Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 6 Feb (Fri) – Staying Relevant In A Rapid Innovation Era; The Simple Trick To Productivity? Do One Thing At Once


  • Staying Relevant In A Rapid Innovation Era: Techcrunch
  • The Simple Trick To Productivity? Do One Thing At Once: Forbes
  • Here’s what it’s like to attend Apple’s secret university: BI
  • Business Books Reveal a Billionaire Obsession: NYT
  • The Hard Work of Invention: Strategy&
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Apart From the Herd; What feels safe is often risky, and what feels risky is often safe. This statement contradicts just about every evolutionary instinct we possess. NYT
  • The last 90 days: For successful bosses the end is almost as important as the beginning: Economist
  • Picasso’s granddaughter is about to flood the market with thousands of his paintings, and art investors are freaking out: BI
  • In Bedbugs, Scientists See a Model of Evolution; bedbugs have evolved resistance to pesticides: NYT
  • Well Book Club: Raising an Unspoiled Child: NYT
  • More College Freshmen Report Having Felt Depressed; “You have to get good grades, have all sorts of after-school activities that take up tons of hours, and you have to be happy and social — you have to be everything.”: NYT
  • Today’s graduates face daunting challenge: KT
  • How To Prevent Burnout – 13 Signs You’re On The Edge: Forbes
  • Creative slumps: 5 ways to snap out of it: Fortune
  •  America’s Most Loved and Most Hated Companies; People hate Goldman Sachs more than oil spills and the Koch brothers: Bloomberg


  • Juicing the Dividend Yield: Mutual Funds and the Demand for Dividends: SSRN, VW

Greater China

  • CBRC Warns Public Not to Fall for High-Interest Scams at Banks; Regulator provides details of fraud schemes involving banks in Changsha and Hangzhou, then says people shouldn’t be so greedy: Caixin
  • Default With Chinese Characteristics; The political lessons of property developer Kaisa’s collapse. Developers often take on liabilities disguised such they don’t look like loans at all. They can look like sales of assets, equity investments or conventional sales to individual buyers: WSJ
  • Conquering China’s Mountain of Debt: Bloomberg
  • China Bank Move Leaves Companies Cold; Business Owners Question Benefit of Move to Bolster Lending: WSJ
  • China timber demand stokes Southeast Asia tensions: FT
  • Port assets losing allure for Li Ka-shing’s Hutchison Whampoa; Li Ka-shing ponders partial sale of port assets in Hutchison Whampoa: SCMP1, SCMP2
  • Mao Xiaofeng’s downfall just the start for China’s finance sector: WCT
  • Party Like a Rock Star: Chinese Tech Firms’ Edition; As Competition Intensifies, Internet Companies Give Employees Gifts Like BMWs, Ski Trips, Cash: WSJ
  • Alibaba’s Beijing Burden; Harsh accusations from a regulator and a hard lesson in Chinese political economy: WSJ
  • Hong Kong-based Chow Tai Fook group, owner of the world’s biggest jewellery company, is making an unlikely foray into China’s oil trading business: AsiaOne
  • Mother of Jack Ma’s Fund Partner Becomes Billionaire With Alipay: Bloomberg


  • India Farmer Suicides on Rise as Cotton Slump Spurs Debts: Bloomberg
  • Forbes India: 20 Quality Indian stocks to invest in 2015: Forbes
  • Indian tycoon Roy’s get-out-of-jail deal is mired in mystery: AsiaOne
  • India’s growth revival story akin to running a marathon: Uday Kotak: Forbes
  • Internet biz will grow 10 times in India in 10 yrs: Cisco: Moneycontrol

Japan & Korea

  • Hyundai’s Chungs Revive Glovis Stake Sale to Avoid Probe: Bloomberg
  • In the Shadow of Abenomics, Japan’s Poor and Elderly Are Being Left Behind: Bloomberg


  • Singapore Isn’t Greece, Temasek Tells S&P in 29 Pages: Bloomberg
  • A Tale of Two Surveys: Is Jakarta Really Among the World’s Worst Cities?: JG
  • Jokowi Will Kill the KPK Without Direct Action: JG
  • Thais discover limits to rule by diktat: JP


  • PwC chief misled us over Luxembourg tax avoidance schemes, claim MPs: Guardian
  • SEC Doesn’t Take Its Automatic Punishments Too Literally: Bloomberg
  • GMO Q4 Letter: Ditch The Good, Buy The Bad And The Ugly: VW
  • Investors Await Aussie-Dollar Windfall; Weaker Aussie to Offer Earnings Support for Australian Companies: WSJ
  • Not kicking the habit: The world is still addicted to debt: Economist
  • Shareholder activism: Capitalism’s unlikely heroes; Why activist investors are good for the public company? Economist
  • The economist realtors love to hate: David Madani stands by 2011 prediction of Canadian housing ‘day of reckoning’: FP
  • Instead of paying down its debts, the world’s gone on another credit binge: Telegraph
  • Rich Brazilians, Wary of Government, Look Abroad; President Rousseff’s Re-Election Prompts More Wealthy Brazilians to Seek to Move or Set Up Businesses in South Florida, Obtain U.S. Residency: WSJ
  • Investors and Companies Should Talk Revenue Recognition: FASB Member: WSJ
  • Currency Shocks Leave Asia Nowhere To Hide: Barron’s
  • Too Soon to Remove B From BRIC, Says Acronym Coiner O’Neill: Bloomberg


  • The global problem of spiralling costs for cancer medicines: FT
  • Big Data and Bacteria: Mapping the New York Subway’s DNA; Scientists in 18-Month Project Gather DNA Throughout Transit System to Identify Germs, Study Urban Microbiology; “They are like New Yorkers. They can survive anywhere.” WSJ
  • There’s a national shortage of saline solution. Yeah, we’re talking salt water. Huh?: Fortune

Energy & Commodities

  • Petrobras, Now $262 Billion Poorer, Exposes Busted Brazil Dream: Bloomberg
  • American energy exports: Crudely put; Exports of hydrocarbons from America are already booming. Lifting the ban on crude-oil exports should be next: Economist
  • Silver’s $645-million one-day wipeout flashes warning: FP
  • Texas Swagger Fades Fast as Oil Boom Town Squeezed Hard by OPEC: Bloomberg
  • Oil Boom a ‘Game-Changer’ on Trade Deficit; Increased Imports of Other Goods Replace Reliance on Foreign Crude: WSJ


  • Just the ticket: As the film business changes, IMAX is determined to stay in the front row: Economist
  • Blokeish crowdsourcing fuels the Lad Bible’s unholy success: FT
  • Corporate raiders no longer outsiders in Silicon Valley: FT
  • Jeremy Grantham Divines Oil Industry’s Future; The legendary investor discusses the various forces that will drive energy prices in coming years. Barron’s
  • The inside story of how the Google Glass experiment imploded: TheAge

Consumer & Others

  • The McDonaldization of American pet food: WaPo
  • The impending rise of the mini-Chipotle: Quartz
  • Lifestyle brands are acquiring their way to becoming tech companies: Quartz
  • RadioShack was the Starbucks of the ’80s and then it ran out of batteries: Quartz
  • GoPro gets closer to becoming a media company with its new Roku channel: Quartz
  • Swatch Plans Smartwatch to Compete With Apple Watch’s Debut: Bloomberg
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