Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 3 Feb (Tues) – Mikaela Shiffrin, the 19-year-old American skiing star, has taken an unconventional approach to the sport, from her training growing up to her pre-race ritual of doing word searches


  • Mikaela Shiffrin, the 19-year-old American skiing star, has taken an unconventional approach to the sport, from her training growing up to her pre-race ritual of doing word searches: WSJ
  • How to Be a Stoic: NYT
  • Remembering Chandrakant Sampat: India’s original value investor: Forbes
  • South Korea-born New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko, 17, became the youngest world No.1 in golf history by reaching the top of the women’s rankings: KT
  • George Lucas: More substance over style, please: TODAY
  • We Know Why You’re Always Late; What Researchers Have Learned About Tardiness and How You Can Arrive on Time More: WSJ
  • The Postmodern Autocrat’s Handbook: JG
  • Secrets for world-class procurement body: JP
  • Music Enhances Feelings of Attraction; Feelings of Interest Among Singles’ First Meeting Increased Significantly If Music Was in the Background: WSJ
  • The Smart Way to Teach Children About Money; Many Parents and Schools Take Exactly the Wrong Approach, Research Suggests: WSJ

Investing Process

  • Why management quality should matter for investors: Forbes
  • Managing the Man Overboard Moment: Making an Informed Decision After a Large Price Drop: CSFB
  • Discounted Cash flow Valuations (DCF): Academic Exercise, Sales Pitch or Investor Tool? VW

Greater China

  • Hanergy Seeks to Reassure Investors on Soundness of Finances: Bloomberg
  • Would You Still Buy Alibaba If It Were Two-Thirds Smaller? If 80% of Taobao’s products are fake, illegal, or substandard, look for that site’s gross merchandise volume-the metric Alibaba uses-to shrink by a large percentage. Forbes
  • Possible Class Action Suit Against Alibaba For Disclosure Failures: Chinatechnews
  • igging into China’s debts: FT
  • China Minsheng President Exits and Investors Follow; Serious allegations add to concerns about risky loans and intentions of the bank’s largest shareholder. Barron’s
  • ‘Li Ka-shing’s Magic Trick: Unlocking Billions From Undervalued Assets: Forbes
  • Too big to fail’ scenario for Alibaba: Standard
  • Shares of Chaoda Modern Agriculture (0682) slumped 45.45 percent to HK$0.60 after it resumed trading after being suspended for more than three years for accounting fraud: Standard
  • Fake HK uni busted: Standard
  • Did compromise between Alibaba and SAIC really achieve progress? WCT
  • Chen Xiaolu, the son of a legendary figure in Communist Party history has denied a report that he is the de fact head of an insurance company in Shenzhen that is in the spotlight for several large purchases at home and abroad: Caixin
  • Farglory billionare Chairman Chao Teng-hsiung (趙藤雄) faces 9 years in Bade bribery case: ChinaPost
  • Singapore looks to Taipei as inspiration in plan to maintain urban cleanliness: ChinaPost
  •  China’s latest corruption probe could spell trouble for the global banking industry: Quartz
  • Austerity bites into China’s new year perks; Goodbye ipads, hello spring onions: staff complain of low-grade presents from bosses: FT
  • China shadow bank regulation shows results: FT
  • Weaker trade is EM’s demon in disguise: Link between global growth and global trade seems to be loosening: FT
  • China Logistics Entrepreneur Zhou Guohui Joins Ranks Of World’s Billionaires: Forbes
  • Mainland China’s perpetual QE and its many losers: SCMP
  • Why the surge in suspected laundering cases in Hong Kong: SCMP
  • Bank of Beijing director in graft probe: SCMP
  • Lesson From China: Hard Times for Coal; Mines Shut as China Burns Less Coal: WSJ
  • China’s Antigraft Drive Turns to Financial Sector: WSJ


  • Indian pioneers combine profitability and probity: FT

Japan & Korea

  • Coupang, South Korea’s leading e-commerce company, said Tuesday its value of mobile payment transactions reached $1.27bn in 2014, lending weight to a market bet that the firm is close to going public. KH
  • Hotel Shilla seeks to acquire world’s No. 1 in-flight duty free provider DFASS: Maeil
  • Chaebol leaders mourn Poongsan matriarch: JA
  • The daughter also rises – even at LG Group: JA
  • K-pop’s production line for Gangnam Style wannabes: FT
  • Nut rage: Korean Air boss’s daughter treated crew “like slaves”: AsiaOne


  • ‘Dangerous’ Inequality Spurs Widodo Drive for Indonesia Shakeup: Bloomberg
  • Singapore SMEs urged to work hard at differentiating themselves: BT
  • Thailand’s Dictators in Denial; The junta takes a harder line against popular politicians. WSJ
  • Over 260 investors lodge police reports on gold buyback pyramid scheme in Singapore: TODAY


  • Robert Samuelson: Challenging what we know about the housing bubble: WaPo
  • It has taken more than a decade, but with just one deal, CRH has transformed itself from an Irish buildings group into the world’s third-biggest building materials supplier by market value. FT
  • The incredible shrinking adviser: How onerous new rules are driving away financial planners in droves: FP


  • How Africans Keep Talking When Their Pre-Paid Cards Run Out; Lending airtime minutes has proven lucrative for the Lebanese telecom entrepreneur who owns Channel TT: Bloomberg
  • Apple has enough cash to buy the best startups in the world: BI
  • The moment digital selling tips over into creepy stalking; The ‘creepiness quotient’ is a vital sales and marketing metric: FT
  • Driven to distraction by electric cars; A great idea in theory is more difficult to put into practice: FT
  • Tyrants will find the key to the internet’s back door; Banning strong encryption is no solution to security: FT
  • What to make of Amazon’s island of misfit toys: WaPo
  • Silicon Valley Boom Unnerves Some Venture Capitalists: NYT


  •  Health advances using ‘big data’ at risk, ministers warned: FT
  • Big pharmaceuticals groups faces biosimilars challenge: FT
  • After 70 years, why aren’t we better at developing flu vaccines?: Fortune
  • No Place for a Heart Attack: A Group of 12 Institutions Are Working to Improve Survival Rates for In-Hospital Attack Patients: WSJ

Commodities & Energy

  • Rise and fall of a commodities powerhouse: FT

Consumer & Others

  • Four ways McDonald’s almost ruined Chipotle: Quartz
  • After 94 years, RadioShack may be about to pull the plug: Fortune
  • 7 Quotes That Show How Much Chipotle Hates McDonald’s: Buzzfeed
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