Morning Bamboo Insight: 29 Jul 2014

Morning Bamboo Insight: 29 Jul 2014


1. Asset bubbles could deflate global recovery

2. The Real Raw Material of Wealth; The moral of the story is that adding value to raw materials is one path to diversification, but not necessarily a long or fruitful on

3. How Risk Management Can Spawn Competitive Advantage; CFOs should have the notion of competitive advantage on their minds when they consider the values and goals of their companies’ enterprise risk management

Asia Pacific

1. (Japan) – Abenomics Leading To Crisis? Post-‘Collective Security,’ With Support Plunging, Abe Gambles On Casinos

2. (HK/China) – Two Disappearing Chairmen At Hong Kong Stock Exchange Underscore Investment, Governance Risks

3. (China) – China’s Solution To “Property Companies Facing Huge Debt Burdens”: Much More Debt

4. (India/Tech) – Tata Consultancy Services Manages Its Size to Stay Agile; CEO Natarajan Chandrasekaran Promotes Democratic Decision-making Within Units

5. (India) – New Poverty Formula Proves Test for India; Country Struggling With How To Define Poverty

6. (Australia/Consumer) – Solomon Lew accepts Country Road $200m offer, ending 17 year battle with South African retailer Woolworths

7. (Isia) – Indonesia’s Widodo faces huge reform challenge; “The parliament is very hostile – if Jokowi wants good government, he would have to imprison half the lawmakers. He could easily be blocked by them,”

8. (Korea) – S. Korean carmakers have succeeded in their game plan

9. (China) – Probes and propaganda: Xi’s double strategy to consolidate power

10. (Taiwan) – Taiwan Minister presses for real estate transaction tax to prevent speculative investment in the housing market

11. (China) – China launches global ‘fox hunt’ for corrupt officials; Beijing vows to drive corrupt officials from their overseas refuges in a bid to save the Chinese Communist Party from extinction

12. (China) – Petitioners can no longer ‘seek the emperor’; A group of villagers from Fujian province found out the hard way that they no longer can petition the central government for help directly

13. (China) – Chinese Corruption Probe Stretches Into Canada; Billion-Dollar Oil-Sands Project Is Left in Limbo

14. (Korea) – Seoul’s Economics Go Flat; Another major metropolis fails the Uber test

15. (Asean) – Asean’s Infrastructure Crisis; Leaders need to step up before inadequate infrastructure cripples the region’s economic potential


1. Book Review: ‘Rogue Elephant’ by Simon Denyer; The average Indian earns less than the average Chinese. But it’s in New Delhi-not Beijing-where you can call the prime minister an idiot without worrying about a knock on the door

2. What The Wright Brothers Could Teach Today’s Innovators About Solving Problems

3. European lessons for S’pore’s apprenticeship system

4. 8 Top Business Books From 2014 Summed Up In A Paragraph

5. Michael Mauboussin: The True Measures Of Success

6. Heads or Tails? Either Way, You Might Beat a Stock Picker

7. How To Get Your Confidence Back

8. Why the Last Five Years of Your Life Have Disappeared? Feel Like Time Is Flying By and You’ve Got Nothing to Show for It? There Are Scientific Reasons for That

9. The VP of Devil’s Advocacy; The tenth man. If nine of us look at the same information and arrive at the exact same conclusion, it’s the duty of the tenth man to disagree

10. A head for Ferragamo footwear: Members of the Italian shoemaking dynasty use strict rules to protect their father’s legacy

11. ‘Hello there’: eight lessons from Microsoft’s awful job loss memo; Elop’s job-loss announcement is a case study in how not to write, think or lead

12. The Upside to Morning Sickness; Uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy linked to healthier babies, study finds

13. How to Cope When You and Your Partner Are Falling out of Love; Experts say when a trait you used to adore in your partner starts driving you away, it’s a “fatal attraction”


1. (India/Tech) – India prepares for ‘big bang’ in smartphone use

2. Cisco CEO: Why the future of the Internet is already here

3. (China/Tech) – Qualcomm’s Problems Just Got Worse As China Builds Chip Giant

4. Can Reddit Grow Up? Efforts by the freewheeling online community to monetize without driving away its 114 million monthly users will require appealing to advertisers without sacrificing values like personal data privacy.

5. Tencent Holdings Gets Approval For New Private Bank; Did the New York Times Get Alibaba Excluded From China’s Private Bank Pilot?

6. (China/Tech/Healthcare) – Baidu’s Health Cloud Aims To Be The App Store For Distance Health Management

7. How Blynk, the fashionista of mobile apps, is stealing the startup spotlight

8. (Korea/Tech) – ‘Made in Korea’ revives in wearable device

9. (China/Tech) – When China stops copying Western tech giants is when they should start worrying

10. (Tech) – Fairchild is the Valley’s first trillion-dollar startup. It might even be the most important entrepreneurial company of the last hundred years

11. Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare

12. (China/Tech) – Tencent reportedly downsizing microblogging platform

13. (Taiwan/Tech) – Taiwanese companies are showing an increasing interest in building an industrial cluster to produce robots amid favorable global market conditions, but they still face challenges in integrating the supply chain

14. CIOs, Companies Sharpen Skills for ‘Internet of Things’ Future

15. What Amazon’s foray into 3D printing means for the industry

16. The Bear Case For Uber (Yes, There Is One)


1. Trendy Chipotle burritos show how pricing power belongs to the hip

2. The girls’ construction toy taking America by storm; GoldieBlox founder Debbie Sterling is trying to quash gender norms; The toy system is based around a central character, Goldie, who “is not a genius but tries really hard”

3. How the business of golf got stuck in the rough

4. (China/Consumer) – Can Shenzhen handle two luxury good malls?

5. Britain’s turbulent shopping aisles; Change at Tesco reflects shifts in consumers’ behavior

6. (China/Consumer) – Safer food is an invention that should be freely copied; Stroll through a local market in China and there is little sign of quality control or hygiene

7. Why Dollar Tree-Family Dollar Deal May Spark a Bidding War; Deal, Valued at $8.5 Billion, Comes Amid Fight for Budget-Conscious Consumers

8. Dollar Stores’ Growth Bill Coming Due; Together, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Dollar General operate about 24,000 stores, roughly one-third more than before the recession hit


1. (Thai/Healthcare) – Dusit sees global room for growth; The international appeal of the Thai hospitality brand is opening opportunities for domestic chains to duplicate their success worldwide as space shrinks at home

Investing Process

1. Research – Motivated Monitors: The Importance of Institutional Investors’ Portfolio Weights


1. Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Bank of Nova Scotia were accused in a lawsuit of rigging the price of billions of dollars in silver, an allegation similar to earlier suits involving the London gold fix


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