Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 25 Feb (Wed) – Jetpack dream takes off as Martin Aircraft debuts on ASX; “For years Vanessa worked overtime shifts at night and on the weekends as a nurse to keep the money rolling in, so I could keep plugging away at research and development.”


  • Jetpack dream takes off as Martin Aircraft debuts on ASX; “For years Vanessa worked overtime shifts at night and on the weekends as a nurse to keep the money rolling in, so I could keep plugging away at research and development”: BRW


  • Nick Leeson on banking: extremely competitive . and improperly policed; Twenty years after he lost £862m and bust Barings bank, the plasterer’s son from Watford talks about his experiences and the wider state of the industry; Barings collapse at 20: How rogue trader Nick Leeson broke the bank: Guardian1, Guardian2
  • How Four Seconds Can Dramatically Improve Your Life And Career: Forbes
  • Cognitive Exhaustion: Resting Your Mental Muscle: Farnam
  • How to Seize the Opportunities When Megatrends Collide: Strategy&
  • Daniel Kahneman: The Human Side of Decision Making: VW
  • We hunt unicorns but must also value technology zebras; Individuals and start-ups have opportunities and must be allowed to flourish: FT
  • James Proud, Hello: Degree skipped, product shipped; James Proud left London for California and created a sleep sensor: FT
  • How to Know If a Spin-Off Will Succeed: HBR
  • How SEEK codified culture and disrupted performance reviews: BRW
  • After Funding, Watch Burn Rates And Beware The Tyranny Of Incrementalism: techcrunch


  • Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence: Amazon
  • The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas: Amazon

Greater China

  • How addiction to debt came to China; Huge increases in private sector credit preceded many financial crises: FT
  • ‘Don’t touch the fruits’: Hong Kong fruit vendor’s signs warn mainlanders to back off: Shanghaiist
  • From China, Two Members of Billion Dollar Startup Club: WSJ
  • Unit of Alibaba turns a mom into a billionaire: CD
  • Watch: Dazzling Poor Man’s Fireworks in a Chinese Steel City: WSJ
  • Short Sellers Target A-Share ETF After Mainland Rally: Bloomberg
  • Beijing’s glare deepens crisis in Macau: Reuters
  • Myth of China’s lack of ghettos exposed: WCT
  • High Flying Investments: Prices for Racing Pigeons Soar on Demand From China: Bloomberg


  • Modi Wants to Replace Crowded Slums in India With 20 Million Homes: Bloomberg
  • Indian farmers balk at land law reforms: FT
  • Can Bvlgari succeed in India in its second coming?: Forbes
  • A brilliant opportunity for India to overtake China: A reform-oriented budget should give agriculture the boost to contribute more to a rising GDP: Forbes
  • SBI seizing Kingfisher House shows public banks are finally taking on influential defaulters: FP
  • Sahara’s woes continue: Supreme Court asks it to explain diversion of funds: FP
  • With Triple the Wages, China Is Still a Lure for Indian Producer: Bloomberg
  • Retail dilemma in India – nice malls are few and far between: Reuters
  • Doctors in India profiteering from sick patients: reports: Reuters

Japan & Korea

  • Tycoon Park at crossroads on fate of Kumho Asiana Group: KH
  • Japan Inc shops abroad to duck bleak domestic prospects: Reuters
  • Bubble Risk Seen in Record Small-Cap Valuations: Korea Markets: Bloomberg
  • Low oil price forces South Korean shipbuilders to cut costs: FT
  • All in the timing for Korean brands in China: WCT


  • Indonesia to crack down on corporate tax avoidance via transfer pricing: Reuters
  • Singapore Exchange CEO to Leave Firm after a five-year tenure marked by a decline in activity in regular stocks: WSJ
  • U.S. raises concerns over “made in Indonesia” smartphone law: Reuters


  • Regulator fines Aviva Investors £18m after finding the group’s traders manipulated deals to boost their fees at the expense of customers: FT
  • Best Stock Pickers Say Easy Money Has Made Their Job Harder: Bloomberg
  • Risks squeezed out of banks pop up elsewhere: FT
  • “This Shorting Opportunity Is As Great As 2007-2009”, Billionaire Crispin Odey Warns: Zerohedge
  • The end of the British establishment; From politics to finance Britain’s old order has lost its way: FT
  • Lure of Wall Street Cash Said to Skew Credit Ratings: Bloomberg
  • Asia’s FX vulnerabilities, charted: FT


  • How to Develop New Antibiotics: NYT
  • Shire, Maker of Binge-Eating Drug Vyvanse, First Marketed the Disease; The strategy for a new drug to treat binge-eating disorder reveals how a pharmaceutical company can influence the treatment of a medical condition. NYT

Energy & Commodities

  • PREPA, Petrobras, Shell Trading Accused of $1 Billion Plus Oil Fraud Scheme: VW
  • Which Oil Stocks Are Most At Risk of Write-Offs? Bernstein identifies major companies from India and China as most vulnerable amid low energy prices. Barron’s


  • Could Jony Ive Pull off an Apple Car?: Newyorker
  • How Adobe is kicking back against its disruptors: BRW
  • Samsung Electronics may be looking forward to the end of Moore’s Law as a way to gain a new competitive edge: EE
  • The key to an $80 billion wearables market? Invisibility. Fortune
  • Magic Leap prepares leap of faith headset: FT
  • Apple investors eye $1tn valuation target: FT
  • Dead phone battery? Welcome to the tiny charger that ends a big problem; Nanotechnology has been harnessed by Israeli firm StoreDot to develop a battery that can be charged in just 60 seconds: Guardian

Consumer & Others

  • Reebok is catching up to Under Armour and Nike by going after a different kind of customer; The brand is trying to win over a so-called “tough fitness” customer through partnerships: BI
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