kicking the Tires on Uber’s $17 Billion Valuation: Is It Worth That Much?

3. In Modern Media Realm, Big Mergers Are a Bulwark Against Rivals


1. Gene therapy creates ‘biological pacemaker’ cells for the heart


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