Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 4 Feb (Wed) – 15 successful entrepreneurs share the most important lesson they learned in their 30s


  • 15 successful entrepreneurs share the most important lesson they learned in their 30s: BI
  • Bringing an Entrepreneurial Mindset to the World’s Failing Systems: HBR
  • A history of hustling gives hip hop its entrepreneurial edge; Rappers facility with commerce can teach us about the value of human capital: FT
  • How to Lead in Ambiguous Times; Stability, resilience, and relationships are the keys to thriving amid geopolitical crises. Strategy&
  • Don’t Ask for New Ideas If You’re Not Ready to Act on Them: HBR
  • Copy Martin Luther King and use the language of the greats: FT
  •  Celebrate engineers over X Factor stars, says Professor Brian Cox: Telegraph
  • Fundraising for start-ups: cash from nearest may be dearest; Sometimes there is no alternative to borrowing from friends or family: FT
  • Extract from ‘Editor Unplugged’: The people Vinod Mehta admires: Forbes
  • Why It’s So Hard to Fill Sales Jobs; ‘Salesman’ Baggage Means Well-Paying Tech-Industry Positions Go Begging: WSJ

Greater China

  • Investors finally abandon “junk stocks” in face of regulatory crackdown; Only 78 Chinese firms have been delisted since China established its modern stock market in 1990 and not a single stock was delisted from 2008 until mid-2014. Reuters
  • Why Did the Chinese Executive Disappear? It’s ‘Personal’: Bloomberg
  • Chinese Retailers Play Poker in Empty Malls as Shoppers Go Online: Bloomberg
  • China’s anti-corruption probe broadens into finance sector; Bankers’ arrests appear to be targeting political patronage networks: FT
  • Labour unrest: Out brothers, out! Guangdong province pioneers a new approach to keeping workers happy: Economist
  • China’s high agricultural stockpiles complicate reform efforts; China has amassed 60 per cent of the world’s cotton stocks, prompting an announcement by Beijing last year that it would release its cotton holdings. FT
  • Want Want Group chairman remains Taiwan’s richest man: WCT
  • Is There A Tech Bubble In China?: Techcrunch
  • Mao in demand than ever: Chinese actors line up to play leader; Rash of historical propaganda television shows leads to scores of lookalikes flocking to portray the veteran Communist party leader: Guardian
  • World Bank Probes $1 Billion China Loan; Questions Sparked by Complex Transaction Involving Two Arms of Bank: WSJ
  • China Estimates Largest Capital Outflow in More Than a Decade in Final Quarter 2014: WSJ
  • Behind Bull Run: A Bet on Nimbler State Giants; Investors Hope Growth Slump Will Spur Beijing to Unlock Behemoths’ Hidden Potential: WSJ
  • Proper land sale system may cause more Kaisas; bribes can cost a fifth of property sales: SCMP
  • Hong Kong property stocks tumble as government warns of housing bubble: SCMP


  • Hardline Indian Hindus become Modi’s enemies from within: Reuters
  • Burger King’s Helping Hands In India: Forbes
  • Modi Taps $19 Billion Hoard as India Chases China Growth: Bloomberg

Japan & Korea

  • Abenomics Gets Boost, But for How Long?: WSJ


  • Crime-Fighting Measures in Jakarta Take a Modern Twist on Classics: JG
  • Editorial: Basuki Will Do What the Police Won’t: JG
  • Firms fret as Vietnam drops digits to meet mobile phone demand: Reuters


  • Gallup CEO: “America’s 5.6% Unempoyment Is One Big Lie”: LinkedIn
  • Meet the 80-Year-Old Whiz Kid Reinventing the Corporate Bond: Bloomberg
  • Nestle’s corporate bonds traded at negative yields, highlighting investors’ desperate search for cash-conserving investments following the move by the European Central Bank to drive down borrowing costs across the continent. FT
  • Reach for returns takes funds into the shadows; Asset managers delve deeper into shadow bank territory for returns: FT
  • Bond Buyers Escape Wall Street to Computerized Shadows to Trade: bloomberg


  • How Satya Nadella has changed Microsoft in just one year: BI
  • Welcome to year 11 of people worrying about a tech bubble: BI
  • Technology’s next 25 years belong to the world, not the US: FT
  • ‘Hidden strong players’ alter smartphone landscape; Smaller competitors with unique strategies threatening Samsung: JA
  • Five Questions About Amazon Prime That Jeff Bezos Still Won’t Answer: Bloomberg
  • What Amazon’s learned from a decade of Prime: WaPo
  • A booming video game market is putting the strain on networks featuring real-time graphics-heavy games. WSJ’s Sarah Needleman explains how firms are investing in solutions.: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

  • Cash-Starved Oil Producers Trade Treasured Pipelines for Money: Bloomberg

Consumer & Others

  • Chip Wilson made billions selling the world’s most ubiquitous yoga pants. Then he insulted his customers and lost control of his company. Now he talks for the first time about his plans for his next venture. NYT
  • Coke bets on ‘premium milk’ to boost category: JP
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