Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 19 Feb (Thurs) – Why building something useful for others is the best marketing there is; How Impulsiveness Can Boost Your Creativity


  • Why building something useful for others is the best marketing there is: FastCo
  • How Impulsiveness Can Boost Your Creativity: FastCo
  • College is for developing the muscle of thoughtfulness, the use of which will be the greatest pleasure in life and will also show what it means to be fully human. NYT
  • Killer Scenes: “I have always been a soldier. I have known no other life.”: SP
  • How Toll founder and Rich Lister Paul Little found out Japan Post was buying the company he created: BRW
  • ‘From Atoms to Bits’: A Brilliant Visual History of American Ideas: Atlantic
  • Sea Snails Make Nature’s Strongest Material And It’s Not Their Shells; What makes the structure of goethite particularly compelling is that it it doesn’t grow weaker in bigger structures. Forbes, Reuters
  • How Nascar Plans To Turn Its Survival Story Into A Decade Of Success: Forbes
  • How Great Coaches Ask, Listen, and Empathize: HBR
  • Visualizing Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: HBR
  • Bridging Psychological Distance: Four types of gaps-social, temporal, spatial, and experiential-separate us from our goals.: HBR
  • From Risk to Resilience: Learning to Deal With Disruption: MIT
  • Do you really understand how your business customers buy? B2B purchasing decisions increasingly trace complex journeys, challenging the long-standing practices of many sales organizations.: McKinsey
  • How big companies can innovate; Who says innovation is only for start-ups? In these interviews, the heads of three large, established companies-Intuit, Idealab, and Autodesk-argue there’s no reason big players can’t develop the next big thing.: McKinsey

Books & Research

  • Performing Under Pressure: The Science of Doing Your Best When It Matters Most: Amazon, FT
  • Tips and Tells from Managers: How Analysts and the Market Read between the Lines of Conference Calls: SSRN

Greater China

  • Directors of London-quoted Chinese sports shoe maker Naibu have been forced to admit that they have lost all contact with the company’s chairman and senior executive, in the latest controversy to hit Aim: FT
  • “So Mr Chairman, just how many passports do you have?” Investors grapple with China corruption risks: FT
  • Apple is struggling to launch Apple Pay in China: BI
  • Branding the new way for China’s agricultural dream: WCT
  • Could internet red envelopes shift bribery in China online?: WCT
  • Venture capital group linked to Li Ka-shing invests heavily outside China: WCT
  • China’s contradictory war against corruption: FT
  • Enter the dragons: China’s smartphone makers prepare for global domination: Fortune
  • The mutating nature of trust in China: FT
  • Public corruption in China: Then and now: SCMP
  • SEC Sanctions Chinese Accounting Firms For Refusal To Surrender Documents: MWE


  • How to Build in India: Bloomberg
  • Sameer Pitalwalla: Creator of a media company for the digital generation: forbes

Japan & Korea

  • Japan Gives Smart Eyewear a Go: Bloomberg
  • An activist raid forces new logic on Fanuc robot factory; Pressure from Daniel Loeb and a changing business climate is forcing secretive company to adapt: FT
  • Japan wages: Manufacturing consent; As annual pay talks begin, Abe’s government needs salaries to rise to boost the economy: FT
  • Promising signs of change in corporate Japan: JT
  • Japanese Shipping and Delivery Firms Push Services Abroad: WSJ
  • Samsung Makes Move Into Mobile Payments: WSJ


  • Iceberg cool to MAS review of its report; “we use public financial information, which should simplify the review process.”: BT
  • Malaysia’s 1MDB to Break Up Assets, Signaling Wind Down: Bloomberg
  • Bakrie Telecom debt ploy using SPV exposes new foreign investor pitfall in Indonesia: TODAY, Reuters
  • Indonesian govt to place SOE subsidiaries under close scrutiny to prevent them from being exploited for illicit purposes. JP


