Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 22 Feb (Sun) – How to Read Intelligently and Write a Great Essay: Robert Frost’s Letter of Advice to His Young Daughter


  • How to Read Intelligently and Write a Great Essay: Robert Frost’s Letter of Advice to His Young Daughter: BP
  • The Agony of the Artist: E.E. Cummings on What It Really Means to Be an Artist and His Little-Known Line Drawings: BP
  • Lewis Carroll on Happiness and How to Alleviate Our Discomfort with Change: BP
  • Mary Oliver on How Habit Gives Shape to Our Inner Lives: BP
  • Why science is so hard to believe: WaPo
  • How to bag a geek: In the battle for software talent, other industries can learn from Silicon Valley: Economist

Investing Process

  • Smart Trading for Those Who Seldom Trade; Even the most patient stock investors have to buy and sell sometimes, and how you trade can make a big difference in how much money you make. WSJ

Greater China

  • Why I quit the business: A Chinese loan shark’s tale; “In the early years, many private lenders pocketed earnings 10 times their principals in mere three years but a vast majority of them have gone under, in the wake of the vaporization of their fortunes overnight”: WCT
  • Zhongnanhai: the mysterious hub of the China’s Communist Party: WCT
  • Gov’t corn stockpiling distorts prices in China: WCT
  • Shaolin Temple to oversee management of other temples: WCT
  • Chinese entrepreneurs rush to invest in movies: WCT
  • Hong Kong’s unwanted HK$1,000 banknote is the money launderer’s medium of choice: SCMP


  •  Swiss takeover law: A controversial takeover attempt has exposed a gap in shareholders’ rights: Economist

Energy & Commodities

  • LME warehousing; overdue reform or regulatory over-reach?: Reuters
  • Dairy farming: Letting the cream rise; The end of quotas frees efficient European dairy farms to expand: Economist


  • The Return of the Vaccine Wars: WSJ


  • To Nasdaq 5000 and Beyond?: Barron’s
  • Upsetting the Apple car: The established carmakers, not tech firms, will win the race to build the vehicles of the future: Economist

Consumer & Others

  • Panera Bread’s Ron Shaich: “Flour on His Shoes”; Like Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Shaich came out of retirement to remake the company he helped launch. Doing good, eating well. Barron’s
  • Goodbye potato chips, hello jicama chips? These six start-ups want to change how you eat. WaPo
  • E-Cigarette Makers Face Rise of Counterfeit; E-cigarette global sales hit $7 billion at the end of 2014: WSJ
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