Evening Bamboo Insight: 10 Jul 2014

Evening Bamboo Insight: 10 Jul 2014


1. Carlos Slim bows to Mexico telecoms reform; offers to shrink his Mexico telecoms empire

2. Scoping the new subprime as watchdogs cry ‘bubble’

3. Fed Sets October End for QE Bond Buying

4. Companies Selling Stocks at Record Pace This Year; Offerings of Stock and Similar Securities Have Raised $510 Billion in 2014 Around the World

Asia Pacific

1. (China) – China’s yuan global ambition faces payments hurdle

2. (Korea) – Over 3,000 small, established firms put up for sale in S. Korea

3. (India/Healthcare) – India likely to extend price caps to more drugs

4. (China) – Shaolin Monastery plans to develop mobile games; At present, the offices of the Shaolin Monastery have a Wi-Fi connection and every young monk has a smartphone

5. (India) – Modi should end his own honeymoon

6. (Taiwan/Tech) – Hon Hai soon to deploy self-made robotics for production

7. (Taiwan/Tech) – Cher Wang: A visionary tech founder returns to HTC

8. (Spore) – Moody’s retains negative outlook on Singapore’s banks

9. (Taiwan) – Taiwan should invest more in ‘invisible assets’: think tank

10. China’s audit office plays powerful but silent role in anti-corruption crackdown

11. Strong Luye Pharma debut boosts prospects for ‘China orphan’ firms that had been previously listed elsewhere

12. (China/Tech) – Xiaomi Users Spend More Time In Apps Than iPhone Owners In China

13. (Korea) – South Korea’s Costly Obsession With English

14. (China) – China Finance Minister Says 7.5% GDP Target Not a ‘Floor’; Comment Suggests Beijing May Be Comfortable With Slower Growth

15. (Isia) – Widodo Claims Victory in Indonesian Election, Subianto Won’t Concede

16. (Myanmar) – No fairytale ending for poor, divided Myanmar; An end to war and a transition to democracy are not the same as peace

17. (China) – Xi Jinping and Mao’s Playbook; The anticorruption campaign does not signal a reformed Party


1. Are you a visionary director? A checklist for building shareholder value

2. VMware CEO Patrick Gelsinger Explains Why 3-Pronged Focus Is Right; Gelsinger abides by what he calls the “abundance theory” – the more time he spends with employees or business partners, the more he’s likely to learn

3. Why countries need to invest more in research

4. What Corporate Climbers Can Teach Us; ‘Dark’ Personality Traits Can Help People Rise Through Ranks

5. 13 Most American Companies

6. Probing Brain’s Depth, Trying to Aid Memory

7. Lessons of a For-Profit College Collapse

8. Teaching Young Students the Fine Art of Arguing; More Schools Offer Debating Instructions to Younger Students

9. The Magic Fades for Gowex’s Jenaro García; Lauded as an Innovator, Wi-Fi Entrepreneur Personifies Challenges Facing Spanish Economy

10. Two Important Lessons From Crumbled Crumbs Bake Shop

11. Berkshire’s All Stars: The Enduring Value of Values; nine traits in subsidiaries, including budget-consciousness, earnestness, kinship, entrepreneurship, autonomy, and a sense of permanence 

12. For Crumbs, Growth May Have Come Too Fast

13. Bosch Korea CEO mixes football, military, management; ‘I learned to not just issue orders, even in the army. Give people some background, explain the target to them.’|home|online

14. How A Lucky Run In Vegas Saved FedEx

15. Hui Wing Mau: The self-made Australian billionaire that nobody knows

16. Why Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are so successful, in one word; Focus as a noun; Know how valuable your time is

17. Why ABBA Turned Down $1 Billion To Reunite In 2000

18. The Faulty ‘Mental Models’ That Lead to Poor Disaster Preparation

19. Has ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Run Its Course? Not Yet.


1. Eventbrite’s Hartz hopes she’s found the ticket for a lasting company

2. Confessions of a Computer Modeler; Any model, including those predicting climate doom, can be tweaked to yield a desired result

3. A look back at classic deals of Sun Valley’s past

4. Teen interns in Silicon Valley getting ‘insane’ pay

5. How Intel, Microsoft and Apple show there is too much focus on disruption; The ‘lightbulb moment’ of a disruptive idea is important – but it’s the follow-up work keeping the lights on that is arguably more valuable

6. No Revenue, No Assets Social Media Company CYNK Up Over $1 Billion (+110%) Today On 57K Shares Traded; Full List Of Companies “Audited” By CYNK’s Public Auditor

7. (China/Tech) – Can WeChat Become A Major Advertising Platform?


1. Alzheimer’s Blood Test Progress Boosts British Biotech Company

2. Women’s Cancer Risk Raises Doubts About FDA Oversight; Critics See Morcellation Risk as Sign of Weakness in the Monitoring Process for Medical Tools

3. Rapid Price Increases for Some Generic Drugs Catch Users by Surprise


1. Billionaire Jumps Into Headphone Battle Against Beats Audio

2. Emerging Markets’ Chocolate Lovers Boost Cocoa Prices; Appetite for Chocolate in Developing Countries Has Sparked Rally in Cocoa, Near Three-Year Highs

3. Crumbs closes in bitter end for biggest U.S. cupcake chain; Crumbs’ Downfall Shows Limits of American Cupcake Addiction; The Crumbnuts Weren’t Enough, as Cupcake Chain Closes Amid Glut

4. (Consumer/Tech) – Home Depot Sales, IT Collaborate on the Connected Home

5. Supermarkets Could Soon Manipulate Where You Walk

6. Quinoa Rides the ‘Superfoods’ Wave; Once-Obscure Peruvian Seed ‘Is a Perfect Collision of Trends’

Investing Process

1. Jonathan Booth on GM And Why BBBY Reminds Him of BRK

2. The Moneyball of Quality Investing: What Is Quality?


1. Big Commodity Traders Gain Clout; Trafigura, Vitol Among a Handful of Firms Shaking Up Markets


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