Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 27 Feb (Fri) – Warren Buffett’s secret to staying young: “I eat like a six-year-old.” Meet Warren Buffett’s Wannabes: The ‘Brown Buffett’ and ‘Oracle of San Quentin’; As billionaire hits 50 years at Berkshire Hathaway, fans and disciples claim his name; no female Warren Buffett


  • Warren Buffett’s secret to staying young: “I eat like a six-year-old.”: Fortune
  • Meet Warren Buffett’s Wannabes: The ‘Brown Buffett’ and ‘Oracle of San Quentin’; As billionaire hits 50 years at Berkshire Hathaway, fans and disciples claim his name; no female Warren Buffett: WSJ
  • A portrait of the takeover artist as a young man: Warren Buffett’s 1965 letter: FT
  • Investor Irving Kahn, Disciple of Benjamin Graham, Dies at 109: WSJ
  • This advice about surviving prison is surprisingly relevant to real life: BI
  • Financial planning: Advise and dissent; Conflicted financial advice costs Americans $17 billion a year: Economist
  • It’s time to reform Thai Buddhism; Dhammakaya is one among many temples giving priority to amassing wealth by encouraging worshippers to donate large sums. Followers are told that, by doing so, they improve their chance of securing a place in Heaven. This is a damaging distortion of the Lord Buddha’s teachings. JP
  • Stressed? It’s not how much you do, it’s how you do it: Quartz
  • Transform a boring company into a knockout brand with this strategy; If you seek to become Sticky, first get Simple. FP
  • Asia’s Power Businesswomen, 2015: Forbes
  • You Have to Be Fast to Be Seen as a Great Leader: HBR
  • An Introvert’s Path To Fulfillment and 1.5 Million Fans; Insights from Lori Deschene, founder of the popular Tiny Buddha blog: Forbes
  • Five Ways To Be A Mentally Strong Introvert: Forbes
  • See if you can answer the questions asked in a child geniuses competition: BI
  • A psychologist argues that America’s fixation with ‘self esteem’ could raise kids to be bullies and narcissists: BI
  • Thin Slicing: People decide if you’re successful within 5 seconds of meeting you — here’s how to look the part: BI
  • A child genius explains how she can memorize a shuffled deck of cards in less than an hour; For Katherine, each suit of cards represents an image of people, places, animals, etc. She incorporates these images into a story and connects every card to a particular element in that story. BI
  • 6 skills that all extraordinary entrepreneurs have: BI

Investing Process

  • In 1965, Warren Buffett was worried that he was getting too big to beat the market: BI

Greater China

  • China atwitter over next ‘tiger’ to fall in corruption purge; Article on Manchu prince puts spotlight on former vice-president Zeng Qinghong, right-hand man to former President Jiang Zemin and one of the most powerful politicians of modern China: FT
  • Chinese rivals snap at Alibaba’s heels in cross-border e-commerce race: Reuters
  • HK SFC wins court order to wind up China metal recycler for forgery : SCMP
  • The SEC Caves on China: An exemption for Chinese auditors puts U.S. markets at risk.: WSJ
  • Failure on reform is biggest threat to our city, says Hong Kong’s richest man Li Ka-shing: SCMP
  • Chinese tech giants Lenovo, Alibaba become hot targets of US class-action lawsuits: SCMP
  • ‘Stay tuned’ as China readies to publish corruption confessions: Reuters
  • China’s Real Property Problem: Bloomberg
  • Foxconn targets 70% automation in 3 years: Gou: ChinaPost


  • India to Spend $137 Billion to Upgrade Railways; Some 23 million Indians take trains each day. Freight rates have been kept high to subsidize the passenger services.: WSJ
  • Modi’s Make-or-Break Budget; India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to prove he’s the transformative leader his country needs. WSJ
  • Kumar Mangalam Birla: Seeking a truly transformative budget: Forbes

Japan & Korea

  • Samsung Elec to freeze salaries in South Korea for first time since 2009: Reuters
  • How Samsung won the smartphone wars – then blew it: BI
  • Sony chief denies spinoffs mean immediate withdrawal: JT
  • Furniture retailer Otsuka Kagu founder tries to oust daughter from management, again: JT
  • Mocha Migration: Korean Entrepreneur Taps Into China’s Coffee Craze: Forbes
  • Dancing With Robots: Mayumi Kotani Leads With Japan’s Top Industrial Machines: Forbes


  • Noble says Iceberg author a former staff; group posts US$240m Q4 loss; Noble Group, an ‘asset light’ commodity nomad: BT, FT
  • Loophole for Crooks Is Pandora’s Box for Graft-Busters; ‘Sarpin Effect’ — Critics warn fight against corruption will be held up by controversial legal precedent allowing suspects to have charges against them thrown out before they are in: JG
  • Lippo Jumps to E-Commerce, Sees $1 Billion in Sales in 2 Years: JG
  • GM’s Indonesia closure highlights automakers’ emerging markets woes: Reuters


  • SEC Commissioners Push Lifetime Bans on Executives; “There is an increasing perception that the rules are simply different for large corporations that violate the law. That there is a two-tier system of justice”: WSJ
  • Bank of England banishes ‘fireside chats’; Central bank overhauls City dealings in transparency drive: FT
  • Regulators on Leveraged Lending: A Cheat Sheet: WSJ
  • Major Firms Are Saying the Stage Is Set for Another Crisis in the Bond Market: Bloomberg
  • HSBC inquisition leaves questions unanswered; Bank’s bosses failed to explain convincingly their previous actions: FT
  • HSBC, the bank that ran aground while overseas; To anyone who witnessed its rise to become a global bank, the entire thing is baffling: FT
  • Negative yields Q&A: what is the rationale?: FT

Energy & Commodities

  • Mining firms such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto have escaped writing down the value of iron-ore pits in Australia, despite slumping commodity prices; contrast with Big Oil: WSJ


  • Billion-Dollar Health Startups: WSJ
  • Cancer Drug Once Bought for $7 Million May Now Fetch $18 Billion: Bloomberg
  • The Drug Pipeline Flows Again; More new drugs are getting approved, but innovation carries a huge price tag: Bloomberg


  • Mobile Industry’s 5G Revolution Heralds the Rise of the Machines: Bloomberg
  • For elderly, Robear is a powerful pick-me-up: JT
  • Morgan Stanley thinks LinkedIn could surge if it can dominate these industries: BI
  • The two big lessons Ginni Rometty learned from IBM’s recent struggles: No. 1. The enterprise tech world is changing faster than she thought it would. No. 2. She wasn’t watching how consumer technology was invading the workplace. BI
  • The legend of the Silicon Valley unicorns; Tech companies are raising private money through financing rounds rather than IPOs: FT

Consumer & Others

  • Food waste costs more than $500b a year as millions starve: Consumer
  • Who Killed Tony the Tiger? How Kellogg lost breakfast: Bloomberg
  • KFC tests edible coffee cups lined with white chocolate: CNN

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