Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 8 Feb (Sun) – How to Listen Between the Lines: Anna Deavere Smith on the Art of Listening in a Culture of Speaking


  • How to Listen Between the Lines: Anna Deavere Smith on the Art of Listening in a Culture of Speaking: BP
  • The Island of Knowledge: How to Live with Mystery in a Culture Obsessed with Certainty and Definitive Answers: BP
  • How to Work Through Difficulty: Lewis Carroll’s Three Tips for Overcoming Creative Block: BP
  • Happy Birthday, Design Matters: 10 Years of Intelligent and Inspiring Interviews with Creative Icons; Stimulating, ennobling, deeply human conversations with Maira Kalman, Seth Godin, Dani Shapiro, Malcolm Gladwell, Chris Ware, Shepard Fairey: BP
  • Teaching economics: The demand side; The economics curriculum is evolving, but too slowly for some: Economist
  • Lunch with the FT: Ginni Rometty; the IBM chief talks about having ‘cyber-conversations’ with half-a-million employees, machines making decisions and why she wishes they’d gone to Starbucks: FT
  • A CEO wrote this brutal memo when he realized his billion-dollar startup was failing: BI
  • How Do You Rank the World’s Best CEOs? HBR
  • Are C.E.O.s That Talented, or Just Lucky? NYT
  • Ecolab: Cleaning Up the Planet; Baker moved the industrial-cleaning company into the fast-growing market for water-conservation products, and it has been mopping up ever since. Savvy acquisitions, and a clothes-dryer bar that beats the competition. Barron’s
  • Guy Kawasaki’s 7 tips for better social media storytelling: Be Valuable, Be Interesting, Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Thankful, Be Visual, Be Organized: FP
  • Simple, Bedrock Rules on Personal Finance: WSJ

Greater China

  • Chinese Tycoon’s Journey From Prison Inmate to White Knight: Bloomberg
  • Time For Xi To Reform His Reforms: Forbes
  • E-commerce fresh food a growing trend in China: WCT
  • The big Anbang: A once-obscure Chinese insurance firm leaps into the spotlight: Economist
  • Floriculture: Let a million flowers bloom; Yunnan has rapidly emerged as China’s dominant flower-growing region, accounting for about a third of China’s blossom exports: Economist


  • Joko Seen Making Yet Another Concession to PDI-P ‘Cronies’ With National Car Program: JG
  • Must privatisation be painful? Sticking to principles is half the battle. The other half is explaining and doing it well: TheStar


  • Yield scarce as the world turns negative: FT
  • Swiss franc turmoil leaves exporters on the downhill slope: Telegraph
  • The Great American Dream, Still Deferred: NYT
  • Swiss National Bank Hints At Capital Controls: ZeroHedge


  • How Tinder is transforming the mobile dating game in a big way: FP
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