  • HSBC tax scandal prompts rivals to check for ‘problem dossiers’: FT
  • The HSBC Scandal: A Red Flag for U.S. Regulators?: K@W
  • Dueling Thresholds Emerge on Going-Concern Warnings; a new accounting standard meant to give investors more warning of when a company is in trouble could actually lead to less warning: Compliance
  • Swiss prosecutor raids HSBC premises: FT
  • Activist investors tread softly in Asia; Corporate warriors likely to have to take a less aggressive approach: FT
  • The finance sector and growth: Warning: too much finance is bad for the economy: Economist
  • Mutual Funds: Mutton dressed as lamb: New research suggests that investors do get misled by stale returns: Economist
  • American student loan debt has surpassed the GDP of Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland combined: Quartz
  • A measure introduced by the Italian government to incentivise partial listing of family businesses and encourage long-term shareholdings has been amended after institutional investors raised concerns that it unfairly benefited controlling shareholders: Campdenfb
  • Why Active Management Fell Off a Cliff – Perhaps Permanently: TRB
  • Watchdog ‘disappointed’ with Grant Thornton audits: FT
  • Buying ‘market truths’ pays, but not impressively; It may be time to buy protection against another major drawdown: FT
  • Stockpickers see fertile ground ahead; Active fund managers see fertile territory ahead for stockpicking as they expect correlations between equities to fall this year.: FT
  • Sub-zero bonds will change risk calculation; Search for yield will evolve into a flight from near-certain loss: FT
  • Breakup Artist Hedge Funds Betting Billions On Corporate Marriages: Forbes
  • Negative rates as global cash burn: FT
  • Central Banks and the Perils of Subzero Conditions; The longer such conditions persist, the greater the risk of perverse consequences: WSJ
  • A new economic mystery: negative interest rates: WaPo


  • Just 7% From the Bubble Peak, Nasdaq Investors Losing Nerve: Bloomberg
  • Tim Cook says he always knew Google Glass would fail; “They were intrusive, instead of pushing technology to the background, as we’ve always believed.”: BI
  • Software is steering auto industry; This revolution makes it possible for a technology group to be a car company: FT
  • Contactless card junkies tap their way to payment addiction; Payment becomes more detached and money more abstract so friction is almost entirely absent: FT
  • Microsoft Has Suddenly Gotten Serious With Mobile: NYT
  • Photoshop at 25: A Thriving Chameleon Adapts to an Instagram World: NYT
  • Microsoft Is The New Google, Google Is The Old Microsoft: Forbes
  • Pandora’s grand plan: A CRM system for recording artists: Fortune
  • Samsung buys digital wallet star to take on Apple Pay: SCMP
  • Tags to Riches: Mining Company Tracks Production With Sensors: WSJ
  • China’s WeChat sends a message to Line and Kakao in their home turf: Reuters
  • Service Innovation in a Digital World; Digital attackers tend to thrive on simplicity. CFO
  • How the Internet may be shifting innovation away from big cities: WaPo
  • Confidence Games: Why People Don’t Trust Machines to Be Right: K@W


  • How Drug Company Gilead Outpaces Its Competitors—And Common Diseases; It can take up to 15 years to bring a lifesaving drug to market. gilead operates at the speed of need. FastCo
  • Is biotech growth just what the doctor ordered? When the head of the US Federal Reserve raises concerns over a potential bubble in a sector, is it time to worry?: FT
  • Global Pharma’s R&D Re-Balancing: Forbes
  • NYU Professor Uncovers How The FDA Systematically Covers Up Fraud & Misconduct In Drug Trials: Zerohedge

Energy & Commodities

  • How oil’s dramatic plunge has changed the energy equation: Fortune
  • Is Warren Buffett Right About Big-Oil Stocks?: Barron’s

Consumer & Others

  • Nike just increased its cool factor by teaming up with an awesome Japanese brand: Quartz
  • Under Armour is expanding its empire: BI
  • The epic rise of Marlboro cigarettes: BI
  • Campbell Soup CEO says distrust of ‘Big Food’ a growing problem: Fortune
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