Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 9 Feb (Mon) – How to Be Invisible: Stop demanding attention. Be like the arctic fox


  • How to Be Invisible: Stop demanding attention. Be like the arctic fox: NYT
  • Care Is the X Factor at Work: The most powerful influence on people’s engagement at work is feeling genuinely cared for by their supervisor: NYT
  • What is college good for? A college education should infect students with the desire to pursue worthy perception and lofty goals in their lifelong journeys: KT
  • When You’re at the Crossroads of Should and Must: Firstround
  • Would Aristotle find fat bonuses gross? We live in an age of meritocracy, but there is some debate over what this thing we call merit is. SCMP
  • Engage The Fox: Farnam
  • Marcus Aurelius: You Have One Life To Live: Farnam
  • Atul Gawande: The Building Industry’s Strategy for Getting Things Right in Complexity: Farnam

Greater China

  • Kaisa Sequels Coming to China’s Banks Amid Corruption Web: Bloomberg
  • Magic Kingdom in China a mystery after the U.S. entertainment giant pushed back the opening of its first mainland China theme park to 2016: ChinaPost
  • Fraud committed by unlicensed organizations running banking businesses are on the rise in China, reflecting poor government supervision: WCT
  • HK Bitcoin investors claim HK$3b losses: Standard
  • Taiwan’s Richest Man Faces Tougher Times In Mainland China: Forbes
  • “Desperate” China Technocrats Worry About Balance Of Payments Crisis: Forbes
  • In Macau, casino titans join China reform wagon: Reuters


  • BRIC Becomes I With India Set to Outperform First Time Since ’99: Bloomberg
  • India Sensex Set for Longest Loss Streak in 15 Months After Vote: Bloomberg
  • With the much-hyped USD 2-billion funding by Mirach falling apart over “forgery” allegations, Sahara has begun exploring fresh options to secure bail for its chief Subrata Roy: Moneycontrol

Japan & Korea

  • More than half of home-furnishing retailers near IKEA’s first shop in South Korea have seen their sales sink for the past two months, hit by the Swedish industry giant’s entry into the local market: KT
  • Korea Pop Fervor to Lift AmorePacific China Sales by 30%: Bloomberg


  • As Technology Entrepreneurs Multiply in Vietnam, So Do Regulations: NYT
  • Indonesian Hotels Face Carnage From Widodo’s State Spending Cuts: Bloomberg


  • EM fund managers: genuinely active or closet trackers? FT
  • Fed-mageddon Looms Over Asia: The growing number of Americans finding work could lead to higher U.S rates and renewed volatility for Asia. Barron’s
  • Easing Isn’t a Cure-All for Asia: Beijing’s monetary policy isn’t all that aggressive, and India’s central bank chief worries about “hot” money chasing rates. Barron’s
  • Bigger Container Ships Pose Bigger Risks; Insurers, Others Worry About the Potential for Catastrophic Accidents: WSJ
  • Currency-hedged ETFs in vogue as investors clamor for more: Reuters
  • Warren Buffet faces pressure for more disclosure: FT: Reuters
  • Head Of Largest Swiss Cantonal Bank Says Swiss Capital Controls Are “Certainly Possible: ZeroHedge
  • Hanergy’s soaring share price raises bubble fears: SCMP


  • Predicting Apple’s Future: Tim Cook’s Gentle Path To Avoid Apple’s Downfall: Forbes
  • Uncovering Security Flaws in Digital Education Products for Schoolchildren: NYT
  • Google shares its plan to nab 80% of Microsoft’s Office business: BI
  • Smartwatch App Helps Track Glucose: WSJ


  • Drug Making Breaks Away From Its Old Ways; ‘Continuous-Manufacturing’ Process Can Improve Quality Control, Speed Output: WSJ

Consumer & Others

  • Tapped in: Craft breweries usher in a beer can revival: Fortune
  • Behind RadioShack’s Collapse Is a Tiny Distressed Lender: bloomberg
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