Bamboo Innovator Daily Insight: 7 Feb (Sat) – A spoonful of sugar is a sweet investment for Warren Buffett; Buffett’s greatness has been defined by his acceptance of the world as he has found it; Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior


  • A spoonful of sugar is a sweet investment for Warren Buffett; Buffett’s greatness has been defined by his acceptance of the world as he has found it: FT
  • Here are the core lessons from a book that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates think everyone should read: BI
  •  ‘A business executive first and a CFO second’: Meet the boardroom’s newest risk-taking, rule-breaking powerbrokers: FP
  • The Rise of the Frugal Economy: PS
  • The Black Box of Ethical Dilemmas: Forbes
  • Protecting the elderly from fraud: JT
  • Closing the Gap Between Blue Ocean Strategy and Execution: HBR
  • New research into losing offers lessons in sales and consumer behaviour: SCMP
  • The World Was Watching: America’s Civil War slowly came to be seen as part of a global struggle against oppressive privilege.: WSJ
  • How Humankind Conquered the World: Long ago, there were more than half a dozen species of human. Only Homo sapiens survived and thrived, transforming the face of the planet along the way.: WSJ
  • Our Amazingly Plastic Brains; Mental and physical exercise can keep the brain fit and help it recover capacities lost to disease and trauma: WSJ
  • Asia’s Rise Is Rooted in Confucian Values; Booming states like China, South Korea and Singapore became capitalist by relying on old tenets of tolerance and social stability. WSJ
  • How Star Wars Made $27 Billion; Think Star Wars made most its money off the films? Think again!: FastCo


  • Geronimo: Leadership Strategies of an American Warrior: Amazon

Investing Process

  • Short Selling: Cleaning Up After Elephants By Guy Judkowski: Marketfolly, PDF
  • Enron Case Study Analysis. Ask Why? Why?: PDF

Greater China

  • China’s Cooling Sends A Chill Across Asia; Japan’s and Korea’s trade takes a hit as China’s “new normal” sees it snatch a greater share of the region’s exports. Barron’s
  • A Mandate, Not a Putsch: The Secret of Xi’s Success: Jamestown
  • Has China reached ‘peak steel’?: SCMP
  • Haier boss sees future in the internet; Zhang Ruimin, described as one of the world’s top business minds, aims to turn top white goods maker Haier into an ‘entrepreneurial platform’: SCMP
  • China to have most robots by 2017 as car, electronics factories automate: SCMP
  • HPH Trust takes HK$19 billion “goodwill” write-down on Hong Kong terminal assets: SCMP
  •  Secrecy surrounding Sunac’s Kaisa rescue puts HK’s reputation at risk; Lack of disclosure benefits privileged few at the expense of minority shareholders as yields on Kaisa’s bonds rebound despite negative news: SCMP
  • NVC Lighting says founder enters pledge deal without knowledge of board; Wang Donglei, who is now chairman of NVC, had alleged that founder Wu Changjiang embezzled about RMB573m: SCMP
  • Alibaba’s Ant Burrows Into India: WSJ
  • China’s Monumental Debt Trap – Why It Will Rock The Global Economy: ZeroHedge
  • Chinese Rating Agency Warns Coming Crisis Is Worse Than 2008, Blames US “Printing Press”: ZeroHedge
  • China Clamps Down on Foreign Casinos Wooing Chinese Gamblers: Bloomberg
  • As investors move to passive funds, stockpickers get creative: Reuters

Japan & Korea

  • Shrinking Tokyo living rooms put squeeze on Abenomics: FT


  • Survey: Indonesians Believe Cases Against KPK Leaders Engineered: JG
  • Indonesia World Leader in the Use of Mobile Banking Apps: Report: JG
  • Going beyond the ‘global city’ paradigm: Singapore should strive to be a unique regional city. BT


  • Rise in financial alchemy is worryingly familiar; Low yields mean risky inventions are bound to spring up: FT
  • Wage cuts and discounts as Swiss companies respond to franc strength: Reuters
  • Why Invest In Hedge Funds If They Don’t Outperform The Market?: Forbes


  • Platforms, not products, are the way to bring financial services to the poor: Quartz
  • The ‘Amazon will destroy your startup’ fallacy: Fortune
  • The largest online tax-software company in the U.S. temporarily halted electronic filing of all state returns after more than a dozen states spotted criminal attempts to obtain refunds through its systems.: WSJ
  • The billion-dollar e-commerce company you know nothing about; Zulily has defied the conventional wisdom-marketing to moms, sticking with flash sales, evading Amazon. Can it defy the doubting investors who think it can’t last?: FastCo
  • GoPro’s CEO on his media ambitions, potential Apple rivalry and drones: Fortune


  • Say “ahh” and let your smartphone check for Parkinson’s disease: Quartz
  • Biosimilars may one day save your life. But what are they?: Fortune

Consumer & Others

  • The Chipotle Effect: How Chefs Are Reinventing Fast Food: WSJ

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