Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 12 Feb (Thurs) – Jeff Bezos’ best piece of advice to entrepreneurs: Be missionaries, not mercenaries; Rethink Your After-Work Routine to Make the Transition Home a Happy One; Fatigue and Stress Fuel the Tendency to Ruminate; a Mental Break Helps Us Leave the Bad Mood Behind


  • Jeff Bezos’ best piece of advice to entrepreneurs: Be missionaries, not mercenaries: BI
  • This Harvard grad couldn’t find a job on Wall Street, so he launched his own startup — it’s now worth $600 million: BI
  • Rethink Your After-Work Routine to Make the Transition Home a Happy One; Fatigue and Stress Fuel the Tendency to Ruminate; a Mental Break Helps Us Leave the Bad Mood Behind: WSJ
  • Peter Thiel and Education’s New Utopians: Bloomberg
  • 1 in 5 S Korean teachers regret choice of job; The discontent among Korean teachers was in stark contrast to Korean teachers’ relatively high average pay: Reuters
  • What Is the Purpose of Society? We can’t fix our problems if we don’t know the end goal: NYT
  • Lessons from RadioShack: To Stay on Top, Figure Out What Got You There: K@W
  • Dr. Henry Singleton – Part Four: Five Strategies For Business Success: VW
  • Is Your Leadership Style Right for the Digital Age? K@W
  • An Excess of Sunshine, a Paucity of Rules; Disclosure and transparency have become the answer to every vexing problem, but too much sunlight can be blinding: NYT
  • Darwin’s Finches Reveal Role of Genes in Evolution; Scientists Identify Genetic Mechanism Behind Beak Shapes: WSJ
  • Sriracha’s inventor refuses to trademark the name even though he could be losing out on millions: BI
  • How to Live a Happier Financial Life: WSJ
  • 5 Ways to Become More Self-Aware: HBR
  • A Lesson in Entrepreneurship From a Doll; American Girl, Other Firms Design Toys for Young Girls That Tap Into the Appeal of Owning a Business: WSJ
  • W.R. Grace: The End of an Empire; a conglomerate that dates back over 150 years, has operated everything from steam ships to dialysis centers, is joining H-P, ITT and other giants narrowing its focus and splitting up. WSJ


  • Design to Grow: How Coca-Cola Learned to Combine Scale and Agility (and How You Can Too) : Amazon
  • Frugal Innovation: How to do more with less: Amazon, FT

Investing Process

  • A Reader’s Suggestion for DEEP VALUE COURSE: CS
  • Tales of Russia’s First Activist Investor; The founder of The Hermitage Fund made, lost, and made a fortune investing in Russia. Then he learned the truth about doing business in Moscow: Barron’s

Greater China

  • PBOC keeps close watch on shadow banking, bad debt amid China slowdown: SCMP
  • Under pressure: Graft campaign weighs heavily on Wang Qishan: WCT
  • 50 Shades of Shadow Banking: China Risks Reined In; A central bank report has a more granular look at credit expansion: Bloomberg
  • China Inc’s bank-free shopping spree?: FT
  • Kaisa Group, the Chinese developer embroiled in an anti-graft probe, sent prices on its bonds sliding after saying it expects it will need to change its international debt obligations: Bloomberg
  • First Tell Us What’s Wrong With Stock Market, SEC Official Says: Bloomberg
  • China’s Top Anti-Graft Regulator to Inspect 26 State Companies: Bloomberg
  • CEOs On The Run: Financial Crisis With Chinese Characteristics: Forbes
  • China’s Huawei Says Its Ready for Transparency: Caixin
  • The shuttering of China? FT
  • Bringing the American way of selling skin-care products and vitamins to China helped make Amway Corp. the world’s largest direct seller. It also made the children of one of its co-founders billionaires. Bloomberg
  • China’s People’s Liberation Army audits spending; move aimed at uncovering embezzlement, accounting fraud, stealing from private coffers and other wrongdoing so as to curb “deep-seated, unhealthy” tendencies in the military. SCMP
  • Beijing Directive Cuts Into Debt Issuance; Sales Are Derailed as Doubt Is Cast on Local-Government Backing for Bonds: WSJ


