Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 27 Jan (Tues) – Munger: Art of Stock Picking; The Secret Sauce of Corporate Leadership: Splitting the CEO and chairman jobs is beside the point. What’s needed is a skeptical No. 2.


  • The Secret Sauce of Corporate Leadership: Splitting the CEO and chairman jobs is beside the point. What’s needed is a skeptical No. 2.: WSJ
  • What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?: HBR
  • Is Your Brand Telling Meaningful Stories? Forbes
  • When to Sell with Facts and Figures, and When to Appeal to Emotions: HBR
  • Former executive shares the secrets to how Disney runs its empire: FastCo


  • The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations Into Breakthroughs: Amazon
  • The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success : Amazon
  • Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work . . . and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging: Amazon

Investing Process

  • Munger: Art of Stock Picking: G&D
  • Small can be beautiful but quality is key; Avoid the urge to punt the riskiest small-cap stocks: FT

Greater China

  • China’s financing curbs raise credit crunch fears: SCMP
  • China Property Agony Deepens as Trust-Loan Lifelines Cut: Bloomberg
  • China Private Bond Faces Stress as LGFV Says No Pledge: Bloomberg
  • ICYMI, China’s credit buildup was pretty damn fast: FT
  • Death Threats and Dawn Raids: Welcome to China’s Anti-Graft Drive: Bloomberg
  • What’s behind Li Ka-shing’s corporate restructuring?: WCT
  • Dagong’s internet finance blacklist stirs up the industry: WCT
  • Overseas Hopes Lift China Manufacturing Family Into Billionaire Ranks: Forbes
  • Chinese tycoon sues local governments for late payment; Action over contracts highlights risks to financial system: FT
  • Shanghai first major Chinese region to ditch GDP growth target: FT
  • China Yuanbang Declines After Chairman Held in Custody Quits: Bloomberg
  • China’s Reform Stalemate: PS
  • China’s Twisted Logic: The People’s Bank of China has taken a different, if not bizarre, view of how global trade and currency markets work amid Europe’s €1 trillion stimulus. Barron’s
  • China’s Other E-Commerce Giant Follows Its Own Path: NYT
  • Foreign Law Firms Face Pressure in China; Lawyers Compete Not Only With Each Other, but Also 19,000 Chinese Firms: WSJ
  • What’s behind Li Ka-shing’s corporate restructuring?: WCT
  • Dagong’s internet finance blacklist stirs up the industry: WCT
  • Overseas Hopes Lift China Manufacturing Family Into Billionaire Ranks: Forbes
  •  China’s financing curbs raise credit crunch fears: SCMP


  • India: The next superpower?: Fortune

Japan & Korea

  • Japanese carmakers risk ceding self-driving car market to rivals: FT
  • Starting South Korea’s New Growth Engines: PS
  • Samsung Blind Faith Makes Cheil Expensive Revamp Bet: Bloomberg


  • Thai Junta Unloading Mountain of Rice Amid World Surplus: Bloomberg
  • The Financial Services Authority (OJK) plans to set a minimum capital requirement for entities to control their financial groups, ensuring sustainability amid risks faced by their subsidiaries. JP
  • Rising Vacancies and Default Auctions Show Singapore Property Is on the Decline: Bloomberg


  • Owners of Negative-Yield Sovereign Debt Say They’re No Fools: Bloomberg
  • For New Revenue-Recognition Rules, It’s Ready vs. Not: WSJ
  • Asia’s Richest Man Has Seen the Future and It’s in Europe: Bloomberg
  • Crispin Odey Sees Global Slowdown That Will ‘Devastate’ Equities: Bloomberg
  • Will Reverse Factoring Cause the Next Financial Bubble? Reverse factoring can raise the risk profile of supply chains to dangerous levels, and could even cause a systematic financial failure. CFO
  • For Vanguard, these are the best of times: Vanguard Group surpassed State Street Global Advisors as the second-largest ETF provider, a new milestone following a year that was filled with them: IN
  • Tricky Ratio of Chief Executive’s Pay To Workers’: NYT
  • George Soros may be in a car race with Warren Buffett: Fortune
  • Asia’s Life Agents Sing to Sell Insurance; Anthems Help to Psych Up Staff in Competitive Market: WSJ
  • Too big to innovate: Get excited for the coming disruption of banks: WaPo
  • The new 70s show: Australian dollar in the doldrums : TheAge


  • Tech Giants Invest in New Dreams of Grandeur: NYT
  • How The Founders Of TransferWise Came Up With The Idea For Their Billion-Dollar Company; Why TransferWise’s $1 Billion Valuation Will Terrify The Banks: BI


  • The Operation Before the Operation; Three-dimensional printing allows surgeons to foresee issues, not stumble into them. NYT

Consumer & Others

  • Carlsberg may soon be serving beer in cardboard bottles: Quartz
  • Here’s why Mattel ousted its CEO Bryan Stockton: Fortune

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