Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 24 Feb (Tues) – How To Find Happiness In Today’s Hectic World; Why We Suck At Spotting Liars; In Hong Kong, Grandma Has to Find a Job


  • How To Find Happiness In Today’s Hectic World: EB
  • Why We Suck At Spotting Liars: Forbes
  • East Coast Q4 Letter: Twenty-Four Lessons I Learned From Andrew Carnegie: VW
  • Marketing Is Dead, and Loyalty Killed It: HBR
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One; The brain is organized as modules and circuits for specialized actions. The scientist who figured that out reflects on his discovery: WSJ
  • Bird spit coffee? Asia firms seek global appetite for China delicacy: Reuters


  • Artful Paltering: The Risks and Rewards of Using Truthful Statements to Mislead Others: SSRN

Greater China

  • In Hong Kong, Grandma Has to Find a Job: Bloomberg
  • HK SFC action against China Metal Recycling for accounting fraud serves as test case for HK laws involving mainland China firms: SCMP
  • Baidu May Steal Some of Alibaba’s Limelight with its inclusion in MSCI’s China and emerging-markets indexes: WSJ
  • B shares belong in a museum: SCMP
  • China’s bitter home truths: SCMP
  • Increasing number of Hong Kong people want to emigrate to Taiwan: WCT
  • Not all fu is fortune, say Chinese luxury brand consumers; This is not the first time that a major brand has made the wrong call in the consumer’s eye. WCT
  • Taiwan night markets to accept Chinese UnionPay cards: WCT
  • Support from Beijing boosts China’s cross-border e-commerce: WCT
  • Taiwan Hangs Out Welcome Sign; Foreigners scoop up $4 billion of stocks this year amid the ongoing recovery in the U.S. and lower oil prices. Barron’s
  • China calls the shots in Asia’s currency war: Reuters


  • Indian Outsourcers Struggle to Evolve as Growth Slows; Indian technology outsourcing companies look to create off-the-shelf software instead of peddling services of programmers: WSJ
  • NSEL retracts note claiming brokers were involved in fraud: Livemint
  • Modi bets on GM crops for India’s second green revolution: Reuters
  • Companies Of Several Indian Billionaires Embroiled In A Case Of Corporate Espionage: Forbes
  • Reserve Bank of India is getting tougher on extending unlimited credit to the country’s banks to try to ensure they push interest rate cuts through the financial system and to stop them from making what one official called a “mockery” of its operations: Reuters
  • India’s reluctant ‘prince’, Rahul Gandhi, takes break from politics: Reuters

Japan & Korea

  • South Korean Tech Startup Industry Offers Graduates Life Beyond Samsung: JG
  • Meet the man who helped Sony get its game back: JT
  • Samsung’s heir-apparent meets PayPal founder as S. Korean tech firm looks to online payment business; Thiel is expected to also meet officials from Naver Corp: KH
  • Is Japan in danger of a “fiscal crisis”? FT


  • Jokowi’s supporters are starting to doubt the ‘Indonesian Obama’: Conversation
  • Thailand Turns To A Tried And Trusted Recipe In Dealing With China: Forbes
  • The government says it has instructed Indonesia’s largest pharmaceutical firm, Kalbe Farma, to halt production of its anesthetic and anti-bleeding products at the center of investigations into the death of two women, while they were undergoing surgeries at Siloam Hospital in Tangerang earlier this month. JG
  • Indonesian Furniture Makers Shutting Factories, as Orders Shift to Vietnam: JG
  •  In Search of a True Local Automotive Component With Astra Otoparts: JG
  • Jokowi Banks on $385m Road to Banten’s Paradise; Main Attraction: Resorts and conference facilities will be built to boost tourism industry at Tanjung Lesung special economic zone: JG
  • The Performance of Many Hedge Funds Just Comes Down to Owning Apple: Bloomberg


  • As ‘Spoof’ Trading Persists, Regulators Clamp Down; Bluffing Tactic That Dodd-Frank Banned in 2010 Can Distort Markets: WSJ
  • Looming Bank Rules Haunt Insurers; Insurance companies could struggle under proposal meant to make lenders safe enough to fail: WSJ
  • Copper Tells Two Stories on Global Economy; Copper’s gyrations have left analysts unusually polarized over where its price will go next: WSJ
  • Revenue recognition implementation concerns finance executives: JOA
  • HSBC’s Swiss bank client base has shrunk 70%: BI
  • US launches crackdown on pension adviser conflicts: FT
  • Do eerie parallels presage new crisis? Falling oil, rising dollar and fears over US rate increase present in 1997-98: FT
  • HSBC and the problem of managing mega banks: FT
  • Nobel economist Shiller sees Japan-like slow growth everywhere: JT
  • Britain’s mid-sized companies overtake the Mittelstand by revenues: Telegraph
  • Insider Trading Case Could Push Congress to Define a Murky World: NYT
  • Longer Lives Hit Companies With Pension Plans Hard; Firms’ balance sheets will have to reflect higher costs: WSJ
  • Bad Can Be So Good for Credit Buyers as Fallen Angels Become Hot: Bloomberg
  • Why the World Is So Bad at Tracking Dirty Money: Bloomberg


  • 3-D Printers in a Jam: Valuations of companies leave plenty of risk in an industry prone to uneven performance: WSJ
  • This simple comparison shows how well Apple Pay has taken off: BI
  • DEAR SILICON VALLEY: Here’s your wake-up call.: BI
  • Building a Face, and a Case, on DNA: NYT
  • The tale of two IPOs: Facebook and Twitter: Fortune
  • NZ jetpack company soars in Australian stock market debut: Reuters
  • Apple Is Now More Than Double the Size of Exxon-And Everyone Else: WSJ


  • About-Face on Preventing Peanut Allergies; Study finds introducing peanuts in many infants’ diets could help avoid the allergies later in childhood: WSJ

Energy & Commodities

  • Norway faces up to prospect of North Sea slowdown; Drop in oil prices comes as investment in petroleum industry peaks: FT
  • Will America’s shale boomtowns bust? A report from the heart of North Dakota’s fracking country: Fortune
  • Hard up miners turn to Asian contractors to help fund projects: Reuters
  • Big Banks Face Scrutiny Over Pricing of Metals; U.S. Justice Department investigates price-setting process for gold, silver,  WSJ

Consumer & Others

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