  • Trick or treat? India’s strong GDP figures mask economic reality: Reuters
  • Delhi Elections: What Lessons Will the BJP Choose to Learn? WSJ
  • McDonald’s hit by beef with India partner: FT
  • India Smugglers, and Their Bodies, Take a Break From Gold: Bloomberg
  • Sebi questions ownership of Sahara properties ; Sebi says the group may not wholly own some of the properties in India it listed as proof of its ability to repay the savers: Livemint

Japan & Korea

  • Paint peeling off South Korea’s economic miracle: Nikkei
  • Abe’s Third Arrow Finds Its Mark; Prime Minister Shinzo Abe scores a major victory in agricultural reform, but things only get harder from here: WSJ
  • Popularity of e-cigarettes is lighting up Korea; As debate rages over health risks, the government has focused its attention on regulating the smoking trend. JA
  • Can Ssangyong Motor regain its past glory?: KH
  • Samsung sees gold in mirrorless camera market: JP


  • 1MDB’s Lenders Threaten to Put Malaysian State Investment Firm in Default: WSJ
  • Alibaba’s AliExpress Sets Its Sights On Indonesia’s Promising E-Commerce Market: Techcrunch
  • MAS seeks more bite to oversight of derivatives, securities: BT
  • Companies should comply with SGX’s MTP as soon as possible: BT
  • Key Thaksin Ally to Face Thai Court Over 2008 Crackdown: JG
  • Survey: High Hopes but Little Satisfaction in Jokowi: JG
  • Do You Already Speak Indonesian? Under a controversial new proposal, foreigners working in Indonesia may need to master the Indonesian language: JG
  • Household Debt Keeps Thailand Southeast Asia’s Sick Man: JG
  • Singapore Finds A Way Out of Labor Crunch With Drones: JG


  • SEC Claws Back Money from Tech CFOs for Accounting Fraud: AT
  • The Reason Why Trading Currencies Is Now The Most Difficult Since Lehman: Zerohedge
  • SEC Wades Into Bitter Fight Over CVR Energy Takeover; Watchdog Investigates Whether Refiner Made Misleading Disclosures During Takeover by Carl Icahn: WSJ
  • ‘Smart beta’ drives down active management fees: FT
  • Yes, looser credit – and fraud – drove the housing bubble: FT
  • Krugman: Nobody Understands Debt: NYT
  • Hedge Funds Focused on Currencies Get Big Payoff; January Was Big Winner for Firms, Especially Those Driven by Algorithms: WSJ
  • The Day the Shouting Stopped; The energy, the surging life force of the trading pits has given way to the silent precision of electronic trading. WSJ
  • U.S. becomes hot spot for aerospace manufacturing: Reuters


  • Analytics Predict Which Patients Will Suffer Post-Surgical Infections: WSJ
  • Stroke Procedure to Pluck Clots From Brain Betters Recovery Odds: Bloomberg


  • Tim Cook explains why Apple Pay doesn’t collect your data: ‘You are not our product.’: BI
  • Datto: The Secret Tech Money-Making Machine You’ve Never Heard O: Forbes
  • Slow Start for Google’s Smartwatches; Dearth of Apps Are Cited as Problem Hurting Sales: WSJ
  • Sleuthing Search Engine: Even Better Than Google? Memex, Developed by the U.S. Military, Is Helping to Track Down Online Criminals: WSJ

Consumer & Others

  • Next RadioShack? Here Are The Most Troubled Retail Stores: Forbes
  • Crowdsourcing Helps Domino’s Pizza Serve Up Rise in Profit; Mobile Application Pizza Mogul Allows Customers in Australia to Design Their Own Pizzas: WSJ
  • Adore Me’s secret for disrupting the lingerie market: BRW
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